Fit Team Member Spotlight: Macy Egerman

Macy's goal is to improve her overall shape and strength. Her role at will help her get there!

Macy learned about hard training during her days as a college soccer player. When she began working at the world's largest fitness website, she found a thriving community of coworkers who lived the fit lifestyle in the office and out!

Now that she helps coordinate supplement branding in the's digital publishing department, even more doors are opening for Macy. She recently finished the employee transformation challenge and has opened her eyes to the world of competition. Take a moment to read about her experience at and learn why she is standing in this month's team member spotlight!


Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to work at

In February 2013 I started working as a customer service representative going by the name of MindSetMacy. Six months later I joined "Team Recon" a.k.a. the support team. Six months after that I was selected to join the digital publishing team as a brand media coordinator.

How did your soccer career at The the College of Idaho help develop as an athlete improve your physical performance? Do soccer skills carry over to bodybuilding?

College soccer is definitely a higher level of training than most. Overall it teaches your body how to endure different types of training. From two-a-day practices to indoor games and weekly lifting sessions, you're practically at your peak physical condition.

I think some soccer skills can carry over into bodybuilding in that almost everything you do in soccer is on one leg. If you are passing, shooting, or dribbling, you're constantly using stabilizers to balance just like you do when you lift free weights. It also gives you thunder thighs.

What did you learn from your tenure in customer service?

In customer service I learned how important and one-of-a-kind our company is. It's truly life-changing for the customers and employees. We can make differences in people's lives, just by giving advice, encouragement, or information. We can help make a better life for someone we don't even know.

Although I'm not directly working with customers anymore I plan to do my very best every day at work to help be successful. It may be a smaller role in comparison, but it's all for the customer.

What are your coworkers like?

My co-workers are unlike any other. I don't even know how to describe them. They are all so unique and different yet somehow make the best team. They have a great balance of business and fun. There are no bad days. We work hard and play hard.

To this day I have yet to find one negative about working here. How could I when there are so many exciting things happening? There is always something going on at to keep things fun and interactive.

We have barbecues, lifting sessions with athletes, ping pong tournaments, transformation challenges, vendor trainings, company parties, fitness expos, supplement giveaways, yoga classes, etc. This is the best place to work. It's refreshing and I love it here.

Do you feel your recent competition has made you stronger, as an athlete and person?

The transformation challenge definitely made me stronger as an athlete and person. This is the first time I have trained with a program that requires a level of discipline different from anything I've done before. It was challenging physically and, no doubt, mentally.

"Athleticism has always been essential, because I love being active and playing sports, and I'm super competitive."

What is more important to you: aesthetics, strength, or athleticism?

They are all important. I like to have aspects of all three. Athleticism has always been essential, because I love being active and playing sports, and I'm super competitive.

Strength is important in the sense that I like to know I can do something by myself if needed. Aesthetics is becoming more relevant to me now due to the fact that I'm thinking of competing in a show for the first time next year.

Have you had a chance to use the new corporate gym? Is it missing anything?

The corporate gym is easily my favorite place in the whole building. I love working out there every day after work. The gym really has everything I need. However I wouldn't be opposed to the addition of a lap pool, indoor basketball court for the winter months, or some soccer goals (hint hint).

But on a more serious note, I would love to see a "motivation wall" in the gym where anyone who comes and workouts could sign their name and an inspirational quote. I think it would be amazing to look up and see that type of support, especially if you were having a rough day.

"I'm not alone. So many people are working toward their goals. It inspires me to keep going."

Did someone from inspire you to reach your goals?

I wouldn't say there is a specific person who inspires me. It's really everyone who has anything to do with Being surrounded by the fitness industry all the time makes it easy. Whenever I'm having a rough day with my diet or workout, I can just look around and see that I'm not alone. There are so many people working toward their goals that it inspires me to keep going.

I wouldn't say everyone abides by the fitness lifestyle at, but I would say that everyone has made healthier choices since working here. Even if it is something as simple as drinking more water. The great thing is that there is no pressure and there's lots of support.

Do you think women are properly represented in the fitness world? What would you change?

There are so many different categories of women represented in the fitness world and I feel that no single group should be seen as the "proper" representation of a fitness woman.

That's the great thing about being a woman. We have the option to be anything we want and the only opinion that should matter is our own.

What types of activities do you enjoy outside of work, outside the weight room?

Where to start? In college I was an art major so I love anything crafty—painting, baking, drawing. I also love being outdoors, doing things like camping, biking, and long boarding.

The annual Team Member Transformation Challenge begins in January and ends in April. As our customers transform, we do too.

What is your favorite feature on the website?

Apart from the Women's Core Clothing section I would say the articles. There are always new pieces coming out with awesome information and pictures. I look at them every day, not just because it's my job, but to see what type of recipes or workouts I can try. Plus it doesn't hurt to come across a picture of Steve Cook every once in a while.

Have you participated in the employee transformation challenge? How did that experience affect your life?

I just finished my first transformation challenge. After college I wasn't sure what I would do in place of sports but this whole experience has shown me that training is something I have developed a passion for. It has made me want to take training to the next level.

"When you can relate to your customers, it's easier to understand and distinguish what people are looking for."