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6 Ways Bodybuilding Will Help You Find Love!

So you think it's your buff body that will help you score dates right? Think again. It isn't just hot legs and flat abs we are attracted to. Learn more.

So you think it's your buff body that will help you score quality dates right? Although many of us are attracted to what we see on the outside, it isn't just hot legs and flat abs we are attracted too.

Instead, it's the way a person carries himself or herself, it's that almost unexplainable thing about them that makes you admire them from afar. And, bodybuilding can help you attract like-minded people.

There are people that search on every online matchmaking site and bar out there and yet they never seem to be dating anyone for any length of time. I call this "dining at McDonalds." McDonald's has served over 3 billion people right?

Do you really want to take the time to go out on what seems like 3 billion dates before finding a mate? Or would you rather attract and hold on to someone that you'd actually like to stick around for a while?

6 Ways Bodybuilding Helps Find Love

How does bodybuilding help you find a mate? There are many aspects of bodybuilding or characteristics that bodybuilding helps refine that can also help you find a mate.


This is a no-brainer. People are attracted to people that look good. There's a reason women (and some men I'm sure) swoon over Derek Jeter and men sweat over pictures of Jessica Biel.

These people look good. Both take care of their bodies and workout and it shows. Bodybuilders also look good. They stand up straight, put their head up, chin in, chest out and walk proudly.


When you look good, you feel good. Bodybuilding builds confidence. Have you ever read those scrawny to brawny stories? The ones where skinny guys who were picked on in High School start bodybuilding and start looking built?

If you read thoroughly you will pick up on the tone of the article and notice not just their change in physique but also their change in attitude. All of the sudden they feel like they can overcome anything.

Bodybuilding has given them the confidence to take off their shirt at the beach, throw around some iron with the big boys in the free weight area and actually go up to girls in bars. And if a girl turns them down, no big deal, obviously she doesn't know whom she is talking to and what's underneath that jacket.

Accomplishing something, especially something you never thought you could do, will build a great deal of confidence. And when your workouts challenge you every day, your fears start dwindling and what used to seem like a challenge doesn't even make you blink anymore.

You Take Care Of Yourself

Bodybuilders are not only partaking in bone and muscle building physical activity but they also eat right, get adequate sleep and take good care of their overall health.

No one looks good after boozing it up until 2 am in a smoke-filled bar. If you are a bodybuilder, chances are you aren't spending too many nights that way and mornings nursing a hangover.

People are attracted to those who take care of themselves. Think about it, do you want someone who is going to do everything they can to maximize their health or someone who smokes, has a gut (which increases one's risk for several health problems) and doesn't workout?

The person who takes care of their own health is also more likely to make sure their children and spouse are well cared for, active and eat right.


There is something fascinating about those who are passionate about what they do. They shine. Look at a guy or girl in the gym who works out hard, knows what they are doing and is there regardless of what big event is going on, what game is on TV or if it's the Holiday shopping season.

That's hot. Bodybuilders have a passion for improving themselves and it shows, both inside and outside of the gym.

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Goal Setting

As a bodybuilder you know you can't go in the gym day in and day out and do the same exercises, same reps, same weight and expect to make any progress. You have to set goals, stay current on lifting technique, new exercises, nutrition and supplements in order to continue developing.

The experience you get in setting goals and developing a plan to meet those goals can help you in other areas of your life. Are you interested in buying a house, landing a new career or learning to rebuild cars? Set a goal and develop a plan of action.

Most successful people don't just happen upon where they are in life. They've carved their path. As a bodybuilder you know how to do this. And if you are looking to attract a mate, having goals is important.

People are attracted to others who know what direction they are going in and set goals to help them get there. As a bodybuilder, you are already doing this in at least one area of your life.


A bit of discipline is healthy. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who has never had much discipline in his or her life?

They've just kind of floated through college and work and never really aimed high? Conversely, maybe you've spoken to someone who was a competitive swimmer in high school and got up at 5 a.m. to practice.

If you are like me you are happy you didn't choose that sport but you also admire them for their discipline. And maybe you've thought to yourself, "If that person is disciplined in that area of their life, I know they can crack the whip when they need to get something done."

As a bodybuilder people admire you. That's why they make those disparaging remarks about your meal choices as you dine at a sports bar (grilled salmon salad, dressing on the side).

They wish they could be as disciplined as you are and secretly wish you'd eat a plate of fries (daily) so you didn't look better then them.

Additional Tips To Help You Find A Mate

  • Join groups that you are interested in: co-ed sports, church, habitat for humanity, alumni associations etc.
  • Be open to people who don't fit your "ideal." If you have 90% of what you want but their hair is the wrong color, think twice about trying to find someone with 100% of what you want.
  • Always look good - you never know when you'll meet someone.
  • Be positive and find happiness within your own life. People are attracted to positive people, not those with a chip on their shoulder who think the world is out to get them.


Aside from taking step #1 (getting out of the house), if you want to meet a mate, don't let your friends talk you out of going to the gym. Bodybuilding builds character, confidence, discipline, passion, helps you set goals and oh yeah, helps you build a great body.

Sure physical appearance plays a big part in attracting a mate and many of us size someone up in just a few seconds and decide if we want to give him or her the time of day. Luckily, bodybuilding gives you that look that has nothing to do with your muscles but everything to do with how you carry yourself. And that will attract a quality mate.