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Kris Gethin's 2009 Weekly BodyGroup Highlights - Part 3.

I have decided to highlight some of the most personally satisfying comments left by our 2009 Transformation BodyGroup. I am sure our BodyGroup will have the most unbelievable results, and in the process transform their lives.

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I am proud to report that our 2009 Transformation BodyGroup has reached over 400 people. It's awesome to think that this BodyGroup has only been going for less than two months now and so many people are joining us through word of mouth.

I believe the 2009 Transformation BodyGroup is so viral due to the fact that our members are committed to give as well as receive. The positive comments just make me want to log on, tune in and read whilst munching on a protein pancake in the morning. To me, it has become the daily news. It places a much bigger smile on my face than the world's headlines that's for sure.

The 2009 Transformation Group The 2009 Transformation Group
We all want to transform our bodies and feel better about ourselves. By joining this group you should be prepared to be motivated by others. We are the contagious group of motivators! In 12 weeks we will all have defined abs and bulging biceps. Where will you be? You cant beat us so you might as well join us.
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I have watched so many great members contribute and comment as of recent. I have found it hard to narrow my published highlights down to four, hence the reason that you will find six this week. Some have lost fat, others have gained strength whilst many have experienced more motivation just being held accountable by being part of a group. Either way, they are all what makes this group friendly, viral and motivational.

What Are BodyGroups?
Bodygroups are a great online support system. Don't try to do it all alone! Want to achieve success, reach a goal, stay motivated and have other fitness enthusiasts keep you accountable? Then BodyGroups is the best tool for you!

Next week I hope to report from a pick of 500 members. You can't beat us, so join us.

2009 Transformation Group Highlights

FIREFIGHTER: GOAL: "I want to lose 75 lb."
Firefighter337 Firefighter337
BodyGroup Comment:
I lost around 22 lbs so far and 3% body fat all in 30 days. I have never made this much positive progress in my life, including when I wrestled and played ball in high school. Weight scale has dropped every day so far with no plateaus so far. Thanks for your education. You put everything into simple terms. From you I have learned it is an extremely easy process as long as you stay on track. Thanks again.
Firefighter337's Weight
Firefighter337's Weight.
TRANSFORM2009: GOAL: "Learn more about diet and supplementation."
transform2009 transform2009
BodyGroup Comment:
Well Ladies and Gents started 2nd week today and Holy crap I lost 7.5 Pound last week. It is clearly the cardio and the clean eating - no cheats at all.
transform2009's Weight.
transform2009's Weight.
JOCKYJOHN: GOAL: "I want to look good in my senior years."
jockyjohn jockyjohn
BodyGroup Comment:
Ok. Did our program yesterday and was able to go up to 40 lbs on the flys, up from 20 when we started. It may not be much but it is increase. I think I can up that the next time. My work schedule causes me to do my cardio right after my workout, I did my workout and then 40 minutes on the treadmill at 4.2, I ended up at 2.7 miles for the 40 minutes. I bet Kris has us up to an hr before we finish.
jockyjohn's Weight
jockyjohn's Weight.
FIT2BE40: GOAL: "Hope to clean out my system for better food ingestion."
fit2be40 fit2be40
BodyGroup Comment:
Just reading everyone's goals is motivating me to get back on fish & veggies to see more cuts. Hope I can make it through the next few weeks.
fit2be40's Weight
fit2be40's Weight.
TRAVIESA: GOAL: "My goal is to see definition all over my body."
traviesa traviesa
BodyGroup Comment:
LiLgreek, thank you so much for taking the time to look and notice my transformation thus far. I am very excited. I guess with the new cardio everyday, I will transform a little quicker. LOL. I have been doing HIIT and track sprints too, its kind of fun. On a side note, the Hack Squats are increasing my booty!! I love you for that Kris. Thanks for the kick about cardio.
traviesa's Weight
traviesa's Weight.
PANTHERSFAN87: GOAL: "To gain muscle mass and lose bodyfat."
Panthersfan87 Panthersfan87
BodyGroup Comment:
I just want to let everyone know something: This week I've gotten compliments from a few of my friends down here at FSU and even a few people asked me if I had been lifting. With a beaming smile I said, "Yes. Thanks for noticing." Thank you all! People are seeing the changes and I couldn't have done it without this group!
Panthersfan87's Weight
Panthersfan87's Weight.

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