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How The Pros Keep In Shape On The Road!

Learn how the pros keep in such great shape on the road with practically nothing!

I have been having the pleasure of filming a sci-fi movie THE SURPLUS MALE with Bodybuilding and Fitness stars in Hollywood for two months. The movie involves a planet of "fit, sexy, space babes." Look for it to come out around the beginning of 2003. My agency sent me to the casting and the producer told me he was having trouble finding the right body type looks for the women's roles.

I sent in most of my girlfriends and they hired them all! YOU get to benefit from this as I asked them what these busy, fit women do to stay in such spectacular shape while leading an on the go lifestyle. Although these are all women, men can and do use these strategies as well.

Valentina Chepiga

IFBB Pro Ms. Olympia 2000, Ms. International 2002.

Valentina always brings enough cooked food for one or two days she prepares the night before. Valentina bakes skinless chicken breast and uses only fresh veggies. When she makes her eggs, she uses the yokes, too! When in her hotel, she brings a hotplate and a pot with a lid for steaming her food. When she eats out at a restaurant, she orders all food plain. No salt, cheese and olive oil only. She brings some water and buys the rest when she arrives.

To get a workout in she finds a gym close by and brings her rubber tubes for back up and to pump up back stage. Read Valentina's articles on

Sherry Goggins

1995 Fitness America Champion, Pinnacle Spokes model.

Sherry brings enough food for her plane flight and tries to get a hotel room with a kitchenette. She orders from room service making sure everything is clean. Plain, lean meats and baked potatoes with steamed rice or veggies. She also carries meal replacement bars.

Sherry works out at the closest gym if possible. If stuck in her room, she uses her bands and does push ups and abs.

Gayle Moher

IFBB Pro. 1999 Jan Tana Overall, 2001 Women's Extravaganza Overall.

Gayle travels with cans of tuna, hot plate, frying pan, spatula and pasteurized egg whites. She brings a gallon of water on her trips. If needed, she orders plain salads from room service and adds tuna for protein.

Gayle uses the hotel workout facility for cardio or walks outside for one hour. She does not lift weights while traveling and practices her posing in her room.

Cynthia Bridges

IFBB Fitness Pro. IFBB 1999 North American Champion.

Cynthia travels with chicken breast and sweet potatoes for her trips packed in a soft cooler with gel ice. She brings instant oatmeal, instant cream of wheat and meal replacement packets. She uses the hotel coffee pot to mix and cook these in. When ordering from room service, she gets egg whites and plain pancakes. She buys water when she arrives.

Cynthia may work out with weights every other day, or she may not! When on vacation, she is active with her kids walking and sightseeing.

Lauren Powers

2002 Ms. Muscle Beach Overall, 2002 Cal. State Novice/Overall, 2002 Jan Tana Overall.

Lauren brings no special food for her flights. She brings bars and meal replacement/protein drinks with a shaker. When she orders from room service or a restaurant, she tries to eat clean and smart most of the time. She only drinks bottled water.

Lauren practices her posing in her room and walks outside for one hour.

Stacey Cravens

2001 Fitness America National Champion.

Stacey travels with protein meal replacement packets and a shaker. She brings water everywhere and orders her food plain. Food consists of chicken breast, eggs, whole grains and veggies.

When Stacey is out of town, she stays on her same workout schedule. She finds a gym if possible or uses her tubing to work on the body part that is scheduled for that day. If it is a cardio day she will find a machine or take an aerobic class.

Kat Meyers

2001 California State figure Champion, Web Diva.

Kat tries to adapt to her surroundings with as little of fuss as possible. She brings prepared food with her if she is uncertain of finding clean, plain food to order. She will cook fish, chicken, rice and veggies and pack them into individual meal containers. She brings her food in an insulated soft cooler. (A must for almost everyone).

Kat's out of town work out is more mental for her than physical. She tries to at least do cardio to keep her grounded and on top of her physique.

Nicole Rollolazo

IFBB PRO, 2000 Fitness America National Champion, Pinnacle Spokesmodel.

Nicole brings grilled chicken breast and raw sliced green peppers along for her fitness travels. She packs her small George Forman grill in her luggage. This allows her to go to the local grocery store for chicken and veggies to be grilled in her hotel room. When ordering from room service, Nicole asks for egg whites and oatmeal.

Nicole runs the hotel stairs for exercise if she is unable to get to a fitness facility.

Brenda Kelly

2000 Fitness America Pro, ESPN 2 Swimsuit Champion, Ironman Magazine Spokes model.

I bring enough cooked food for the day with me I prepare the night before in Tupperware. I hit a grocery store and buy food and water before checking in. I buy whole grain bagels and cooked chicken or turkey breast where I can find it. When I order from room service and restaurants it's lean protein and plain carbs and veggies. I always have packets of Muscle-link vanilla high- protein meal replacements with me for a no fuss meal.

* A trick I still use from my competition traveling days is to pack a soft cooler with my perishables. To keep cold I use an ice pack. Get the kind you actually fill with ice cubes and screw on a lid. A zip lock will work as well here. When the ice melts, I get more from the ice machine in the hotel, refill and…instant fresh refrigeration! This way I never have to deal with warm gel ice packs with no way to re-freeze. A bonus for fitness competitors is you always have an ice pack handy for any aches or injuries!

I use the hotel gym for cardio or I run outside. In my room, I'll do a circuit of 3-4 sets of push-ups, squats and abs to maintain my physique level.

As you can see we are all different! These tips and tools allow us to return from our travels without the worries of too much physique backtrack. Try some of these great ideas and see what might work for you!

Travel smart.