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Ephedra Update For Dummies!

Learn why all the fuss about ephedra and why it is being banned. Find out how to be safe when taking thermogenics! BONUS: IFBB Pro Bob Cicherillo shows us how to reach our optimal fat burning stage without Ephedra.
Note: Ephedra was banned on April 12, 2004 by the federal government.

What is the big deal on the Ephedra ban?

The US FDA has stated its intention of banning the sale of Ephedra in early 2004. Due to the imminent threat of the Ephedra ban, US supplement company's will no longer manufacture Ephedra products containing Ephedra Alkaloids.

It has been advised that 60 days after the Notice of Compliance is issued Ephedra products will be illegal to sell. This forecasted Ephedra ban has created an overwhelming demand for the product. Ephedra products are growing extremely limited and are flying out of warehouses.

You will have to hurry to get your favorite Ephedra products. My friends who are in the supplement business are in a state of scramble trying to keep up with bulk shipping orders. Likewise for my friends who are sold on using Ephedra for fat burning purposes. People are stocking up.

Why Ephedra & Why The Bad Rap?

Ephedra has been launched by the supplement industry as a key ingredient in the super effective but controversial diet aid. The trouble started with the death of a baseball athlete while using Ephedra to enhance performance and training. To keep this in perspective, 20,000 Americans are hospitalized each year from taking aspirin.

Ephedra has a 5,000-year record of history of safe usage, something no drug can lay a claim to. There are people who should not take Ephedra for medical reasons as in any herbal remedy. People should individually assess the introduction of any new product into their body by using the Do's and Don'ts checklist below.

I have personally used Ephedra to get ready for fitness competitions and have had no negative side effects.

Thermogenics are not for everyone. Along with the positive results of appetite suppression, fat burning and weight loss comes a list of negative side effects to watch out for. In extreme cases, I have seen friends and athletes experience a complete personality change while taking Ephedra unknowingly with caffeine.

This Can Potentially Cause:

  • Moodiness
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • The shakes
  • Sleeplessness
  • Nausea
  • Prostate or urinary problems.

Any of these symptoms are red flags for your body and should not be ignored. Know that there are always mixed reactions with different people's systems. Learn to recognize and evaluate your performance and moods by becoming aware.

There are other factors to consider when implementing a training program in addition to thermogenic supplementation. For instance, it is reasonable to assume a low fat or low carbohydrate diet along with over training can be responsible for moodiness or discomfort when the real culprit might really be your fat burner. Stop taking any Ephedra based products for two weeks and see if your crankiness let's up.

You will have heard the horror stories occasionally resulting in cardiovascular accidents and even a few deaths while using Ephedra products in large amounts mixed with stimulants or with illegal substances. Each time you try a new supplement or anything else of the sort pay close attention to the way you feel and how you are reacting to everyday events. For a reality check, ask your close friends or family to keep an eye on your psyche and let you know when it becomes apparent an attitude adjustment is necessary. When in doubt, seek your doctor's advice.

Here are some dos and don'ts when dealing with any thermogenic.

Do's & Don'ts When Taking Thermogenics:

  • Don't take on continual daily basis. It will loose effectiveness. A good rule is two days on, one day off according to JJ from IDS, the makers of "Kranker", one of their popular Ephedra based products.
  • Do take on an empty stomach or one (1) hour before eating.
  • Don't take if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.
  • Do read your labels.
  • Don't take before bed.
  • Do take a safe dose of 100 milligrams a day.
  • Do start with half a dose adding more within a two-week period.

Top supplement companies are now working to put together new products offering a non-ephedra fat burner to replace the popular diet aids. Ingredients like Bitter Orange, Green Tea Extract and Caffeine have shown some initial promise but the studies are not yet conclusive. We may be simply trading negative symptoms not yet determined by early, incomplete studies.

Looking forward to alternative methods and products to consider for your fat burning mission, IFBB Pro, Bob Cicherillo lends us some advise on reaching optimal fat burning stage without Ephedra.

    "Run your body on supreme fuel. Eat 6-7 small meals a day, consisting of 75% "clean" food. Drink lots of water and exercise using resistance training (weights) 4-5 times a week. Unfortunately, everyone is looking for the "drive-thru' version of a slim muscular physique... It doesn't exist! By following these simple guidelines, you will be raising your metobolic rate the natural, healthy way."

Bob is on the right track. On a recent episode of the popular TV news program 20/20, a top herbalist expert ended her report by advising those who are going to spend money on the non-ephedra products to invest this on a gym membership and pursue exercise. Imagine that.

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