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Bodybuilding Makes You A Better Parent!

What makes a good parent? Someone who puts their family's needs in front of their own and is completely devoted to their children. However, many experts believe that this is exactly what you shouldn't do. Learn more.

Article Summary:
  • Taking time for yourself isn't necessarily negative, and can be positive.
  • Your example of healthy living will teach your children to live healthy.
  • Added energy from healthy living will definitely be useful as a parent.
  • Have you ever run into people you sort of recognize but you can't place where you know them from? When I go back home to visit my family I occasionally see people I knew in high school yet I never know who they are until they tell me their name and start reminiscing about "the good old days." Then I stand there in a daze, tuning out everything they are saying and just staring.

    Why do they look so much older than they are? How did they let themselves gain that much weight? They can't possibly wake up everyday and feel good about how they look. And, it isn't just the way they look that has me stopped in my tracks.

    Why Do They Look So Much Older Than They Are?
    + Click To Enlarge.
    Why Do They Look So Much
    Older Than They Are?

    I also wonder how they lead a full, energetic life and keep up with their small children. Sure, they spend every non-working moment with their family but, if they aren't taking care of themselves, how can they possibly take care of another human being?

    Good Parenting 101

    What makes a good parent? Many people will say that a good parent needs to be selfless. Someone who puts their family's needs in front of their own and is completely devoted to their children. However, many experts believe that this is exactly what you shouldn't do.

    You see, when you become selfless you forget your own likes, dislikes and passions. You become uninteresting. There are many things that make a good parent including the desire to learn more and read about parenting. It's amazing that our high schools teach us history, math, English and science but nothing about finances and parenting - real world skills that most people could use.

    Do You Think High School Prepared You For Life?

    Yes Definitely.
    Gave A Good Foundation But No Precise Skills.
    It Only Provided Social Skills.
    No Not At All.

    Bodybuilding Makes You A Better Parent

    Do you ever feel guilty about spending time away from your family and in the gym? You shouldn't. You see, taking care of your body makes you a better all around parent. Here's how:

    • Kids Mimic Their Parents: Children look up to their parents and you lead best by example. So if you sit around all day and watch TV and eat Cheetos, you'll produce overweight children who sit around all day watching TV and eating Cheetos (and no the Wii does not count as exercise).

    Childhood Obesity: What Must Be Done To Turn The Tide!
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    Childhood Obesity: What Must Be Done To Turn The Tide!
    Everywhere you turn there is mass marketing being targeted toward young children and teenagers, crowding out what marketing efforts are going into actually making smart choices.
    Shannon Clark

      Conversely, if you go to the gym and workout, your kids will learn the value of exercise and that it plays an important role in a healthy life. Remember, your kids look up to you. So make sure you are someone that you want your children looking up to.

    • Stress Relief: Being a parent can be stressful at times. Babies cry, 4 year olds challenge you and teenagers can be an absolute thorn in your side some days. Being a good, effective parent takes a lot of patience, especially if your children are a good fit for the show Supernanny.

      What Is The Supernanny Show?
      Supernanny is a British reality television program about helping parents with misbehaving children. The show features professional nanny Jo Frost, who devotes each episode to helping a family whose children are out of control. Using a variety of methods, she shows parents different ways of disciplining their children and maintaining order in their households. She is noted for her kind but firm no-nonsense approach.

      Exercise is a great, multi-faceted way to relieve stress. The time you spend bodybuilding is time away from the stress of life (work, family, traffic etc.). Think about all of the times you've headed to the gym as one big ball of stress and then a few minutes after pumping iron you achieve this state of Zen where your mind chills out and quits spinning out of control regurgitating the bad points of your day.


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      And, exercise itself decreases our body's production of the stress hormone cortisol while increasing those feel good endorphins. And finally, research indicates that people who exercise regularly also handle stress better.

    • Look Good And You'll Feel Good: When you feel better about yourself it shows. And, the confidence you build when you are building your body carries over to other areas of your life as well. You know the saying that "kids pick up on everything?" Well, they'll pick up on your confidence as well. And raising self-assured children is a very good thing. They'll be able to tackle challenges (including brats) head-on.

    When You Feel Better About Yourself It Shows.
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    When You Feel Better
    About Yourself It Shows.

    • Better Health & More Energy: Working out gives you more energy. And, parenting definitely requires a lot of energy. From the days where you are woken up in the middle of the night by a child's nightmare to the times you are up till 1 a.m. nervously wondering where your sixteen year-old is, you'll need a little extra energy everyday.

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    Additional Tips To Help You Be A Better Parent

    There are other things you can do to ensure you are a good parent. Good parents do many of the following:

    • Join parenting groups. Every parent is going to have questions about handling certain situations with their children. Who better to ask then a parent's listserve?

    What Is A Listserv?
    A listserv is an automatic mailing list server developed by Eric Thomas for BITNET in 1986. When e-mail is addressed to a LISTSERV mailing list, it is automatically broadcast to everyone on the list. The result is similar to a newsgroup or forum, except that the messages are transmitted as e-mail and are therefore available only to individuals on the list.

    • Share your passions with your children. When kids have something they are passionate about (sports, music, theatre, the debate team) they are less likely to get in trouble.
    • Pay attention to your children. When you are there, be attentive. When you are involved in your child's life you'll notice when they get off track and be able to put them back on track before they permanently board a train to nowhere.

    When You're Involved In Your Child's Life You'll Be Able To Keep Them On Track.
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    When You're Involved In Your Child's Life
    You'll Be Able To Keep Them On Track.

    • Stay positive and encourage your children. Remember, children and even grown adults look up to their parents and aim to please you. Constantly be that source of encouragement and reinforcement to your child that they are wonderful and talented (at something).

    How Do You Stay Focused And Positive?
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    How Do You Stay Focused And Positive?
    What works for you? How do you stay focused on your goals and dreams, and not let other people's negativity pull you down?
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    Taking the time out of your busy schedule to train doesn't mean that you are being selfish to your family. And actually, bodybuilding teaches your children that you value your health. And, given our chronic-disease ridden society and childhood obesity epidemic, placing a value on health is a lesson every kid needs to learn.

    Remember, you teach by example. And, when you take care of yourself, you'll be better able to take care of the loved ones in your life as well.

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