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Clean Up Your Act In 2005!

Jump start 2005 with a new energy cycle by cleaning up your act and feel the switch flip to the on position in your world ...
Jump start 2005 with a new energy cycle by cleaning up your act and feel the switch flip to the "on" position in your world.

I have learned that cleaning up my act on the outside can have a lot to do with pulling my own act together on the inside. There are times in life dusty, old things and stale, non-supportive people can really tie up energy and keep you from moving forward in a positive direction.

Clean culprits right out of your space and change your world for the better.

What Does Culprit Mean?
Perpetrator: someone who perpetrates wrongdoing.

People and their surroundings including their homes can have welcoming or, repelling energy.

Make a list & cruise through your own personal space. What to do with your stuff: put away, clean (then put away), give away, and throw away.


A good smell can make your place feel welcoming, not repelling! Go for welcoming here…

Get a big garbage bag and dump all trash.

Keep some scented candles handy to add both atmosphere and aroma other than stale food odors and your undone, hopefully hidden laundry.


Speaking of laundry, wear clean clothes. Even if you have only worn something for a short time and it doesn't look dirty, put your nose right up to the questionable clothing item and take a big whiff. Well? If there is any question, put on something else that you know is clean.

Strong smells like smoke and perspiration have a hard time "airing out". Already worn workout clothing can be particularly yucky smelling when the body heat gets going again. Many people that have a "personal smell issue" do not really smell themselves; it is the smelly clothes they are wearing. Don't let this be you!

Are your towels clean and fluffy or stiff? Time to get the laundry going! Do not use one machine for everything. Separate your whites, colors and towels. If you use a softener, do not use it on your towels (they won't be as absorbent!), use only on your clothes. You have to dry your colors and whites separately, also.


Wash sheets at least once a month. Every week is best!

Go through your closet and drawers and organize what you really wear, not what you might wear. If you never choose something to put on and there is nothing wrong with it (which is why we all have these things) give it away so someone else can use it. I believe this brings good Karma.

I always have a Good Will bag going in my closet for items not worn within 2 seasons or clothes that just don't fit. Charity donations are tax deductions so make sure to get your receipts.

Good karma and tax deductions. This is a win-win situation!

How Often Do You Wash Your Sheets?

Twice A Week.
Once A Week.
Once A Month.
Once Every 3 Months.
Never - I Am A Sick Freak.


Replace your toothbrush every 2-3 weeks. Scrub sinks, toilet and showers using an all purpose disinfectant. Shake out small rugs.

Living Room

If you are not going to vacuum frequently, help with the grit factor by taking off your shoes at the door when you come in. Get a mat towards the front door to trap dirt.

It will really save on the amount that ends up on your floors.

Pull off all cushions and shake, fluff and maybe even find lost items! Take everything off all table tops and dust or polish using surface friendly cleaners.


Throw out any unopened food older than 2 years. Use warm, soapy water and wipe out old spills inside of your refrigerator. Don't forget to clean the often-overlooked top of your refrigerator.

Do you use your stove top? Wipe under the element trays as well as the entire stove top lid and clean the surface underneath. There is a catch tray for over spills that can collect some nasty, smelly germs. Clean the inside of your microwave while you are at it.


Keep all paperwork in one area, in one room. This way you have a better shot at finding what you need with less searching.

Go to an office supply store and get plastic dividing folders or something with sections to separate categories of paperwork. Organizing and filing your important documents is crucial. Knowing where to find them when you need them is priceless.

Your Body

Change up your exercise routine! Change the weight, pace or muscles. Make an appointment with a good trainer in your gym to tailor your options and kick start stagnant physique goals.

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I know I always feel better when my space is clean and organized. The truth is, I always seem to prosper after those times! The simple act of cleaning out clutter, grime, never worn clothing, stale items and people (!) seem to create room for new abundance.

Warning to procrastinators! Do not wait until you feel like doing this. Get it done now! The truth is you may NEVER feel like cleaning up. Take your life into your own hands and get going.

While this might not be as tempting as the remote control, the effort you put into it will produce amazing results!

Take care of yourself. It's worth it.


How Often Do You Change Your Workout Routine?

Every Week
Every Other Week
Once A Month
Once Every 12 Weeks
Once A Year