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MaDonna Grimes Pro Bodybuilding Profile.

MaDonna Grimes pics, biography, contest history, and more! Learn about your favorite pro bodybuilder.

Vital Stats
  • Name:   MaDonna Grimes
  • Height:   5’4"
  • Weight:   115

Competitive Record

  • 1999 Ms. Fitness Olympia - 13th
  • 1999 Italian Pro Fitness - 1st
  • 1998 NPC USA Women's Fitness, Tall Class - 7th
  • 1997 NPC USA Women's Fitness - 7th
  • 1997 Women's World Pro Fitness - 10th
  • 1997 Norway Pro Fitness - 10th
  • 1997 Denmark Pro Fitness - 11th
  • 1997 Italian Pro Fitness - 7th
  • 1997 Fitness International - 13th
  • 1995 Fitness Olympia - 6th
  • 1995 Jan Tana Pro Fitness - 6th
  • 1994 National Championships - 1st
  • 1994 Fitness America Pageant National Championships - 1st
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MaDonna Grimes

By her own admission, MaDonna Grimes never thought she was the type of woman who would even enter a fitness competition. She already had an incredible career as an internationally-known choreographer, dancer, and actress. A former All-American Cheerleading Champion, she had also proved her athletic prowess by winning the National Aerobics Championships. And as far as publicity, MaDonna had been featured prominently in television, feature films, music video, and magazines.

Describe your personality. I’m honest, straightforward and strong-willed. I like to help people. I might look flashy to the outsider, but really, I like to stay at home. I don’t like parties and clubs. I like the simple things in life. I love to cook. I’m lucky because I know what I want. I’d like a family and children. I’d like to live that fairy tale life, but realistically, I still want a career.

Why did you start weight training? After I injured my knee in 1984, I lifted weights to rehab it. When I went to the weight room, the guys there opened my eyes to the benefits of weight training, not just to help my injury, but for the health of my entire body.

What are you training goals? I’d like my legs to look fuller with more calf and lower quad development. When I train hard, my waist gets smaller and my butt gets rounder.

When do you know that you’re in shape? When I don’t have to flex to see my cuts. I can see all the lines from head to toe.

If you could change something in the sport, what would it be? I would like to have different levels of fitness. The average woman is afraid to join because of the level of the routines.

Who are your favorite role models? Debbie Allen, Carla Dunlap, Rachel McLish, Gladys Portugues, Halle Berry, Angela Bassett.

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Contact Information

MaDonna Grimes
c/o MaDonna Grimes Fitness Theatre Co.
Gold´s Gym
1016 N Cole
Hollywood, CA 90038, U.S.A.