BodyGroup Of The Month: Military Muscle

No value can be placed on vital support from your community, colleagues and family. Nothing can overpower a group united by core values.

Group Profile: Military Muscle
Owners: SuperMaine
Date Founded: 10950 Sherman Way Suite #160 Burbank, CA 91505
# Of Members: 975 (as of July 25, 2012)

Military service men and women rely on one another through dangerous and often deadly situations. The weight room is a far cry from the battlefield, but some of those same values implemented among units against aggression translate to training.

The togetherness and loyalty of the armed forces is second-to-none. On BodySpace, the Military Muscle group has been proving for years that with proper motivation and support, all its members can achieve terrific physiques.

This group is for members from all branches of the military oak, active, reserve and retired. See how they fought for their country, and now, for each other. We are proud to honor Military Muscle, as this month's BodyGroup of the Month!

Group Description

All branches All military! If you're in the service or were in the service! Join up!

Group Commitment

"Every member of this group committed to ... serve this country with pride, and protect it with muscle!

Q & A with SuperMaine

What is your BodyGroup about and who are the members?

Military Muscle is a group of people who have the same goal: Overall Fitness!

To tighten that core and share your ideas with people asking the same question: How do I reach my goal and get abs!?

Everyone has that same question. The members of Military Muscle are fitness nuts, busting their backs in the gym every day.

They have what it takes to reach the next level. Nothing worth having is easily achieved.

You must kill yourself in the gym every day to achieve your goals. It's not going to get handed to you; you have to take it!

Why did the founder start the group?

Every person has their own success story and I think those stories are valuable to share with others who are trying to reach the same level of fitness. Everyone has the question: how do I get abs?

Well, the answer is: this group! Ask anyone, we will tell you the truth regardless if it's what you want to hear. PAIN. You must push yourself beyond the level of pain and failure to achieve your goals.

If you're not giving it 100% in the gym, you're wasting your time!

What have your results been with starting the group?

I have helped and trained more than 570 people from this group to achieve their goals, and now they are helping others, sharing their knowledge.

How do your members use the BodyGroup feature?

All you have to do is sign up with BodySpace and create a profile. Go to BodyGroups and find Military Muscle, click join group. That's all! Then post your questions, ask ask ask ask!

The information is there, go out and find it, it will not be sent to you in an email from an anonymous person. You must go and find it, this is where!

Who are some of your notable members?
How would you explain the attitude needed in your group, to a new member?

You must be willing and able to give 100% in the gym and leave it all in the gym. You must not be OK with "OK," you must want that extra! You must love to train and share your secrets of success with others.

Helping others become what they dream is the goal. If everyone in the BodyGroup helps just one person, that would be more than 1,000 people the team has directly affected.

How has motivating other BodySpace users given you the ability to push yourself to new levels?

Motivating is my thing; it's what I do. I'm constantly saying catch phrases trying to motivate and "preach." I'm a preacher in the gym.

It's my passion, my love, my joy in life!

What would you tell someone who is contemplating making a commitment to joining your group, to motivate them to make the commitment?

If you are ready to drop the B.S, ready to buckle down and give it 110%, ready to dig deep down inside yourself and push past the point of pain, past the point of failure to achieve the body you want, then you need to join the team.

No more wasting time in the gym, no more half workouts, no more 'I can'ts' … from now on you see the path that lies before you. You walk that path to success; you're on your way!

How do you think the group mentality applies to your personal life and how has it helped?

My mentality in the gym directly reflects who I am at home with my family. What makes you think you can succeed in the world?

If you accept the fact that you can't do it, that it's too hard, that the pain is too much … then you will fail in life, you will always think it's too hard, that it hurts too much.

Life is hard, nothing in life is easy, nothing worth having is easily achieved.

I never give up, I push through the obstacles and pain and succeed in everything I do and I teach my kids the same. Never say it is too hard.

The difficult we do at once...The impossible takes a bit longer! Never forget that!

Why join your group as opposed to other transformation groups?

This is not just a group of fit people; we are a team. We work together to help others achieve their goals. We have spread from to BodySpace to Facebook. We are helping others and creating more and more motivators!



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How do you feel, is the best way to motivate others within the confines of the group page?

I am just like you! I'm the everyday Military man struggling like you in life, struggling in the economy, struggling in the gym. We are the same. We can accomplish the same thing once we put our mindset where it needs to be. I'm not some rich model getting paid to teach and getting paid to help.

I am the average man who became something more through self-dedication and motivation while using the right knowledge. Anyone can achieve greatness, regardless of genetics, gender, obstacles, budget, time, work. If you think there is something holding you back, it's just in your mind!

That is the only thing holding you back. Any obstacle can be moved, anything in your way can be overrun! How bad do you want it?!