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Kris Gethin's 2009 Weekly BodyGroup Highlights.

I have decided to highlight some of the most personally satisfying comments left by our 2009 Transformation BodyGroup. I am sure our BodyGroup will have the most unbelievable results, and in the process transform their lives.

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I have dieted many times in the past and the journey has always seemed the same: must eat meal, remember to do cardio, drink a gallon of water, train harder and never cheat.

In all, the journey was automatic, later forgotten. The destination brought pleasure and was always remembered. Not once did I think it could be enjoyable and something I would want to savior like a fine wine... until now.

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Kris Gethin Made An Amazing Transformation.
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Daily Video Trainer

If you have been following our Daily Video Trainer and/or our extensive 12 week program - 12 Weeks to Your Future Physique, I hope you have been experiencing great results. In the past I have only heard of people's results as a result of me personally training them, via emails or by word of mouth... that is, until now.

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Every day for the next 12 weeks, you get your own personal time, one-on-one, to learn everything you need to know about nutrition, setting goals, tracking results, lifting weights, and more!

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We have created an online group for people that are following our transformation - 2009 Transformation BodyGroup. The reason behind this is to encourage people to share their experiences, their frustrations, gain support, ask questions... and answer others.

What Are BodyGroups?
Bodygroups are a great online support system. Don't try to do it all alone! Want to achieve success, reach a goal, stay motivated and have other fitness enthusiasts keep you accountable? Then BodyGroups is the best tool for you!

After one week of our Daily Video Trainer series, I am so touched to see and hear of people's progress, especially considering the short period of time. This makes my diet, and I am sure others, much more enjoyable to know that we aren't alone and the journey should be as much enjoyed, experienced and remembered as our destiny.

I have decided to highlight some of the most personally satisfying comments left by our 2009 Transformation BodyGroup. When I looked at the four BodyGroup members below, I was delighted to see that they have lost a combined total of 25 lbs... in one week! I am sure our BodyGroup will have the most unbelievable results, and in the process transform their lives. Think about that for a minute; we are experiencing people's lives changing... for the better.

The 2009 Transformation Group The 2009 Transformation Group
We all want to transform our bodies and feel better about ourselves. By joining this group you should be prepared to be motivated by others. We are the contagious group of motivators! In 12 weeks we will all have defined abs and bulging biceps. Where will you be? You cant beat us so you might as well join us.
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Remember, I have trained hundreds of people from around the world, and although much of our focus was burning body fat, a lot was also to build muscle. I'm a competitive Pro bodybuilder, so I am more than aware that building muscle is at the forefront of most people's minds. If your goal is to build muscle, burn fat, or both, this is the program for you. Regardless of your transformation being mental or physical, you are inspiring others, and I will be honored to highlight your comments in my next article.

"Every Member Of This Group Committed To..."
"Everyone that joins my BodyGroup must be committed to helping all the members reach their goals, staying motivated, and holding each other accountable. By doing this we will tranform our physique in only 12 weeks."

By following this transformation you will feel better, have more energy, and build shapely toned muscle and burn fat to expose your long lost six packs for the summer. To my featured BodyGroup members below, we are very proud and look forward to see your transformations. To the rest of the BodyGroup, I hope to feature you in my next article as there are so many awesome transformations in progress.

2009 Transformation Group Highlights

ROCKINRO: GOAL: "Want To Look Outside How I Feel Inside!"
rockinro rockinro
BodyGroup Comment:
I weighed myself this morning and I'm down 5.5 lbs!
I'm on my way to a good start!
rockinro's Weight.
TJONES02: GOAL: "Lose At Least 2 lbs Per Week."
tjones02 tjones02
BodyGroup Comment:
Dude, I'm so stoked...I've done the work outs and have been eating so healthy and guess what... weight 161lbs last Monday and now wait for it...157lbs. I know its just water, but it still feels so good! 11 more weeks! This program is so awesome to have, one for free and two it's a video so you can see it then write it down and do it. I can't wait!!!! Thank you so much for taking your time to do this!!!!
tjones02's Weight.
PHATERIK: GOAL: "To Eat Healthy And Excercise Today."
PHATerik PHATerik
BodyGroup Comment:
I started cardio and eating right last week, but I'm a week late on my weight training. So we can do this together! I ate like a champ last week EVERYDAY and worked on my cardio. I'm down 10 lbs since last Saturday and feel GREAT! Can't wait to get started on the weights. I'm switching to a Wed/Fri/Sun routine to fit with the family and work schedule. Cardio every day at 5 AM though.
PHATerik's Weight.
LOKAZ_01: GOAL: "Gain Muscle And Lose The Fat."
LoKaZ_01 LoKaZ_01
BodyGroup Comment:
I'm so stoked, just started week 2 today and I'm already down a little over 5 lbs. man I was like starring at the scale like I think it's broken so I headed over to another one and sure enough it was correct. The rest of the day I couldn't help but have a smile on my face.
LoKaZ_01's Weight.

Good luck and enjoy the journey.

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