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2004 Body Rock Info.

2004 Body Rock Info.


    GrandMasters Men:

    1. Lenn Wolf

    Masters Men:

    1. Skip Robinson

    Women's Fitness:

    1. Jessica Rohm
    2. Alissa Carpio

    Open Women:

    1. Light: Laura Phelps
    2. Mid: Dawn Muth
    3. Heavy: Stella Krupinski

    Open Men:

    1. Bantam: Scott Shimko
    2. Light: Richard Siegelman
    3. Mid: Sammy Segarra
    4. LightHeavy: Rob Kreider
    5. Heavy: Curtis Bryant
    6. SuperHeavy: Cyp Wilfred


    1. Tina Bloomfield
    2. Angie Picarello
    3. Jamie Fisher
    4. Ali Metkovich

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Info on the 2004 Body Rock?

    GNC BodyRock is quite simply one of the most exciting things to ever happen to amateur bodybuilding in the U.S. today. BodyRock is the one event that captures the excitement and electricity of professional bodybuilding and fitness right in your own backyard.

    For the fifth consecutive year The BodyRock will be held at George Mason University's Center for The Arts Concert Hall in Fairfax, VA. The featured performer is 6-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, with special appearances by Darrem Charles, Adela Garcia-Friedmansky, Jen Hendershott and Gayle Moher.

    BodyRock is four incredible events jam packed into one day of sheer health and fitness enjoyment. Bodybuilding fans will witness the NPC BodyRock Bodybuilding Championships where many of the nation's top male and female bodybuilders compete for national qualification just two weeks out from the NPC U.S.A. Championships.

    If you like your ladies with a little less muscle, then The NPC Monica Brant Fitness Classic is for you. And talk about athleticism. Wait until you see their incredible fitness routines, inspired by today's top pros, like Kelly Ryan and Jenny Worth. These ladies come up with original ideas that will simply blow you away.

    Let's say you love the look of the fitness but can't get into fast paced routines then The NPC BodyRock Figure Championships is just what the doctor ordered. You'll see the same taut and toned physiques but this time you'll have more time to savor the incredible bodies which they have created through carefully planned exercise and diet regimens.

    The GNC BodyRock Health and Fitness Expo has been given the name "The Mini Arnold" after the world's most incredible event, The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and Expo. The Health and Fitness Expo features over 50 sponsors and exhibitors all eager to share their fantastic products and services with you.

    You'll browse two floors of exhibits from industry leaders like GNC, Gold's Gym, MRM, Met-Rx, Twinlab, Gaspari Nutrition, Flex Magazine, Jan Tana, EAS, Universal Nutrition and many more. The expo also features the interactive stage where you can participate in contests and win great prizes from our sponsors.

    You'll also witness incredible fitness related entertainment as well... martial arts, hip-hop and more.

    Save some energy for the Finals where you'll learn who will go home with top honors in all of the contests and see one-of-a-kind performances from our IFBB Superstars guest posers yet to be announced. As always the stage comes alive with an amazing light show and a sound system that has no equal.

    This year our hosts will be IFBB Pro Bob Cicherillo and Fitness Diva Brenda Kelly courtesy of

    Get ready for BodyRock 2004!

    For more info, click here: 2004 Body Rock Information.

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