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How Bodybuilding Can Help You Boost Your Motivation!

Have you ever met a person who views every day as an opportunity? They have a few secrets that help them. Here's how bodybuilding fits in to the equation so well. Learn more.

Article Summary:
  • Being motivated to stay in shape will translate into other parts of life.
  • Your stress kills motivation, but in turn bodybuilding kills your stress.
  • Find yourself with optimistic people and you will see the bright side.
  • Have you ever met one of those people who views every day as an opportunity, a chance to improve themselves and their life? These individuals seem to tackle all of those monotonous tasks with gusto and a smile on their face. This isn't because they love grouting the tile in their bathrooms. Instead, they have a few secrets that help them stay motivated on a daily basis.

    They Have A Few Secrets That Help Them Stay Motivated On A Daily Basis.
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    They Have A Few Secrets That Help
    Them Stay Motivated On A Daily Basis.

    What Is Motivation?

    According to Wikipedia, motivation is:

      "The internal condition that activates behavior and gives it direction; energizes and directs goal-oriented behavior."

    People who are motivated to stay in shape make it to the gym rain or shine and view their healthy diet as a positive thing in their life. People who are not as motivated to stay in shape have a different perspective and feel like a healthy diet is restrictive and difficult.

    We are all motivated by different things in life. Some people are motivated by their career, kids, keeping their house in beautiful shape, hobbies, caring for their parents, volunteering in their community (this list could go on and on). Finding your motivation to succeed in a specific area of life will keep you on track toward your goals.


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    How Bodybuilding Can Help Boost Your Motivation:

    • Bodybuilder's Set SMART Goals And Write Them Down: SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-sensitive. SMART goals keep you on track and help boost your motivation. If you have a day where you just don't feel like finishing that report, going to the gym, or fixing something in your house, your goals will remind you why you are doing these things daily to help you achieve a different picture down the road.
    • Bodybuilders Balance Their Lives: Life balance helps remind you that you may be stuck inside working on a beautiful day but, you'll make the time to take a break later in the day. Bodybuilders organize and schedule their workouts in because they are important. They also schedule in some time to relax and enjoy life in other ways. Taking these breaks will help boost productivity and motivation.

    Bodybuilders Organize And Schedule Their Workouts In Because They Are Important.
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    Bodybuilders Organize And Schedule Their
    Workouts In Because They Are Important.

    • Bodybuilders Are Healthy: A healthy lifestyle will keep your energy levels high making it easier to dig deep for motivation when you need it.
    • Bodybuilding Helps You Manage Stress: Let's face it, stress is an energy zapper. You are moving along through your day and bam!, your boss sends you a nasty email about a project you just completed. You could start complaining to your co-workers, calling your friends and staying mad all day or, you could go to the gym, alter your perspective and realize that this isn't the end of the world.

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    Stress is typically defined as an upsetting emotional state that can be characterized by muscular tension, irritability, depression, increased heart rate and an increase in blood pressure.
    Marie Spano

    Additional Tips To Help You Boost Your Motivation:

    • Dig deep for several reasons why you are motivated to accomplish each specific goal in your life. Look for less than obvious reasons as well. The more well-defined your vision is, the more likely you are to reach your goals.
    • Read motivational stories. The transformation stories on will fire up your enthusiasm and "hey, I can do this" attitude.
    • Read motivational books and listen to motivational podcasts. When we are in a constant state of learning and improving, life becomes smoother, more organized and easier.

    • Surround yourself with people who have the "glass overflowing" mentality. I had a professor in school that, when asked how he was would always say "better and better" with a huge smile on his face. These are the people you want to gravitate toward and spend your time with.
    • Do something for other people. We all need to feel appreciated from time to time and helping out children, coaching Special Olympians or doing something for your local nursing home residents will restore your faith in humanity and make you realize just how much you have to help carry you forward to your goals in life.


    Motivation can change from day to day based on life circumstances and the environment around you. However, any tough task, difficult co-worker or unfair situation will only make you stronger for the future. Keep moving forward with strong reminders of your goals in the back of your mind. And, keep bodybuilding.

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    A bad day can be turned around when you walk out of the gym with a major sense of accomplishment and energy to face the rest of the day ahead.

    As one well known speaker often says, a "setback is just a set-up for a greater comeback."

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