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Getting On Track... And Sticking With It!

Hello 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge Competitor! Learn what you need to stick with your program! The health, fitness and energy you gain will reciprocate into every other aspect of your life. It's time to get motivated!
Hello 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge Competitor!

You've made a great decision to improve your body and get in better shape! We hope everything has been going good so far and we hope you stick with it. The health, fitness and energy you gain will reciprocate into every other aspect of your life. What this challenge is all about is looking better and feeling better by building more muscle and losing fat. We commend you! The added energy and well-being you get is well worth it!

Have you got that before picture developed yet? That before picture can be an amazing motivator. Sometimes it takes a little "shock therapy" to joggle your senses and realize the time is now to exercise, eat right, look better and feel better! To keep motivated, go to Barnes and Noble and read some fitness/muscle magazines, write your goals down on paper and make sure you have a plan to reach them. Follow through!

If you need advice on nutrition, supplementation, or training, come see us; we're here to help! Also, check out the web site for myriad articles on improving your physique, burning fat, staying motivated, and the best ways to go about it! Get recipes, workout plans, diet tips and much more! New content is added daily! We've got several people posted online who've made amazing transformations. See what others have done and learn how to do it yourself, because as we all know, knowledge is power! It can be done, and you can do it!

Here's some of the most motivating articles to help you build a better body and keep it!

Check out these amazing transformations! See how they went from overweight to fit or from skinny to buff! Visit our massive article library for unlimited training and nutrition information, categorized to fit your goals and needs. Read these great articles to help you on your journey! We want you to succeed! Keep up the great transformation and remember that your aspirations are your possibilities.

Good luck!