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Sex And The Juiced Chick!

This detailed article about side effects and sex with a juiced-up chick may not be for everyone. For those with a strong stomach... read on.

The bodybuilding/ fitness/ figure/ bikini industry hangs it's roots with the body beautiful crowd. Wanted: Hot firm, tanned, toned skin, the more skin with sexy, lean muscle the better.

Although some organizations test their athletes for illegal physique or performance enhancing drugs, these still exist in all competitions involving women - even the "natural" organizations.

I have trained and competed side by side with both the juiced crowd and the "natural" girls. I do not judge any decision of an athlete for their choices pro or con, I just chose not to.

A woman will not know if or how she is going to react until she tries a cycle... better known in the industry as "juice". The changes in a female during this process are not all the same since no one reacts exactly the same to any procedure. Some experience every possible negative side effect and it seems some do not. It is a crap shoot.

The Hush Hush Side Of Women's Sports

I interviewed both men and women about this hush hush side of women's sports. Most men wanted to know what sex with a juiced chick would be like and most women wanted to know what would happen to them if they came to decide to juice it up for better performance and hopefully higher physique scores.

Like the men similarly compelled, women who juice must confront the very same health and legal issues when they decide to juice-up.

From A Guy's Perspective

    Here is what Josh had to say about his 3-year sexual experience with a girlfriend who took the plunge.

      "After my girlfriend made her decision to juice it up, with me as an up-close personal witness to all of her transformations during this time, it changed my mind about women on the juice forever. I saw her go from a hot hard body to a bloated, mental mess.

      "My girlfriends' skin became course and dry; a lot of her hair fell out while it grew on her face, her chest, and down her butt; her voice dropped three octaves; her nose grew; her jaw widened; she got spaces between her teeth; she got acne all over her chest, across her shoulders, and down her back; and she stopped having her period.

      "She developed almost every side effect a woman can, both physical and emotional, from all the different drugs she took. It was an incredible metamorphosis, and certainly the root of our demise.

      "The first thing you'll notice if you take up with a juiced chick is her heightened level of aggression. When a woman's aggression is initiated by testosterone, the result can sometimes get ugly. They start fights they can't finish, they mouth off to anyone that looks at them sideways and can lose their temper at the drop of a hat."

      Heightened Aggression.
      The Results Can Get Ugly.

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Sexual Affects


      Testosterone also makes women very horny. Before you go putting Stennox in your own girlfriend's oatmeal, picture this - primitive, carnal thoughts are all she can muster and she wants you - 'NOW'!

      Forget foreplay, candles and soft music. A few hours later and she is ready for more. No romance needed here.

    Clitoral Enlargement

      Clitoral enlargement resulting from androgen use is another irreversible side effect. Josh saw his girlfriend's grow to be two inches long and as big around as his pinky.

      Some women tell me this condition results in more frequent and more intense orgasms. Whatever the case, she'd better like it. It won't go away.

      When a woman so endowed becomes aroused, her clitoris becomes erect and sticks out just like a penis does. It's got a little head and everything.

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Ladies Only:
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Other Affects


      Hirsutism, or rampant hair growth, is another irreversible side effect. This hair growth sprouts up on the chin, chest, around the nipples, and the buttocks - especially the lower inner glutes and around the anus. Ridding her body of this excess hair can become an obsession.

    Stomach Problems

      Stomach distention is another side effect attributed to steroid use. The innards of the lower abdomen become irritated and swollen from the use of certain oral steroids. Chronic constipation, water retention, and intestinal gas can also contribute to the problem. Although not permanent or particularly problematic, when they've got gas, you better be near a window.

    Vaginal Discharge

      Many women taking steroids come down with vaginal discharge too. She doesn't have a disease or an infection, just "the drip". This condition is not harmful, and it does go away when the drugs are stopped. But, while she's got it, it's just another thing for her and her lover to deal with.

    Body Odor

      Another bothersome yet temporary condition for the juiced up woman is the strengthening of her body odor. Josh remembers lying in bed nestled in each other's arms after some particularly torrid sex in a hot humid climate that made him wonder if he was sharing the bed with an entire soccer team after a world championship.

Learning (Or Just Trying) To Live With It

Side effects and all, Josh admitted sex with his juiced up girlfriend was some of the best sex he ever had - For a while.

Her eventual, yet private, acceptance of these conditions is cause for great depression and withdrawal for some. Depression is further aggravated if and when steroid use stops. Estrogen rebound causes extreme depression, fatigue, apathy, etc. Some women told me they thought they were going crazy until their hormones got back in balance.

Eventually, everything will fall back into place and she will return to normal emotionally once she gets off the juice. Physically, some of the side effects will ebb, but the majority will be with her, to some degree, for life.

Take care of yourself. It's worth it.