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Critical Health: 4 More Secrets To Bone Health!

Dietary calcium is important in maintaining bone health. The majority of your daily calcium intake should come from whole food sources... Learn more.

Bone Health

I'm sure your mother always told you to drink your milk because it made your bones stronger. Though this is very true, there are other things that you should know in order to help prevent osteoporosis.

1. Sodas:

    Firstly, try to minimize the amount of soda/pop you drink. This is important because research has shown then these types of beverages have replaced milk in people's daily diets. As a result, these people are getting less calcium as well as less vitamin D.

diet soda
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Try To Minimize The Amount Of Soda/Pop You Drink.

2. Calcium:

3. Phosphorus:

    Thirdly, though calcium is important, there are other key players that need to be in the game in order for everything to work. Calcium uses up a lot of phosphorus when repairing bone damage so getting phosphorus in with your calcium is a good idea.

4. Vitamin K:

    Lastly, vitamin K is another one of those key players and can be found in vegetable oils and leafy greens. It was found, however, that the vitamin K in hydrogenated oils was useless to the human body. Long story short - stay away from hydrogenated oils!