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Learn How To Become An Original Figure Diva On Stage.

Brenda gives tips on how to be your best on the figure stage.

The following tips will help you become your best on the figure stage.

Be Original

Sparkle on stage with your own personality and style.

One of the first things you may notice while watching one of the latest line ups of women's figure competitions, is that they can all look surprisingly alike. It gets difficult to tell one from the other with cookie cutter hair, make up suits etc. It is always better to be original than to be a carbon copy of someone else.

Decide to be creative while combining regulation attire with your own original details and stand out from the crowd. Visualize how you want to appear on stage and build your vision from there.

Set Personal Goals

Many people starting out on stage have high expectations. One of the most successful ways of achieving higher standards involves goal setting. Desire to compete must come from within. Do it for yourself and no other. Make your own decisions. This is your life.

Build the person you see in your mind step by step. It is wonderful to dream of a professional career in fitness. Be realistic and stay in the moment. If you are relatively new and just learning, try letting go of any expectations and celebrate your new achievements.

What Are Your Goals?
>Lose Fat
>Build Muscle
>Improve Energy

If you would like to be a role model, it is a great idea to start at home in your own community.

Radiate Confidence

There is no more attractive accessory than confidence.

The old 'fake it until you can make it' works perfectly here. It does get easier each time you walk on stage.

If perfection of your presentation is a goal, practice will show up as confidence. Surround yourself with experts in their respective training fields and learn. Accept pressure as a way to practice focusing on your own reactions. Choose to portray confidence in all of your areas of training. Before you know it, acting with confidence will be instinctive.

Be Positive

Grumpy? Lose the attitude. The decision to compete is your own and loved ones and friends are on your side! If they are not supportive, it may be for a good reason. Ask someone you trust for a reality check. Do you have a part in this?

I Can, I Can't.
You've heard it before. Never say I can't. Think positive. But how do the things we say, feel, and believe truly affect our lives? Every day you have internal conversations with yourself...
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Take responsibility for the attitude you project. While working to better yourself it is common to come up against harsh, negative energies. Look at these obstacles as your lessons. Do not ignore them or they will continue to come up in different forms. They are trying to get your attention to help you learn how to control your state of mind.

Bust through time wasting resentments and misplaced blame towards others and most of all, yourself.

If it is not constructive, it is negative. Resist the path of negative thinking.

Grace under pressure is always an impressive victory.

Far better that people notice you saying witty comments or offering wise advice as opposed to having a snit fit.

Strive For Balance

An important key to any successful venture remains in ones effort to maintain balance. Balance in personal, professional and spiritual realms allows us to lead more fulfilling lives. Perspective is everything. A loss of balance will ultimately hinder your perspective creating incomplete and un-fulfilling experiences.

Remember, the world does not stop because you are training for a show. Be aware of your priorities with your family and personal life. When you are finished with your show, you are going to want to share your victory with everyone! Keep them in the loop. Do not drop out from your own life. Keeping your priorities in order during moments of stress will bring you much needed serenity.

Achieve Balance.
Understand what it goes through each day, and learn the signals that it provides, such as fatigue, soreness, and hunger. Build your nutrition and training around your lifestyle. Through understanding the body, you can help create the balance that you...
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Refresh your world and go to the movies, out to dinner, start a journal or just get outside and do something other than train. Share yourself and your joy with your friends, family and supporters.

Championship Moment

If you have put forth sincere effort and have felt the sacrifice of an athlete, enjoy your moment to the fullest without excuses or regrets. Everyone is dealing with both positive and negative forces in their lives. A real champion is a good sport - win or lose.

A good position in any effort is the ability to add to rather than take away from.

One aspect of discipline is to learn to find your own positive focus and just be.

Give Back

By allowing your own light to shine brighter, you illuminate others around you. Open up and share with the people around you. Extend yourself to others selflessly and you will gain. Remember, one of the best ways to learn anything is to teach it.

Give thanks and find gratitude where appropriate at all costs.

'It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.'

Not much has changed since Seneca, the Roman playwright, made this remark two thousand years ago.

See you On Stage!