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BodySpace Member Of The Month - November 2006: John22perry

The BodySpace Member of the Month for November 2006 is John Perry (john22perry). Congrats, John! John was chosen because he is using every single applicable feature of BodySpace, and doing it with style! Check out his current supps, photos, & more!

BodySpace Member Of The Month

November 2006: John Perry (john22perry)

    The BodySpace Member of the Month for November 2006 is John Perry (john22perry). John was chosen because he is using every single applicable feature of BodySpace, and doing it with style! Check out his lifting stats, photos, & more below!

John Perry John Perry
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John Perry (john22perry).

    Congratulations to John for earning himself $75.00 USD in store credit just for having the sweetest profile and BodyBlog this side of awesome!

    John Perry (john22perry) started visiting earlier this year, and has been using BodySpace regularly since it's unveiling. Currently, John is one of our most active BodySpace members!

    John is a member of the U.S. Navy, and trains aboard the USS Momsen DDG-92. He first heard about from a fellow crew member upon their deployment, and soon the whole ship was ordering stuff from the online store.

John Perry USS Momsen DDG-92
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John Enjoys Working Out Aboard The
Navy Ship, USS Momsen DDG-92.


[ BodySpaceAdmin ] Where are you from, and how long have you been working out?

    john22perry: I'm from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and I have been lifting ever since high school, but never like I'm doing now.

[ BSA ] What caused your recent increase in training intensity? And do you train at a particular gym or at home?

    john22perry: Well, I kinda got the bug right before I had to go on my 6 month deployment this year. I train on my ship, the USS Momsen DDG-92, and the base, and at home on my Bowflex.

[ BSA ] Do you have a training partner?

    john22perry: Yeah, I do - one of my friends on the ship. He is going to make a BodySpace profile soon, as well.

[ BSA ] Why Do You Like BodySpace So Much?

    john22perry: It's really cool 'cause I get to talk to people just like me with the same goals, get advice from them, and also give advice back.

What's Your Goal? What Is Your Goal?

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[ BSA ] Your profile mentions that you want to become one of the best personal trainers in the world. Are you already a personal trainer, or is this a goal?

    john22perry: No, not yet. I'm taking a course online to become a personal trainer as soon as I get out of the Navy. I love helping people lose weight or gain muscle!

[ BSA ] You also say on your profile that your wife is a great inspiration for you and works out, too. Does she also have a BodySpace profile?

    john22perry: My wife does not have one yet, but she wants to get one, but she does not want to make hers until she gets tighter or ripped first. LOL. She has come a long way, though - she used to be a size 12, and now she is a size 6 - just from working out with me!

    Update: John's wife, Jamie, now has a BodySpace profile!

[ BSA ] Wow - tell her "Congratulations!"

    john22perry: I will, thank you. She lost most of that within a nine-month time period, too - crazy!

John Perry John Perry
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Wow, Strong Love!

[ BSA ] Tell us about training onboard your ship - any funny stories or anything you particularly like about it?

    john22perry: Well, I like working out on my ship only when there are not that many other people working out 'cause it's too small. I guess I like my own gym - when I'm there I run it!! LOL.

[ BSA ] On your profile, you list 17 supplements that you're currently taking. Wow! How do you choke them all down?

    john22perry: I take my time, but somehow I get them all down. LOL.

[ BSA ] In their prime, who do you think would win a posedown round: Shawn Ray, or Ken Wheeler?

    john22perry: Ken ("Flex") Wheeler. Flex Wheeler was the first bodybuilder that brought me to the world of bodybuilding.

"...and soon the whole ship was
ordering stuff off the store side. It was crazy -
everyday we would have tons of boxes

[ BSA ] Phil Heath or Johnnie O. Jackson?

    john22perry: I really like Johnnie, but I think Phil has the body that people love, but Johnnie has the mass - which Phil Heath needs.

[ BSA ] Dexter Jackson or Shawn Ray?

    john22perry: This is a hard one, but I would say Shawn Ray - he was just so cut back then, with good mass.

Dexter Jackson Shawn Ray
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Dexter Jackson vs. Shawn Ray:
Who Would've Won?

[ BSA ] If you were stranded on a deserted island with only one supplement, what would it be?

    john22perry: Protein - that's all I would need.

[ BSA ] Do you know when/what your first competition will be?

    john22perry: I'm not sure yet, because I'm still active in the Navy, but I'm trying to get in one in the next six months.

[ BSA ] For those of us not in the U.S. Armed Forces, are there any military-sponsored bodybuilding competitions at all?

    john22perry: I think there are some, but I don't have any info on them yet.

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[ BSA ] One of your photo gallery pics shows a sweet lookin' tattoo on your upper arm. What's it of, and is there a story behind it?

    john22perry: It's a cross with a vine wrapped around it. It just always reminds me of my faith in the Lord. My tattoo just reminds me to stay on the right path.

[ BSA ] How did you first hear about and BodySpace?

    john22perry: I first heard about it from someone on my ship on our deployment, and soon the whole ship was ordering stuff off the store side. It was crazy - everyday we would have tons of boxes from

[ BSA ] Nice! Any final comments or anything else you want to tell people (your fans!)?

    john22perry: The only thing I would say is to have faith in yourself, and don't be afraid to be yourself. There are a lot of people who hate on bodybuilders for whatever reason, but if you love it, don't worry about what other people think. Oh, and stay tuned - I'm gonna add new pics on my profile each week and some videos of me training, as well.

John Perry John Perry
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Protein Is All I Would Need.

[ BSA ] Thank you, John, for your time and your outstanding profile on BodySpace! I hope you'll get a ton of hits and positive feedback because of this feature. Best of luck on your goals! And don't forget to tell all your shipmates about BodySpace, too! =)

    john22perry: Thank you very much. I'm just glad there is a BodySpace out there for me to use! I think my whole ship knows about you guys already! LOL.

John's Stats

Body Stats:
Height: 5'10.0" (1.78 m) Waist:
Weight: 186 lb (84.5 kg) Thighs:
Bodyfat: Calves:
Chest: 40" (101.60 cm) Forearms:
Arms: 17" (43.18 cm) Shoulders:
Hips: Neck:

Lifting Stats:
Bench Press: 305 lb (138.6 kg) Bicep Curl: 100 lb (45.5 kg)
Squat: 395 lb (179.5 kg) Barbell Rows: 135 lb (61.4 kg)
Deadlift: 315 lb (143.2 kg) Overhead Press: 100 lb (45.5 kg)

John's Favorites

Healthy Foods:
Workout Music:
  • Hip-Hop

John Perry John Perry
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John Has Over 40 Photos
In His Photo Gallery!

Profile Snapshot

As of Monday, November 27, 2006 at 2:34 p.m. MST, John's profile offers up the following numbers:

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