BodySpace Member Of The Month - April 2008: Armbender.

The BodySpace Member of the Month for April 2008 is Will Sarty (Armbender). She was chosen because she is using nearly every applicable feature of BodySpace, and making it look impressive! Check out her awesome videos and BodyAnswers!

BodySpace Member Of The Month

January 2008: Kathy Marcos (KatNap)

    The BodySpace Member of the Month for January 2008 is Kathy Marcos (KatNap). She was chosen because she is using nearly every applicable feature of BodySpace, and is making it look impressive! Check out her blog, videos, current supplements, BodyAnswers, stat charts, photo gallery & more!

KatNap KatNap
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Kathy Marcos (KatNap).

    Congratulations to KatNap for earning herself $75.00 USD in Cyberstore credit just for having an awesome profile, blog, and photo gallery on BodySpace!

      To View All Of KatNap's Videos, Click Here And Here.

    KatNap loves visiting and BodySpace, the photo galleries, adding YouTube videos to her profile, and updating her BodyBlog regularly. She has been a registered member since Sep. 24, 2006.


Where are you from, and how long have you been working out?
I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been training with weights at the gym for 8 years and training for Arm Wrestling professionally for 7 years.

How long have you been visiting and using BodySpace? In January 2006 I found BB.COM when I was trying to get more in formation on Supplements. I primarily stayed within that thread and ventured into the BB.COM store for purchases. I learned a lot of valuable information within that time but not until early 2007 did I start seeing an increase in my training when I joined the BodySpace group. 

You mention in your bodyspace profile that you started Arm-Wrestling in high school. Did you know any people that were into arm wrestling at the time? How did you find out about competitions and when did you decide to compete in one? My father is in the Military so when we were first posted to Nova Scotia, we needed to have a well drilled for our house. The person that drilled our well, Perry Bruhm, happened to be the multi-national arm wrestling champion in Canada with a Silver Medal finishing at the Worlds. He showed me a few tricks, which would allow me to win over kids in my school. He was my first real inspiration and motivation to train for this sport. On July 23rd 2000, I entered my first competition. It was the Nova Scotia Provincial Championships. I had no clue what I was in for, or what kind of impact this sport would have on my life. I was fortunate enough to place third but it was a huge eye opener for me as I always thought that this sport was strength dominant. I also thought I was strong for this sport. I was wrong on both counts.

What or whom do you think contributes most to your success, besides hard work? Do genetics play a big role do you think? Any other family members that are also active in arm wrestling? My family right now is a huge factor in my success. If I didn’t have their support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. As far as training, I was extremely lucky to train in a club with some of the most respected Arm Wrestlers in Canada and some in the World. One of my training partners, Rick Pinkney is the President of the Nova Scotia Arm wrestling Association. He himself has had many titles under his belt, along with a Silver Medal at the World Championships. His technical knowledge in this sport is known by all has being the best. I have the opportunity to learn from him and increase my ability to be a strong member of Team Canada. He has taken my training to an extremely high level. Arm Wrestling has such a high camaraderie, that you feed off of everyone you compete with. When I win against someone, I will let that person know what I did to win and what he or she did wrong. This will allow them to be better prepared when we meet next and will also increase my training in the gym. As far as tracking my progress and my training, BB.COM Hands down. Very well laid out and functional site.

How did you prepare for your first arm wrestling competition? And how has this changed over time (diet, etc.)? My first real competition was the North American Championships in Ontario Canada. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew the competition would be pretty strong. I didn’t need to diet, as my walking around weight was 128lbs.  I was competing in the 132lb weight class so I wanted to be as heavy as possible. That early in my Arm Wrestling career, I wasn’t sure how to get prepared for tournaments so I really just walked into it. As long as I made weight I was happy. Now after attending the Worlds, I have a little more knowledge on preparing. As an example, when I was preparing for the World Championships in South Africa, my diet was very strict within 4 months of the competition because my weight was 136lbs and I was trying to compete in the 121lb weight category. I would study videos on the European Arm-Wrestlers, as I knew they would be the more dominant in the lighter classes. My weight training was changed every week to ensure my strength was at its peak during the timeframe of the tournament. During our practices, we would develop our technique based on the European pullers as well, as they have very unique styles. All of this led me to a fourth place finish with a win against Ukraine who took the Bronze Medal.

Can you give us a detailed sample-workout of a normal week?
MONDAY - Arm-Wrestling & Cardio, COC Grippers #1
TUESDAY ??" Chest & Upper Back, COC Grippers #2
Incline Barbell Press
Wide Grip Pull Down
Flat Dumbell Press
Seated Lat Pulls
Dumbell Flies
Side Lat Raises
WEDNESDAY ??" Biceps & Triceps, Extensors
Barbell Curls
Rope Pressdowns
Hammer Curls
Seated Tricep Press
Standing Dumbell Curls
EZ Bar Reverse Curls
THURSDAY ??" Hand, Wrist, & Forearm, COC Grippers #1
Side Levers
Front Levers
Plate Wrist Curls
Plate Pinch
Wrist Curls
Reverse Wrist Curls
FRIDAY ??" Legs & Lower Back, Extensors
Power Cleans

Since it seems that arm wrestling involves a lot of grip training, do you incorporate some kind of strongman training in your training regimen? Grip training is a very important aspect of my training. I have my own unique hand and wrist workout, which I have tried to develop over the years to see what works best for my body type. In Arm-Wrestling, I believe that your hand and wrist must be equally strong in order to use them to your advantage. I have to balance these during my workouts. Throughout the week I utilize my Captains of Crush (COC) Grippers in a specific routine along with lever lifts for my wrists. For this I took a 3” PVC pipe and rigged it to hold plates. This allows me to get a wider grip, which really concentrates on my wrists. I incorporate the use of pulleys at the gym to mimic Arm-Wrestling. This allows me to adjust the tension on my wrists and lets me develop strength in the winning and the losing position. 

Since you and a lot of your competitors are pretty ripped, how often do you get to deal with the stereotype of only big fat bikers making good arm wrestlers? And what do you say to those people that don’t know much about the sport? Arm-Wrestling in my opinion will always be wrapped around the stereotype of the whole bar scene Arm-Wrestler / Trucker. It’s a shame but I think the movie Over the Top has given a negative aspect of our sport to the public. I felt that way when I started. I thought it was nothing but strength. I was so wrong it wasn’t funny. This is a very technically, physically and mentally strenuous sport. It’s hard to know what to say to the new people getting into the sport that will not deter them from competing again. My first year of competition was met with many losses. I believe I won my first circuit tournament in the middle of my second year. Now I am one of the most dominating lightweights in Canada. I am a firm believer that “in order to win, you must first learn how to lose”. You have to take your beatings in this sport and keep coming out. 

It seems like you have gradually gained a lot of weight since the beginning of 2006. Was this a requirement for your arm wrestling career, or? My walking around weight when I first started Arm-Wrestling in 2000 was 128lbs. I have gradually put weight on just from my weight training in the gym. I dropped my weight down to 121lbs for two tournaments and at the World Championships in South Africa I dropped down to 117lbs. I have now proved at the National level that I am very dominating at my weight at 132lbs. My goal is to reach 150lbs and have the ability to diet down for the 143lb class at the National level.

Your short-term goal is to be the best arm-wrestler you can be. Besides just doing the best you can do, what does this include? What titles do you hope to earn in the future? I would like to bring my hand and wrist strength to a new level this year. Hand control is important to me in a match. If you can take the hand, you can take the arm. I am training right now for the World Championships in Canada 2008. I hope I am able to qualify for this event and be able to step on the podium with the Canadian flag for the first time.

What kind of comments do you get when you beat guys that are bigger than you and others that are outsiders of the sport? Some are pretty upset but for the most part they want to understand how and why it is possible. Usually it is the people who don’t train so we just have to explain that they need to come to practice more often. You can’t expect to be a Champion if you don’t train like one.

You took 1st place in your second competition; the National Championships in September 2003. How did it feel to place first in your second competition, at a national level? It was amazing taking my first National Title. There was a feud between myself and another competitor in my weight class. When I first started pulling, he was the man to beat in my class. After I started getting good, I would always finish second to him at our Provincial Championships four years in a row with no win against him. His walking around weight was roughly 155lbs. At Nationals, I was pulling in the 132lb class. My trainer came to me the night before the competition and gave me the news that he had made my class and he would be pulling against me. This really brought my moral down for the night. The next day I went into it like I was going to win. I pulled off my first win against him in the third round. It was the match of my life with a 4-minute hook match. He went on to win on the B-side and we met in the finals where I beat him for the Title. It was the most exciting day of my life knowing how hard I trained for that day and to come out as the Champion in front of my hometown and my family was a lifetime memory.

You mention that you teach a lot of other people about arm wrestling and share knowledge. Where do you do this? We do this at our Halifax club. We train and coach anybody who is interested in competing or just to know more about the sport. I answer a lot of questions and posts on BB.COM also. I get many comments and questions on the forum, which is great as most of the people commenting are teenagers. This group of people are going to be the future of our sport. I feel great when I can motivate someone into a competition because I know they will be hooked after their first win. It is such a reward to see how you improve with your training with the wins you get in competition. Even when you lose it is rewarding because you know how close you are getting to beating that competitor and you bust your butt in the gym just to get that one win. You need a lot of heart and dedication in this sport and it shows. I love seeing a great match that ends with both competitors exhausted to the point the cant even get off the table but find the energy to give each other a hug at the table congratulating each other on a great pull.

Anything you want to tell people that are just getting into the sport? Other shout-outs? Get out and pull as many classes and tournaments as possible. Stamina is a great asset in this sport and you can win many more matches if your stamina is well developed. Don’t be cocky! It is perfectly all right to be confident but remember that anyone can be beaten on any given day. Train as hard as your body will allow. You are your body’s expert, listen to it and don’t over train.

I would like to put a shout-out to BodySpace Admin, Customer Service at the Cyber Store, all BodySpace members, all Canadian members, and definitely my Training Team in Halifax…. THANKS for EVERYTHING!!!!

Thanks a lot Will! We hope you will continue doing the best you can and continue being a great success in the sport of arm wrestling!

[ FBlead40 ] First of all, congratulations on the steady progress you've been making all along.

    KatNap: Thanks so much!! What a delight it is for me personally to be honored by in such a way. As I have always said, " Rocks!!" You have changed people's lives, including my own, and have opened up some doors for me that would have not been possible without BodySpace.

[ FBL ] Where are you from, and how long have you been working out?

    KatNap: I am originally from Queens, New York and presently reside in Rockland County. I started working out in January 2003, taking Boot Camp Classes at XTREME Fitness. Fellow BodySpacer Tom Jimenez is the instructor and owner of the gym.

[ FBL ] How long have you been visiting and using BodySpace?

    KatNap: I have been an official member since September 24, 2006. I was a "lurker" before that, LOL. I hadn't put up an actual profile with pictures until about a month later.

KatNap KatNap
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I Do Cardio On My Treadmill At 4:15 AM.

[ FBL ] It says in your profile that you're a registered nurse in the Emergency Trauma Department. Is it hard to combine this with eating healthy and working out regularly?

    KatNap: Honestly, in the beginning, yes!! And as that saying goes, "Fail to plan, Plan to fail!" It takes careful planning in terms of preparing food, etc.

    For instance, I get my lunch break when "management" tells me that I can go. I have to turn over my assignment to another RN that will then cover me for the half hour that I am gone, and if I don't have coverage, then I try to eat while I am working. Most of the food that I prepare is portable in containers or Ziploc bags.

    As far as my training, it is always after work. I make the time, tired or not (I am very disciplined that way.) I work from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM, and I am awake at 4:15 AM - sometimes doing cardio on my treadmill! (Not all the time, maybe once or twice a week.)

[ FBL ] You mention in your BodySpace profile that you started training seriously in August 2006, with competing as your goal in mind. What or who motivated you initially to do this?

    KatNap: My motivation was "the mirror," as I didn't like what was "looking back at me" (remember I was 165 lbs and almost 40% bodyfat) and BodySpace was definitely a big motivation for me!!

    BodySpace gave me hope when I thought there was none. Seeing women my age (I'm 48!) and what they have accomplished totally amazed me! I was able to look at their progress pictures, their gallery and graphs of their weightloss and goals. I could follow their progress!!

Female Transformation Of The Week - Kathy Marcos.
Kathy was fat and tired all the time and did not like how she looked. After some ups and downs she vowed to make major changes and compete on stage. Learn more as she works to lose 34 of her 164 lbs!
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    It helped me develop my own personal plan of action to finally realize my goals. The first BodySpace transformation that I saw was Ellie Hart! She is amazing and I wanted my body to look like hers, what an outstanding transformation, and that page really motivated me to submit my own Transformation Of The Week 7 months later.

KatNap's Awesome Transformation, Pt. 1!

KatNap's Awesome Transformation, Pt. 2!

[ FBL ] Are you still planning on competing? If so, when?

    KatNap: Yes, my plan is to compete this coming April 2008 at the NPC New York Metropolitan in New York City. I just hope that I will be ready by then - I want to be in the best shape of my life for my "debut" onstage! The other show will be October 2008 at the American Bodybuilding Championships.

[ FBL ] When looking at your weight chart, you can see a steady downward trend. What does your diet like? Do you keep track of everything?

    KatNap: I track my weightloss here on BodySpace - in fact, I keep track of everything here on BodySpace!! The BodyStats and Charts section tracks your current progress, your goals and also shows a full history. I also write blogs about how I lost the weight, training programs that I use and the ever-dreaded cardio.

    My diet actually is pretty boring and the same, but I 'tweak' it here and there because I don't want to plateau. My current diet is as follows:

    • Meal I: 2 scoops of Gaspari IntraPro Double Chocolate with 12 egg whites (from Egg White International.)
    • Meal II and Meal III: Cottage Cheese/Plain Yogurt with 2 Tbs. of Milled Flax Seed by Spectrum Essentials.
    • Meal IV and VI: 6 ounces of chicken or fish with steamed veggies or salad or both.
    • Meal V: Same as Meal I and Gaspari SizeOn (Arctic Lemon Ice) on my non-training days.

    Sometimes I may add yam to my main meals and brown rice as well. Once a week I have steak. Sometimes if I need a change from all that chicken and tuna, I will replace 4 of my meals with sashimi!! My advice is to just "Listen to your Body" - it knows what it needs from you.

KatNap KatNap
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Kathy Marcos (KatNap).

[ FBL ] Your bodyfat goal is 6%. That's pretty low, especially for women. How are you going to drop another 1.8%, when it gets harder every percentage below 10?

    KatNap: I want to get at 6% body fat by the time of my show - this will be my first show and I want to look that best that I can, and as lean as possible. Yes, it's hard but I think doable.

    I have come so far from a year ago. I feel like anything is possible if you want it bad enough. How will I do it? Lots and lots of cardio with my heart rate monitor. I was up to almost 90 minutes a day split into two session (AM and PM.)

[ FBL ] You are adopting the "100 rule" in your workout program. Can you explain what that is?

    KatNap: The 100 Rule is plain and simple and looks easy, but is not. You work out 'only' two body parts, 100 reps total in three sets. Using the poundage that you normally would for that exercise, and you must do most of your reps in the initial set - you cannot split it evenly (that would be too easy!)

    My boyfriend, Azifukared (a BodySpacer as well!), is a personal trainer, he gives me all of my workouts, most of which he calls "The Beat Down Workouts." That's why I have to be nice to him, LOL, because my workouts get "harder" if I am mean to him!! LOL, J/K!

[ FBL ] A lot of women's favorite bodyparts to train are abdominals and arms or legs. Why is the trapezius muscle one of your favorites to train?

    KatNap: I love training my traps because this always gets my heart rate up and I definitely feel the burn and so pumped afterward. Also, I like the way people stare at me while I am doing them, LOL.

    I use the Smith Machine with a total weight of 110 lbs for 15 reps x 3 sets. People at one gym that I went to once were like "WTF?!", LOL. I also use dumbbells for traps, two 40-pound weights but they're not as fun as the Smith Machine.

KatNap KatNap
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People At One Gym Were Like, "WTF?!", LOL.

[ FBL ] You mention on your profile in your 'favorite healthy foods' section that you put tuna in your shakes. This grosses a lot of people out! So, where did you get that idea from? What flavor shakes you mix it with?

    KatNap: I know it sounds really gross, but it isn't all that bad, really. I was carb depleting as a test for 2 days (I wanted to bring my abs out) and I was eating tuna and aalmon six times a day! After the first day, it was getting to me, so I decided for a different texture and taste (at 4 a.m. it's tough eating dry tuna).

    So, I just put it in my morning shake (chocolate flavor), and drank it. It was more palatable eating tuna that way, for me. I actually sort of got the idea from Tommy (Jimenez). I have been working out at his gym for about the last 5 years, and he once said to try something different and put tuna in a blender and drink it, LOL - so I just added a little 'twist' to the recipe.

    It all goes to the same place, and trust me, if you're hungry, you'll do it! I train hardcore, and my eating habits are similar! I don't even mix my glutamine anymore, I eat it straight out of the container, 2 tablespoons, dry and then 2-3 gulps of water!

KatNap Rocks Her Pullups!

[ FBL ] What caused your barbell overhead press to increase so fast? Are you keeping track of your lifts?

    KatNap: Yes, I try to keep track as much as possible, but I really do need to update my lifting stats on my BodySpace since I have made some serious gains that deserve posting. The reason for the increase is the workouts that I have been doing have become more intense!! (Thanks Azi, SuperPump250 and SizeOn!! That is what really did it!)

[ FBL ] Any final comments or anything else you want to tell other people on BodySpace and

    KatNap: I just want to thank everyone on BodySpace for the wonderful comments and motivation that you have given me over the last year. Also for making this possible, and a special thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, Azifukared, who continues to believe in my dream, for putting up with me during my injuries, my cranky carb-depleted days, and daily rants!

    A special thanks to (in alphabetical order):

    • bellaone1965
    • bmt424
    • BodyAuditor
    • BryanGee
    • DawnMelanie (for her sense of humor, positive attitude and outlook on life)
    • Donintucson (for helping me "hang in there" when things were rough, thank you so much Don!)
    • Frogprincess72 (my "froggy," you're the best <^^>)
    • jwall1057 (my hero!)
    • JustDave
    • MichaelJazz
    • MissTransformer (a beautiful person with always kind words to say)
    • Ninjabill (whose blogs crack me up!)
    • oldschooliron (for his sense of humor and "candy issues" LOL)
    • srombado (my very first friend here on BodySpace!)
    • thgirlnxtdr (beautiful person, inside and out!)
    • and Gaspari Nutrition!!

    Oh gosh, I could go on and on and on!! I love you guys!! BODYBUILDING.COM ROCKS!! >^..^<

KatNap KatNap
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Kathy Marcos (KatNap).

[ FBL ] Thank you, Katerina, for your time and your great profile on BodySpace! I hope you'll get a ton of hits and positive feedback because of this feature. Best of luck on your goals and at your upcoming contests!

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Height: Waist:

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Favorites Articles:
  • Painting, Writing (w/o plagiarism), Drawing, really to many to say
Healthy Foods:
  • Snap Peas
  • Cottage Cheese with Milled Flax Seed
  • Tuna in my Shakes!
Cheat Foods:
  • Anything that doesnt move ..
Fitness Books:
Workout Music:
  • Everything except Country Music and Opera ( depending on which one)

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