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Kris Gethin's 2009 Weekly BodyGroup Highlights - Part 4.

I have decided to highlight some of the most personally satisfying comments left by our 2009 Transformation BodyGroup. I am sure our BodyGroup will have the most unbelievable results, and in the process transform their lives.

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In this week's article I want to highlight something motivational but informative.

I have been chiming in to the 2009 Transformation BodyGroup secretly waiting and expecting someone to cry that the program is too hard, the diet is too restrictive and their cravings are out of control. I have yet to see this comment.

The 2009 Transformation Group The 2009 Transformation Group
We all want to transform our bodies and feel better about ourselves. By joining this group you should be prepared to be motivated by others. We are the contagious group of motivators! In 12 weeks we will all have defined abs and bulging biceps. Where will you be? You cant beat us so you might as well join us.
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I am sure that the combination of nutrients and supplements I have recommended has had a positive impact on our BodyGroups sense of mental stability, which is sometimes a fear of a dieter. I like to include some good fats in a diet to help prevent craving and possible collapse of the person's wellbeing, and in turn, their transformation. But I am positive that our group's support of each other has had just a supportive effect.

What Are BodyGroups?
Bodygroups are a great online support system. Don't try to do it all alone! Want to achieve success, reach a goal, stay motivated and have other fitness enthusiasts keep you accountable? Then BodyGroups is the best tool for you!

As our BodyGroup continues to grow, so does the list of comments that I have highlighted below. I will cut this article a little shorter this week so you can read just a handful of the positive and supportive comments below.

2009 Transformation Group Highlights

BENK: GOAL: "Reach 205Lbs, then re-access. "
Benk Benk
BodyGroup Comment:
Hey everyone, I just started this about 2 weeks ago, I did week 1 twice, and now am starting week 2. I've already lost about 12 or so lbs. Hitman87, when you are entering an exercise click the 'Want to use your own Excercise name? Click here' link, and just add whatever you want to call your cardio workout.
Benk's Weight
Benk's Weight.
HAWK4176: GOAL: "Chisel body, add mass after shred stage."
Hawk4176 Hawk4176
BodyGroup Comment:
Kris, I just wanted to say TY, I've ended my 3 weeks of transformation feeling great, woke up and stepped on the scale and hit 265.8, lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks, I've followed every step you have given strictly and its paying off, I appreciate everything you do for us here, again just wanted to say thanks.
Hawk4176's Weight.
Hawk4176's Weight.
BENYOUNG14: GOAL: "benyoung14 has not set a Goal ."
benyoung14 benyoung14
BodyGroup Comment:
This is my fourth week and I'm down 10lbs!!! I've been doing this off and on for 10 years, and let me tell you it's nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. I've always had trouble cutting, but this time it's not so bad. For the longest time I didn't focus on nutrition or do cardio because of a disability. Everything is falling off after I was able to implement the whole package. Thanks Kris.
benyoung14's Weight
benyoung14's Weight.
HOOSIERBOY77: GOAL: "Time to get busy!!!"
HoosierBoy77 HoosierBoy77
BodyGroup Comment:
Hey, I started wk 4. I had to pause for a week b/c of a stomach virus (what fun lol). To date I have lost 10 lbs and LOVE the workouts. I still need to clean up my diet, b/c the diet is holding me back (damn fast food). Any suggestions would be great. Thanks and I'll post again Saturday.
HoosierBoy77's Weight
HoosierBoy77's Weight.
BELLADONNA007: GOAL: "I want to gain muscle!!"
Belladonna007 Belladonna007
BodyGroup Comment:
Hey everyone!! Finished week 5 yesterday and posted some progress pics. It may not be that noticable to everyone, but my abs are a lot firmer!! My husband thinks I "look skinny!!" He also comments on my "guns"... lol. He's jealous my arms are getting more cut than his ;-) I am trying to step up the cardio to EVERYDAY!! I have been doing about 5 days. I have 3 weeks til we leave for palm springs which means bikini. I am motivated!
Belladonna007's Weight
Belladonna007's Weight.
JOCKYJOHN: GOAL: "Reach my health, fitness and appearance goals!"
jockyjohn jockyjohn
BodyGroup Comment:
Kris, I believe that you can gain muscle while losing fat, that is exactly what is happening to me. I am seeing my shoulders mound up, my chest is getting rock hard, triceps are coming alive and my waist is getting smaller. I still have a ways to go. I have went back two holes in my belt, people are commenting on my appearance and it is all because of this program and group. I feel the fat weight I have lost is being replaced by muscle, Thanks.
jockyjohn's Weight
jockyjohn's Weight.
MODOG814: GOAL: "I want to drop my weight to around 205lbs by May."
Modog814 Modog814
BodyGroup Comment:
Thanks Kris for the program. I'm down about 8 pounds so far through almost 6 weeks and see my physique changing. Quick question, are you planning on doing a show or suggesting what we should do once the 12 weeks are up? The program is great with everything spelled out for us and I'd hate to see people slide back into their old ways once the 12 weeks are up because they're unsure of where to go next. Thanks.
Modog814 's Weight
Modog814 's Weight.
TRAVIESA: GOAL: "My goal is to see definition all over my body."
traviesa traviesa
BodyGroup Comment:
I am very excited! I have been stuck at 170 for a long time and with all the ups and downs that my weight does..I listened and started being true to my cardio and weighed in Friday the 13th at 158.5...I havent seen that in over 14 years!! I LOVE this program.
traviesa 's Weight
traviesa 's Weight.
MSTYPEACE: GOAL: "My fitness goal is to be in Figure Competition shape in a year."
mstypeace mstypeace
BodyGroup Comment:
Good morning everyone! Just checking in.... I trust that everyone had a good Valentines Day Week weekend. I have had some weight loss of the weekend. I can account that to cardio. I changed to doing cardio in the mornings and weights in the evening(if I don't have time to get it in in the mornings).
mstypeace's Weight
mstypeace's Weight.
FIT2BE40 : GOAL: "Hope to clean out my system for better food ingestion."
fit2be40 fit2be40
BodyGroup Comment:
To answer Panthersfan87 - I found the best way to burn fat efficiently is to do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach 30-45 minutes/ stay 70-80% of your max heart rate (220 minus your age). Another time to burn is immediately after weight training but this session limit to only 20-30 minutes max. Hope this helps, good luck!
fit2be40's Weight
fit2be40's Weight.

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