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Internet Fitness: The Boards!

Fitness lives on a whole new level out there in cyber world. Internet fitness was meant be used as a cyber tool to enrich your daily fitness routine combined with practical application and common sense. What are the best?

Fitness lives on a whole new level out there in cyber world.

Internet fitness was meant be used as a cyber tool to enrich your daily fitness routine combined with practical application and common sense. The intended outcome can change upon physical launch considering the human nature factor.

There are as many different use levels of Internet users as there are people who use it. Some of us use it for every little thing from ordering pizza and online banking to people at the other end of the curve not using it but once every other month or so trying once again unsuccessfully to log onto that elusive free E-mail account or server.

There are many popular user-friendly bodybuilding, health and fitness websites offering a variety of options from every different angle imaginable with topics ranging from diets and purchasing fat-burners to weight training programs and contest preparation directions for getting on stage for competition.

Many people enjoy finding, reading and following the diets and programs of their favorite entertainment stars, trainers of the stars, bodybuilding stars and fitness role models. The serving sizes and recipes are right online if you know where to look, to be printed out or just punched up on the screen. Easy.

You can get your supplements and athletic supplies from online websites carrying popular brands or buy right from the manufacturers themselves saving you drive time with front door delivery service.

There is a whole community on bodybuilding Message Boards every minute of every day and night. One fascinating angle is the interactive, monitored and supervised division of some Bodybuilding and fitness websites called the Message Boards or "The Boards" as their users call them. Some websites exist only for the purpose of offering a Board.

Topics range from legitimate help for programs one on one to the just as popularly visited gossip pages.

Many Pro athletes are on the Boards and you can really profit from their experience if you care to follow their diets, training programs and or competition tips. This service is for the most part is free as soon as you get onto the web.

A warning should be issued along with usage of the Boards - You can be taking a chance as to others authenticity and full factual disclosure when in the process of interaction over the Internet. The variety of replies also can swing from the solid advice from an accredited Pro given straight to you, to getting involved in some heated argument back and fourth with an aggressive cyber wannabe fake Pro over differences in training philosophies.

Be forewarned there is always the chance someone may be misrepresenting himself or herself. It happens all the time on the Internet where anyone can be whoever he or she wants. Some websites do have programs in place to label the Pros for protection credibility. Always use your best judgment and don't believe everything you read without research back up. Get a second opinion on your questions and when needed, go to your doctor.

Reading the Boards can be an instructive, fun pastime or, get actively involved by "posting". Posting is putting your voice down in text for any and all to read by replying to someone else, by starting a new topic or asking a question. You have to figure out how to register first but it is usually an easy step-by-step procedure. Choose a screen name that you want to post under and you're off! Post away and wait for interaction.

Be ready for a wide variety of responses. For instance, in fitness there are many ways used to reach the same goals. What works for one may not work for another and all programs may need to be personalized in some way or another. Be smart and get your doctors' OK to go ahead with any new program for your own peace of mind.

There are some different website choices for you that offer a Board. You may feel much more comfortable with one Board over another depending on who is posting there most frequently.

The Most Popular Boards
Over 49,000 Members is a two sided website. One side is an online Cyber Store selling all of the top supplements, workout apparel and training accessories. This easy online shopping cart system with the offer of seven different payment methods, door-to-door delivery in days at discounted prices makes it a popular option for fitness product purchases. They also price match anyone!

The other side of the website is the Super Site which contains articles, interviews, product review, contest info, chat rooms and the Message Boards.

The boards here are well occupied by the younger set of eager, tuned in enthusiasts questioning everything and anything. Answers and topics are busy and interesting. The activity is fun and geared towards both beginners and seasoned veterans.

There are numerous IFBB Pros that post here for your service including endorsed company athlete IFBB Pro, Bob Cicherillo who brings over 25 years of knowledge and experience in the Bodybuilding and fitness industry.
3,830 + Members

This website is clearly the top bodybuilding gossip website. There are as many topics on the bodybuilding world as there are topics that have little or nothing to do with training. There are IFBB Pros that post here. Even the Pros are frequenting this site less and less because of too much B.S.

There seems to be a lot of slandering and mud slinging here. I know this is quite popular for the members since many people enjoy this tabloid mentality. Entertaining, but again please do not believe all you read.
3,324 + Members

Here there is a good accountability for the Pros by an avatar/insignia PIC. This is good protection and you know who is doing the posting.

The biggest percentage of IFBB Pros post here and the topics are 90 percent bodybuilding related with minimal gossip. There is a small store with a few goodies to buy.

See you on the Boards!

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