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The Hot Hook-Up!

Fine-tuning your life to get the most out of what you do will naturally give you a win win situation. Learn more by reading my thoughts and perspectives on finding and keeping a 'Hot Hook-Up'.
Fine-tuning your life to get the most out of what you do will naturally give you a win win situation and add power to your hook-up potential to make it hot.

Really take the time to get to know what your own strengths are. This way you can fine-tune your life to get the most out of what you do well naturally with power. Think about them as if you were someone else. What do people say about you consistently that is positive?

There is someone "hot" out there for everyone. We have all heard this statement. Just looking for the "right one" is not enough to assure you will be successful in your search.

We all have many options for hooking up with a quality person who is as hot for us as we are for them. There are more than one type(s) of people you can create solid relationships with if you are open.

What Is A Hot Hook-Up?

A really hot hook-up will be able to create its own unique balance. There should be a back and fourth give and take of strengths. What one has, the other benefits and vice versa.

Many times in really hot relationships the exchange can be based on the strengths of one partner for one area where it may be a weak point with the other person. This is what people mean when they say one person fits into the other person's life like a puzzle piece. Where there are grooves and spaces in one person, the other has the right fit to complete the whole.

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Brenda Kelly.

One person alone cannot build the entire relationship. The ones that work best take from the sums of all parts. This way there is always an invisible give and take going on all of the time.

Use A Strength For A Hook-Up

    One way to assure you can use a strength for a hot hook-up to its full potential is acknowledging, recognizing and respecting it. When put in the right perspective you can use a strength to the advantage of the relationship.

    Get to know each other's strengths so you can keep them in a positive perspective.

    Both partners need power for a hot hook-up. It doesn't matter if it is equal. It also doesn't matter if it changes in the balance from time to time. Learning about yourself and how you relate back and fourth as a couple and as a single person adjusts and changes as life unfolds.

Adjust Your Relationship Power

    Your relationship power also needs to adjust and change as well. To stay out of ruts and keep the energy hot, update your strengths and power exchanges when necessary. Just because you are used to doing something in the same way all of the time doesn't mean it has to stay that way forever. Think evolution.

    Let's just say you have a vision of someone hot. You can go into details on looks at anytime. The look can always change around and remain hot, however how this person acts in situations and how this hottie treats you is most important.

    Keeping in mind what it takes to make you hot, use your imagination to create the hot hook-up of your dreams. Ask some questions of yourself and start the process of a hot hook-up in your mind. Remember, your mind is where everything grows from first.

    How would you want your hot hook-up to act in times of stress? Since life has stress, come up with some stressful scenarios and imagine how you would want them to act. How about the long haul? Are you in for the long haul? How much time would you want to spend with your hot hook-up? What would you do together besides being hot with each other? Would you have the same hobbies or interests? Which ones?

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    Will you have interests apart? Where would you live? Together? Apart? Both? Are they well liked? Are they outgoing or shy? What strengths do they have that you admire? What don't you care about if they... fill in the blank? What do you care about if they... fill in the blank?

What Else?

    What is absolutely forbidden in your hot hook-up? What is Ollie Ollie Oxen free land? What behaviors are OK in private and NOT OK in public? Are they affectionate towards you in public? Do they like to be out in public or more at home? Are they experimental with sex? Can you be yourself? What about kids? Are they spiritual? Are they religious? How do they act with your family, your ex's, strangers, your single and married friends?

    What is expected of you in front of their family, ex's, their single and married friends? What is your main role in your hot hook-up? Do you have a main role?

Louis Dorman On A Hot Hook Up:

  1. What Do You Consider A Hot Hook Up?

      I would consider Brenda Kelly one for sure - shes a little firecracker! A hot hook up would be a 9 or 10 that can't keep her hands off me and that I'm not to embarrassed to do the same with.

      She should be confidant & experienced and have a great sense of her own body. The whole time your with her there is nothing but direct eye contact and sexual innuendoes.

      Then when you get her home - its ON! Since it's basically a one-night thing, it usually as kinky, crazy and fulfilling as humanly possible. You wake up and enjoy her a couple more times in the morning - since this is the type of women you don't roll out of bed in the middle of the night with a sense of disorientation and or sometimes disgust.

  2. How Does Your Relationship Power Affect A Hot Hook Up?

      Your must be confident, honest and upfront with her about what happened, but a "hot hook up" never leads to a relationship. There might be some short-term "bonding" afterwards, but most of these "hook-ups" happen without really knowing each other. (Thats why there so exciting.)

      She was too easy, even if she says she has never done this type of thing before (I like to hear that), but I'm wise enough to know better...

  3. What Is Absolutely Forbidden In Your Hot Hook-Up?

      She's fully aware that this was probably no more than just a "hot hook up". So it is pointless so say things like "I will call you tomorrow"... never say anything at all about what it is or where your future together is heading. (She's knows - she's not stupid).

      Never leave anything behind or let her leave anything behind. If I do get her phone number I won't call her up for any romantic dates or pointless conversations - rather to meet up to enjoy another hot hook up.


Know the game before you take score. The more you can start building this hot hook-up in your mind, the better chance you have of recognizing it when you see it.

Take care of yourself. It's worth it.