7 Reasons You Need A New Training Partner

In a perfect world, your training partner would be supportive, knowledgeable, motivational, and available whenever and wherever needed. Luckily, such help exists. Welcome to BodySpace, your guide to a better body.

Article Summary:
  • Bodyspace has over 600,000 members from all over the world.
  • There are many ways to keep track of your progress thanks to Bodyspace.
  • Bodyspace can also provide all the motivation you need to be your best.


7 Reasons You Need A New Training Partner


Have you been looking for a partner? Have you been looking for that missing link to you and success with your bodybuilding and fitness goals? Wouldn't it be awesome to have that constant source of information when you are in doubt or motivation when you are lacking self confidence or drive to push it to the max in the gym?

Your partner is waiting at the click of a mouse. If you don't have a Bodyspace account yet then you need one and the quicker you get started the better.

What Is Bodyspace?

Bodyspace is the buffest and strongest social network going in the world today. It is Bodybuilding.com's online community that has over 600,000 members from all over the world pushing and inspiring each other to achieve their goals and setting new ones. There are so many ways to keep track of your progress and watch others do the same.

Check out all the great ways to keep fit, have fun, and make friends with Bodyspace.

Setting Up Your Profile

It is really easy to set up your FREE Bodyspace account. Go to bodyspace.bodybuilding.com and follow the three easy steps and you are officially a member of the strongest network online. Once you go to your profile just set up your information and your goals.

Next you can set up all of your stats so you can start monitoring your progress and watch yourself get stronger week after week. This means you don't have to take that notebook to the gym with you anymore.

Also on your profile you can set up all of your favorite workouts, videos, music, and so much more. You can even post your favorite Bodybuilding.com articles so when you want to read them and get that written kick in the butt, they are right there waiting for you. No more searching and wasting time.

All of your favorite forms of motivation are right there.

Next you can check in on the Bodyanswers section. This is kind of like an interview to get to know you better. You can answer whichever questions you like so people that are looking at your profile can get to know you better.


The Bodyblog is where you can post all of your nutrition, training, and other information you want to share with the world. Some folks use it as a log and others use it as an online diary.

Whatever you want to write about, go for it. You are the boss of your Bodyblog. If you see someone else's blog you like to read you can subscribe to it and get updated when a new entry is made.

Maybe you are a good writer and someone enjoys your entries. They can subscribe to you. Your Bodyblog can be a very important part of your account as it can be a constant source of motivation for yourself and others. If others read and want to share their opinions on your topic they can comment on your entry.

You can do the same thing if you find an interesting entry that you would like to share your thoughts about.

Proper Form Is Key to Success

Yes, it's true. I know I started without a trainer and still do not have a trainer, but I probably put in quite a few hours extra just to get my form down right.

Numerous late nights in the gym so no one could see me make my mistakes.

Lots of putting my hand on the muscle I wanted to work to make sure it was contracting right where I wanted it to.

Proper Form Is Key to Success


Ok. I know it is a big step but posting photos for the world to see is a big step you should make to achieve your goals.

Knowing your photos are on your account and you can see them every day will make you want to improve that image and once you post the after photos, you can literally see how far you have come.

Seeing those photos will get you comments from many people as they love seeing someone improving and are not shy about giving praise.

Progress And Goals

Updating your progress and goals regularly also will serve as motivation for you. You can change your goals once you achieve them so you keep that drive alive. There is also the Fit Status that acts like a Bodyspace Twitter and you can update this as often as you want as long as it is less than 140 characters.

You can also post your daily routines with your Workout Tracker. Each exercise, set, rep, and weight used can be entered daily so you know how much stronger you are this month from last month.

It doesn't stop there. You can keep track of certain lifts and post your improvements on your profile so your friends can see you improved your bench by ten pounds or put twenty pounds on your squat.

Seeing those lines go up will psych you up next time you train.

Yes there is even more. There is a motivation level that goes from 1-10 and you can share how you are feeling at that moment. If it is low, your friends will start sending you messages to help you feel better and get motivated again. If it is high, they will see what you are doing and get more motivated themselves.

Everybody involved wins.

Check Out The Latest Progress Pictures From Aquamanx241, 2usjnj, and Khalrhaego Check Out The Latest Progress Pictures From Aquamanx241, 2usjnj, and Khalrhaego Check Out The Latest Progress Pictures From Aquamanx241, 2usjnj, and Khalrhaego
+ Click To Enlarge.
Check Out The Latest Progress Pictures From
Aquamanx241, 2usjnj, and Khalrhaego.

Making Friends

Now that we have covered what you can do on your Bodyspace to push yourself, let's talk about finding your motivational partners to push you. First, you can add friends by joining their "Fan Club".

This is simply a friend request to someone you know or someone you would like to get to know better. Likewise if they want to know you better they can join your Fan Club also. You can also comment on profiles and send private messages to each other to keep in touch.

If you have a lot of friends and it starts getting difficult to keep up with everyone, then you can go to your dashboard and see when your friends have posted updates and you can comment and check out what you like. Once you start getting more known this is a much easier way to see how everybody is doing.

Once You Start Getting More Known This Is A Much Easier Way To See How Everybody Is Doing
+ Click To Enlarge.
Once You Start Getting More Known This Is A Much
Easier Way To See How Everybody Is Doing.


These are fun to be a part of. You can join up to seven BodyGroups and be a part of a smaller circle of athletes with the same goals as you. There are Bodygroups that range from fat loss to muscle building to complete transformation to motivation and all points in between.

You can either find them yourself of friends can find you and send you an invite. As you get more involved you can eventually form your own group and invite friends to join yours. Knowing members of your group are supporting you can be a big motivating factor in between sets.

Members That Inspire You

This is a big source of inspiration in two ways. First you can find those members of Bodyspace that inspire you and announce it by adding them as a "Member That Inspires You". You can add up to 10 members to this list and anytime you need inspired you can check out that person's profile and get all the motivation you would ever need.

Second, if you are keeping your Bodyspace account updated regularly there is a good chance someone is going to join and see your profile as a source of motivation and he or she will add YOU as a member that inspires him or her. How cool is that? Someone is literally telling the world you inspire them.

If that doesn't make you work harder to achieve your goals then nothing will.

Thenaturalone, ChickenTuna, and xNick Edgex Are All Inspirational Members On BodySpace Thenaturalone, ChickenTuna, and xNick Edgex Are All Inspirational Members On BodySpace Thenaturalone, ChickenTuna, and xNick Edgex Are All Inspirational Members On BodySpace
+ Click To Enlarge.
Thenaturalone, ChickenTuna, and xNick Edgex Are
All Inspirational Members On BodySpace.

Supplement Reviews

Want to know what works and what doesn't? Are you unsure about what you need to take to boost your performance? Bodyspace has got you covered there too.

You can check out your friends' profiles and see what they think about certain products and which ones they are currently taking. This can save you a lot of time and help you decide what you need so you can get it from the Bodybuilding.com store.

Of course this works the other way too.

Do you want to share your thoughts on products with everyone and let them know what works and what doesn't? You can share your opinions also and rate products on a scale of 1-10. You can also post which products you are currently taking and give your insights on how great they are.

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There you have it. Who needs one training partner when you can have thousands of them ready to push you to that next level of success and be inspired when you get there? From blogging to networking to inspiring, there is nothing like Bodyspace to help you meet all of your goals and become a part of the bodybuilding and fitness world.

Bodyspace has even helped people break into the industry and become famous. Could you be the next person to become a fitness start? There is only one way to find out. Join Bodyspace now!

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