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BodySpace Member Of The Month - July 2007: Armondscipione.

The BodySpace Member of the Month for July 2007 is Armond Scipione (armondscipione). He was chosen because he is using every applicable feature of BodySpace, and makes it look GOOD! Check out his videos and current supplements!

BodySpace Member Of The Month

July 2007: Armond Scipione (armondscipione)

    The BodySpace Member of the Month for July 2007 is Armond Scipione (armondscipione). He was chosen because he is using every applicable feature of BodySpace, and making it look good! Check out his blog, goals, videos, current supplements, stat charts, & more!

armondscipione armondscipione
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Handsome BodySpace Member &
Male Fitness Model Armond Scipione.

    Congratulations to armondscipione for earning himself $75.00 USD in Cyberstore credit just for having an awesome profile, blog, and photo gallery on BodySpace!

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    armondscipione loves visiting and BodySpace, the forums and photo galleries, and updating his BodyBlog regularly. He has been a registered member since Nov. 12, 2006.


[ BodySpaceAdmin ] Where are you from, and how long have you been working out?

    armondscipione: I was born under the never ending canopy of clouds in Syracuse, New York (the main reason I left). I started weight training when I was 14 years old, so about 12 years now.

armondscipione armondscipione
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[ BSA ] How long have you been visiting and using BodySpace?

    AS: I actually have been visiting for over 6 years. I always enjoyed the fact that it was updated so often and, of course, the great interviews. The old Bodybuilding Undercover articles were my favorite. I began using BodySpace last fall. It looked like a great place to network and meet people with similar interests.

[ BSA ] Speaking of networking, go ahead and give us some plugs and shout-outs to your website, MySpace profile, projects that you're involved with, your significant other, etc.

    AS: Sure. Well, I just launched my official website,, this past spring. It has pictures that I haven't posted anywhere else on the Internet. However, most people visit me through my MySpace page which is updated weekly, at I make a point to respond to everyone who takes the time to visit.

    As far as modeling goes, I just signed with Silver Models (a NY-based agency) this past week. Finally, I'm sure I would be in the dog house if I didn't give a shout out to my stunning girlfriend and training partner Ava Cowan. Having a significant other with such similar interests makes life so much easier!

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The A-Team: Ava & Armond.

[ BSA ] Tell us about your modeling and competition accomplishments.

    AS: I started my first bodybuilding competition when I was 21 years old, the NABF Vermont Super Natural. I came in at 163 lbs and was fortunate to win the Junior Division and take 2nd in the Open Middleweight. One year later, I competed in the NBA Mr. Vermont competition coming in 13 lbs heavier at 176 lbs in my best-ever condition. It was good enough to grab the Open Middleweight and Novice titles.

    Armond Armond
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    Armond Winning His Trophy.

    My last show was the 2004 Musclemania Nations Capitol. My head wasn't in the right place during the training and the best I could do was 6th. After that, I decided to part ways with competing for awhile and head toward fitness modeling.

[ BSA ] How did you and Ava meet? She's very popular here on BodySpace and

    AS: Ava and I met at the gym. We actually spoke briefly on a popular modeling website a year prior, but had never met.

[ BSA ] You guys train at the same exact gym, then? Care to throw out a plug for the gym?

    AS: We train at Gold's Gym here in Fort Lauderdale. I don't know how much of a plug I want to give them because they haven't put up our competition posters like we asked... LOL. But they do let us use our camcorder and practice posing so I guess we'll mention them. Smiley

armondscipione armondscipione
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Armond Scipione.

[ BSA ] You're obviously very popular with the ladies here on BodySpace. If, therefore, I was to ask Ava about one lesser-known trivia fact or personality trait that the ladies might find interesting, quirky, or cool about you, what do you think she'd say?

    AS: According to Ava... that when she and other people meet me they are always very surprised that I am not cocky at all and very easy going. Nothing like most people would expect. I have always felt very blessed and never take any of my success for granted.

[ BSA ] Great answer! See, y'all just made like a million girls smile! Smiley

    AS: LOL.

Armond Scipione: Shoulder Workout.

[ BSA ] Your profile states that your dad held the push-up record at the police academy at the time when you were growing up. This, of course, begs the question... Did you ever beat his record?

    AS: I came close. His record was 114 in 60 seconds. I was able to get up to 100 in high school. But I haven't really tried since.

[ BSA ] Wow, that's awesome! So, what's your training like these days, and how is it different for male fitness modeling from when you were competing in bodybuilding?

    AS: Actually, I decided to go back to bodybuilding this fall. I will be competing in the 2007 FAME North American Championships in Miami and then the 2007 Musclemania World in Hollywood, California.

    2007 MuscleMania World in Hollywood
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    2007 MuscleMania World In Hollywood.

    I missed the bodybuilding stage and had several judges prompt me to go back to doing what I love. So my training now is much harder and intense than in years past. I train each body part once per week. Legs take two sessions on Sunday. I am currently 13 weeks out and couldn't be more excited!

[ BSA ] What are the dates for those two shows? Both in November?

    AS: Yes, the FAME show is November 2nd & 3rd and the MuscleMania show is November 16th-17th, 2007.

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I Train Each Bodypart Once Per Week.

[ BSA ] Cool, which weight class will you be competing in and what's your target contest weight?

    AS: Well, I am actually going to attempt to do what most people say is impossible (unless you're new to training) - to put on muscle while getting leaner.

    Sort of like how some bodybuilders used to "train up" for a show... Frank Zane, Kevin Levrone, etc. I weigh around 185 lbs right now and hope to come in around 187-190 lbs.

[ BSA ] Speaking of old-school BB'ers, who are some of the big names in the industry that you admire? And have you met any of them in person?

    AS: My favorite bodybuilders were always Flex Wheeler and Kevin Levrone. I felt that they had the best overall physiques - small waists, full muscle bellies, great symmetry and outstanding stage presence. I have met several pro bodybuilders in person, but neither Flex nor Kevin.

Armond Scipione: Bicep Curls.

[ BSA ] Will you be attending the Olympia expo this year? What about the Arnold next spring?

    AS: The Olympia and Arnold are still up in the air. It all depends on my schedule, but I would love to attend.

[ BSA ] Getting back to the "impossible," can you elaborate a little on how you're going to both bulk and cut at the same time? Is this mostly a matter of nutrition, lots of cardio, or what exactly? Also, what's your bodyfat percentage now and at a show?

    AS: Well, as I mentioned in my latest bodyblog, when getting ready for a show in years past, I was never 100% dedicated. I was smoking, drinking, missing meals, and living a very social college life. Through all of that, I was still able to put together a winning physique. Things are different now; I have the time and mindset to take my body to where it has never been before.

Cutting Or Bulking? Cutting Or Bulking?
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    I am following three different diets throughout the week. One for my training days, one for my off days, and a separate diet just for leg day because I train legs over two sessions.

    My protein intake stays around 325 grams no matter what day it is. The carbs fluctuate depending on the amount of energy I will be expending. I also have started low intensity cardio, 6 days a week for 45 minutes. I'm just taking one day a time; there will not be a cheat meal or missed meal for the next 13 weeks.

armondscipione armondscipione
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No Cheat Meals For Me.

[ BSA ] I understand you're an accomplished writer. Tell us about your published works, and where people can read your articles.

[ BSA ] LOL, that's great, Armond - we'll expect to see some nutrition articles of yours appear on in the near future, if you're game...

    AS: Absolutely!

[ BSA ] Nice. In your blog, you talked a little about the recent FAP Universe Weekend where Ava was competing. What was your impression of the contest?

    AS: Well, that was the turning point for me when I decided to go back to bodybuilding. I competed in the Model Universe previously and realized how much I missed the bodybuilding stage. Overall, the weekend was a great experience; it was nice meeting people and other competitors in person that you only converse with online. Ava did outstanding, of course, taking 2nd place in the Figure Universe.

Ava Cowan
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Ava Cowan At The 2007 Figure Universe.

[ BSA ] Any final comments or anything else you want to tell other people on BodySpace and

    AS: I would like to suggest that everyone who visits but has not yet joined BodySpace to do so. It is a great place to get your self known to the world without leaving your house.

    Sites like BodySpace and MySpace are invaluable for exposure and letting others know what you are about. Everything I have accomplished, I have done without a manager or agent... all just self-promotion on the Internet!

    Is There Anyone Famous On BodySpace? Click Here To See.

[ BSA ] Thank you, Armond, for your time and your great profile on BodySpace! I hope you'll get a ton of hits and positive feedback because of this feature. Best of luck on your goals and at your upcoming contests!

    AS: Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure.

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  • Papa John's Pizza
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Workout Music:
  • Metallica
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  • White Zombie

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