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Bob Chic Update: What Happened At The San Fran Pro?

To all who have sent their prayers and support to Bob and I these last days after the San Fran Pro Grand Prix, both of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To all who have sent their prayers and support to Bob and I these last days after the San Fran Pro Grand Prix, both of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Truth

The rumors have been flying, as is the norm for these things. For those of you who haven't heard or have heard only some parts of the story, Bob and I went to the San Fran Pro last Friday where Bob was a competitor in the show. He and I went to represent for their booth along with head honcho, Russ Deluca and our beautiful cover girl friend, Kat Meyers.

On a side note, Bob looked awesome. Better conditioning than he had the Arnold which he was very happy with. Remember, this was Bob's third Pro show in a row along with the Ironman Pro, Arnold and San Fran. all within about 4 weeks.

Left to right: Bob at the 2004 Ironman, Arnold & Pre-Judging at the San Fran.

Bob started throwing up the morning of the show and he and I barely made it to pre judge. Many times we thought he might just have to pull out because he was so nauseous. Nothing would stay down. Although I felt fine that morning, I had not felt well the night before so we thought it might have been a bug we both caught.

Bob had also been fighting a cold like congestion ever since getting into Ohio for the Arnold. The worst part seemed to be whenever he had to throw up, his abs would lock and cramp like crazy. There were times they just stayed that way for up almost an hour or more each time. It looked horribly painful. We missed the team bus and took a taxi to get him to the pre judge 15 minutes to spare until curtain time.

We oiled him all up and out onto the stage he went. I don't know how he did it. It is scary to think he may have just keeled over right there and then. The weather was hot setting record temperatures definitely not helping the situation. The venue we were at had the boiler set on automatic with the heat "on" since usually it is still cold at that time of the year so all of the guys on stage were dripping and overheated.

Bob would get up for his call outs and go and sit behind the curtain sometimes in between to try to conserve energy and make it through. Bob hit all of his posses and if you didn't know how sick he was, you could not really tell anything was wrong although the sitting down in between call outs is something he usually does not do.

After pre judge Bob went into the back pump up room, crashed down on the massage table they had back there for the athletes. He started throwing up again and we fed him little sips of water and Piedialite trying to re-hydrate him. Nothing would stay down. The promoter called IFBB head, Wayne who wisely insisted the medics come and check out the situation.

The paramedics took one look at Bob and they took him away in the ambulance. I rode with him. So off we went, Bob all oiled up in his red posing trunks, me in my Laura Mak wear all done up false eyelashes and all.

Bob Chic backstage pumping up at the 2004 San Fran.

They hooked him up to tubes out of everywhere (yes, guys... THERE too) along with all monitors. The doctor told us his potassium levels were so high he could have had a heart attack at any moment. Another huge issue was the dehydration combined with all of the loss of fluids had shut down his kidneys. They started the IV bags along with lots of other kick-start methods to get his system levels out of the danger zone. It was scary.

They put him in the CCU hooked up to monitors and the IV for two days. He stayed in the CCU Sat. and Sun. night. Levels were in a safe range by Monday and they moved him to a regular room without the tubes and monitors, just the IV needle. Things were working well and the doctor released him on Tuesday. We got a flight home to LA on Wednesday.

I stayed with him as much as possible. I returned to the host hotel and packed up for both of us, checked out and checked into another hotel closer to the hospital. I was almost never in the room; I was able to be with Bob. The Alameda hospital overlooked many rules and let me just hang for hours after visiting hours were over and I even slept over his last night. We had fun trying to fit on the bed a variety of different ways with his IV tubes always in the way (side to side, toe to head etc...) No, there was none of that.

The bed hurt his back awful so he sat in a chair most of the time continually hooked up to his IV. The IV bag would empty every 4 hours and an irritating bell would ring and ring until one of the nurses would come to change it for a full one. This happened all day and night as well so he never got more than 4 hours sleep in a row. Usually it was 2 or 3 hours tops. There are curtain to pull around your bed, but they leave them mostly open and you are under constant surveillance.

The nurses were super cool and fed me during meal times (Bob always ordered double everything). Of course this food wasn't nearly enough for him and they let me order a pizza and wings to be delivered to his room! :-). Bob never seemed to loose his appetite and remember he had been dieting for shows for quite some time.

We ate junk food and watched movies and bad daytime TV together along with the entire staff dropping by to ogle his painted, contest perfected body. Remember, he hadn't showered for three days because he had been putting his color on for the show. His sheets were a messy disaster and we kept changing them.

I got to give Bob a washcloth bath after the second day. I don't know whether or not the nurses were mad at me for doing their job washing him or if they were relieved. They would always tell him how pretty he was and asked if they could feel his muscles. Even in the emergency room this happened. Hilarious. He got to shower after the second day, which helped a lot.

So, that was our trip to the San Fran Pro Grand Prix. Whew.

The best news is the doctor released Bob letting him know there was no permanent damage, which was a big relief.

Bob and I are shooting with Ralph Dehan on Friday and we will go to Jon Lindsay's World Gym Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in San Diego on Saturday, March 20 to represent Why don't you come and see us there if you can?

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Love and Health,