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How Bodybuilding Can Help You Be A Better Husband!

Being a good husband takes effort. You aren't solely responsible for yourself anymore but instead have to be considerate of another person's thoughts, feelings, etc. Here are some of the skills that will make you a good husband:

Article Summary:
  • A successful marriage takes work. A bodybuilder's lifestyle can help.
  • Treat your wife the way you'd like to be treated, with respect.
  • Marriage is a partnership. Be sure you're doing your share of the work.
  • Let's face it, there are a ton of books out there teaching women how to be the perfect girlfriend, get a man, get a husband, be a perfect wife etc. Though there may not be any books on this subject, I've seen plenty of articles teaching men how to get a girl in bed. Are you kidding me?

    I could go on a major tangent here and make a ton of politically incorrect comments about how that isn't a skill (btw, there are tons of loose women out there) to be acquired but if you try to acquire it you may acquire a few other things in the process (aside from a nagging girl with low self-esteem that now has your cell phone number).

    But alas, back to the topic. Being a good husband takes some effort. You aren't solely responsible for yourself anymore but instead have to be considerate of another person's thoughts, feelings, possessions and time.

    You Aren't Soley Responsible For Yourself Anymore.
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    You Aren't Soley Responsible
    For Yourself Anymore.

    How Bodybuilding Can Make You A Better Husband

    Here are some of the skills that will make you a good husband:

    Effective Communication

      Effective communication requires both good listening skills and a good dialogue between you and your significant other. In the words of John Gray (author of Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus), men run in their cave and women talk. Well, you can still run in your cave but at least make sure you tell her first where you are going and that you will be back.

      How does bodybuilding make you a better communicator? Working out tames your stress and redirects your focus from whatever you are stewing about to pumping iron or grinding it out in spin class.


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      That time you spend working out can help make you more calm and collected than any other diversion. And when you've regrouped and de-stressed, you are more likely to communicate more effectively and more calmly. So, make sure that the cave you run in is your gym and let her know when you'll be back home to discuss things.

    Respect & Appreciation

      As obvious as it sounds respect comes in many forms. Men want women to respect how hard they work and what they do to provide for their woman (from weather stripping the house to earning a living). Women also want respect and appreciation. They want you to respect their time, hobbies, their views in life etc. And, women also need to be appreciated.

      Think about the last time you told your wife that you appreciate everything she does for your household. From bathing the kids to contributing to the household income, I'm sure you can think of many things your wife does for your family. And those little things like respect and appreciation (even a simple "thank you so much for...") can make a huge difference.

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      As a bodybuilder, you have probably developed a profound respect and appreciation for people who take care of their bodies, build beautiful physiques and those who transform themselves from a walking display of poor health to one of excellent health and strength.

      Bodybuilders must be knowledgeable about what they are doing and why and have a profound desire to accomplish their goals. When you carry these traits over to your relationship with your wife, she will see your burning desire to make the marriage work, do what's right, learn from her how she wants to be treated and how you can work together. And, even when you make mistakes, because we all do, your sheer determination will help you through the tough times.


      Accepting responsibility is a huge factor in every good marriage. Suddenly you go from throwing your stuff around a dingy apartment and leaving empty beer cans in your sink to helping keep a house clean and in good working order, take responsibility for the things you forget (like paying bills on time) and making time for dates with your wife.

    Help Keep The House Clean.
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    Help Keep The House Clean.

      Have you ever heard the saying, "The more you have to do the more you get done"? Bodybuilding provides structure to your life and discipline both inside and outside of the gym.

      When you have some sort of structure, beyond just your 9-5, you will tend to get more done outside of the gym because you aren't just coming home, plopping on the couch and working the remote control for hours on end.

      In every good marriage, both husband and wife accept responsibility and if you need to brush up on this, first accept responsibility for your own health. Bodybuilding will help you do that and make concurring life outside of the gym a whole lot easier.


      If you are in the gym regularly and working out hard, you have more energy then your couch potato peers. More energy means you get more done around the house and you have more energy for all aspects of your relationship.

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    Additional Tips To Help You Be A Better Husband

    • Compliment your wife and truly mean it.
    • Don't look at other women in front of her.
    • Focus on the things about her that you love; do this frequently when she has aggravated you or you are both not communicating well.
    • Remember her birthday, anniversary, day you both met etc. That's what calendars and Blackberry reminders are for.
    • Engage in random acts of kindness - remember her even when it isn't a special occasion. Women love it when you do something special like cook their favorite meal, pick something up from the store you know she wants, or take a load off of her "to do" list.
    • Be a man. If you don't know how to fix stuff around the house, enlist the help of someone who does.

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    Bodybuilding involves much more than only building up your physique. It stimulates your mind, gives you energy, enhances your health and serves as a great stress reliever. And, finally, it gives you more confidence in yourself.

    Combined, all of these aspects carry over to your personal life and can make you a better husband. Sure, we all have bad days and when you are having one, make sure you take it out your aggression on the bench press and pec deck and not your wife.

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