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Melvin Anthony Pro Bodybuilding Profile

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Name: Melvin Anthony
Nickname: Marvelous Melvin Anthony
Off-Season Weight: 275 lbs
Girlfriend: Bea Giraldo

Melvin Anthony

Competitive Record ///

  • 2002 Night of Champions XIV, 8th
  • 2001 European Pro, 8th
  • 2001 Grand Prix England, 6th
  • 2001 British Grand Prix, 6th
  • 2001 Mr. Olympia, 11th
  • 2001 San Francisco Pro Invitational - IFBB, 3rd
  • 2001 Ironman Pro Invitational - IFBB, 2nd
  • 2001 Grand Prix Hungary - IFBB, 8th
  • 2001 Grand Prix Australia - IFBB, 7th
  • 2001 Arnold Classic - IFBB, 7th
  • 2000 Night of Champions - IFBB, 7th
  • 1999 USA Championships - NPC, Super-HeavyWeight, 1st
  • 1999 USA Championships - NPC, Overall Winner
  • 1998 USA Championships - NPC, Super-HeavyWeight, 2nd
  • 1993 Musclemania, HeavyWeight, 3rd

Marvelous Melvin Anthony ///

My nutrition regimen was don by Pano Fragoulous. I placed 3rd in the heavyweight division. In 1998 I improved tremendously and placed 2nd via a tie breaker against my great friend Dennis "The Menace" James. The 1999 USA was a DO or DIE battle with myself to be the best in the super heavyweight division. I wanted to be perfect.

Pictures ///

Melvin Anthony, pic.1
Melvin Anthony, pic.2
Melvin Anthony, pic.3
Melvin Anthony, pic.4
Melvin Anthony, pic.5
Melvin Anthony, pic.6

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