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Bodybuilding Helps Decrease Stress!

Stress is defined as an emotional state characterized by muscular tension, irritability, depression and an increase in blood pressure.

There is enough stress to go around in today's fast-paced world to overflow every yoga studio and meditation room in this country.

Traffic, the economy, work, kids, family, your significant other, bills - these are all just a few of the many sources of stress you may feel in your life.

Stress Defined

Stress is typically defined as an upsetting emotional state that can be characterized by muscular tension, irritability, depression, increased heart rate and an increase in blood pressure.

However, there are really two types of stress: distress and eustress. The description above defines distress. Eustress on the other hand is a positive form of stress. Think of the elation you would feel by winning the lottery. That is eustress - good stuff, though it can still be overwhelming.


Is Your Life Filled Mostly With
Distress Or Eustress?

About The Same Of Each

Some stress is actually good and results in increased productivity (think of that bell shaped curve - an upside down "U" - you want to be at the top or on the way up). But when the stress is piled on and becomes overwhelming, productivity can start to slip.

Distress can wreck havoc on the body and make a person depressed, anxious, panicky and fatigued. In addition, stress can make concentrating difficult, decrease your short-term memory and interrupt your sleep.

Over a prolonged period of time, stress is related to a number of diseases and disorders including heart attacks, hypertension, headaches, depression, and weight gain.

How Bodybuilding Can Help You Decrease Your Distress?

There are many methods that can be used to help decrease stress. These include:

A Regular Exercise Program

Exercise helps you blow off steam, alleviating stress and anxiety. And, exercise enhances blood flow (and therefore oxygen) through the body, stimulates the release of the feel good chemicals - endorphins, and it makes you feel good about yourself.

If there's one thing you've done right and accomplished during the day then when all else seems to go wrong, at least you've achieved something!

Eat A Balanced Diet

When people get stressed they often throw their diet to the wayside and eat whatever is convenient. Unfortunately, a nutrient-poor diet will only compound your stress by making you feel sluggish, unfocused and even apathetic at times.

As a bodybuilder you know better and eat better. Eating a healthy diet will help you balance your blood sugar levels, provide the vitamins and minerals you need and help you keep your energy levels stable and your immune system in top shape.

Get Organized

Disorganization compounds stress. In addition, many people feel stressed because they don't take enough time for themselves, they feel like they can't get everything done in the day and they haven't developed an adequate support system.

By bodybuilding, you are taking the time for yourself to do something positive. In addition, bodybuilding helps bolster your confidence and the more confidence you have the more likely you are to see other options in life. Once you realize that there are tons of options to most situations in life, your stress will decrease and the future will certainly start to look brighter.

Absolute Ava The Importance Of Relaxation!
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Have you ever had a bad day that just gets worse when you lay in bed tossing and turning and thinking about the past 12 hours? There is no doubt that stress affects our sleeping patterns.

But, luckily, if you are a bodybuilder your exercise routine helps you wind down and sleep better. And a better night's sleep will certainly help as you face the world each day.


Bodybuilding is the best thing for making your overall life rock-solid. We all face stress at various times in our lives and engaging in a regular exercise routine will help you manage your daily stress so that it doesn't build up to monumental levels.

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