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When Melis won the Employee Transformation Challenge, he won a trip to watch the Olympia. If he keeps lifting, he may stand on that stage someday.

A host of changes have come to in the past few years. Unfettered growth is a beautiful thing to watch, but are there growing pains? If there are, Melis Kostjerevac hasn't seemed to notice.

He started work in customer service, but like the company, his position has changed. He now works in Digital Publishing, coordinating advertising operations. He started, physically, by playing soccer and lifting, but now he has full-blown aspirations to become a pro bodybuilder. For Melis, life just keeps getting better at, with its free trainers, its improving BodySpace, its main-floor gym, and its growing presence on the worldwide web.

What is your position at How long have you worked here?

I'm currently the advertising operations coordinator at I've been working in this position for a little less than a year. I plan on staying in the Digital Publishing Department until I retire! I've been with since March of 2011. I started as a customer service rep, and then became customer service supervisor, and then moved on to my current role. We have a very strong team, which I look forward to being a part of for many years.

What was your workout/fitness/nutrition level before working at

I've played soccer since I could walk. I played many sports growing up but never really took it seriously in my mind until I started bodybuilding. Nutrition is something that I didn't pay much attention to. Now, I look at nutrition as fuel, whereas before I would eat everything and anything.

Dude, you got so ripped for your recent competition. Did you lose any strength in that killer cut? How long does it take before you can get it back?

I think one of the biggest changes I see when I cut for a show is strength loss. Usually, I can get my strength back up within a few weeks after a show. I ended up losing 40 pounds for my recent shows. Obviously there will be some strength loss with that much of weight drop.

Do you really want to become a professional bodybuilder?

I would love to become a professional bodybuilder one day. Growing up, I always set goals for myself. This has always been a goal of mine; it gives me the ability to work for something that I want. I can push myself beyond limits when I have a long-term goal in mind. At the end of the day, it's all about health and fitness. As long as I feel healthy, it will help me with all aspects of life.

As the company changed over the years, do you find that you had to change with it? has honestly grown so much over the few years since I have been here. I started working here when I was pretty young. Adapting to change is something that I learned quickly. I feel that you have to be able to change with such a large company. For me, my goals have changed the most. I started off at young age, and I set goals for myself in my career. My career goals grew along with how much the company has grown since I started working here.

Do you ever struggle to put on muscle? Which techniques do you use to add mass?

Adding mass is something that I can easily do. However, keeping fat away at the same time is something that I struggle with. One of the biggest ways I have learned to put on muscle is really focusing on compound movements. I enjoy doing squats and deadlifts a couple times each week. Doing these compound movements has helped me grow all over. Most people don't like doing legs. Legs are my favorite body part. It's the foundation to your frame. I've seen some of my best mass gains since I've incorporated heavy squats and eating a surplus of calories.

"I enjoy doing squats and deadlifts a couple times each week. Doing these compound movements has helped me grow all over."

Are there any negatives to the company? If so, how would you change them?

Working at is a dream come true for me. I ended up finishing high school early just so I could focus on getting a job here. I have never had a day since I've worked here that I have looked at the clock waiting for the minutes to go by so I can go home. I don't think that there are any negatives. The way the culture has developed at is absolutely perfect. Everyone here is treated equal and it's amazing.

How did your collegiate experience prepare you for your position?

I think one of the biggest things that it has helped me with is time management. Ensuring that I complete all tasks on time and accuracy has made my job much easier.

"We commit to changing lives and becoming our best selves."

What do you think of the new Corporate Offices? Do you use the in-house gym?

The new corporate offices are amazing. The first thing you grab when you come into work is a barbell (the barbell is our doorknob). "We commit to changing lives and becoming our best selves." This is the first thing I see every day when I walk into the building. Working for a company that embraces your same mission in life makes everything easier.

Getting ready for this previous show, I used the gym often. I would do cardio before work and hit the weights after work. A few people thought I lived at the gym!

Have you inspired others with your new look and attitude?

Yes, I have. Having BodySpace you get to hear awesome feedback from people. I got a few messages from people after I completed my transformation talking about how much I inspired them. It's amazing what you can do with your body as long as you believe in yourself and utilize the free resources we have on our site.

What are your top 5 favorite songs to workout to?

  1. "Not Afraid" by Eminem
  2. "Drop the World" by Lil Wayne Ft Eminem
  3. "Ich Will" by Rammstein
  4. "Calling" by Ingrosso & Alesso
  5. "Alpha" by W&W

What types of activities do you enjoy outside of work, outside the weight room?

I love to go mountain biking. Living in Idaho we have a huge range of mountains. I love to go up into the mountains, just ride my bike, and enjoy some fun cardio!

What is your favorite feature on the website?

BodySpace is my favorite feature on I love sharing my experience in my fitness journey with other BodySpace users. It helps me stay motivated!

Do you think you can make a long-term career out of your position at

Yes, I definitely think I can. The Advertising Department at is growing fast and I think that I can be here for a very long time.

How did participating in the employee transformation challenge affect your life?

Yes, I did the employee transformation and won! I won an all-expense-paid trip to the Olympia. It was by far the best weekend of my life. Since I won this transformation I feel that it's helped me appreciate what people are capable of. When you set your mind to something, you can achieve anything. After previous shows, I would gain a tremendous amount of weight. I currently have stayed within 10 pounds of my stage weight and I tend to maintain a great functional physique.

When you set your mind to something, you can achieve anything.

Routines and Regimens

I've been following the Animal Hellraiser Trainer program.

I also do 20 minute HIIT sessions 4 times per week, usually of sprints or mountain biking. I follow the model of 90 seconds walk, 30 seconds sprint.

Day 1: HRT Shoulders & Arms
Hellcentric Rep Technique: A Hellcentric begins when the muscle is fully contracted and your partner begins to apply pressure. He or she applies the same amount of pressure through the partial rep and then all the way down through the full negative. At the bottom of the negative rep, your partner helps bring the weight back up. That ends one Hellcentric rep.

Day 2: HRT Legs

Day 3: Off

Day 4: HRT Chest & Triceps

Day 5: HRT Back, Traps, Delts, & Calves

Day 6 & 7: Off

HRT Animal Hellraiser Trainer PDF (2 MB)

HRT: Animal Hellraiser Trainer

12-week program that delivers insane muscle growth!

Intensity Level: Advanced
Main Goal: Muscle Building
Duration: 12 Weeks


Meal 1: 8 a.m.
Meal 2: 11 a.m.
Meal 3: 2 p.m.
Meal 4: 5 p.m.
Meal 5: 8 p.m.
Meal 6: 11 p.m.


Pre-Workout: 6 p.m.
With Meal 1: 8 a.m.
With Meal 2: 11 a.m.
With Meal 5: 8 p.m.
Meal 6: 11 p.m.
Throughout The Day & Intra-Workout