Body Transformation: Winter Bulk, Summer Show-off!

Tyler wanted to have more muscle to look like the guys on the football team. He packed on 30 pounds over one winter, then ripped it down to 9 percent body fat! See how he did it!

Name: Tyler Kelly
BodySpace: tkelly4242

Tyler Kelly Tyler Kelly
AGE 17
127 lbs
AGE 18
160 lbs

Why I Got Started

I signed up to be in the weight training class for all 4 years of high school. I have always had a dream of having a great body but through those first 3 years of high school I didn't have the motivation to put forth the effort in the gym.

As my sophomore and junior years rolled around I noticed all the football guys gaining size on their frames and I told myself I want to be up there with the big boys and be one of the muscular studs around school. So senior year of high school I decided to take things seriously and I started educating myself about the world of bodybuilding and got myself a gym membership and started lifting much more frequently.

I wanted the best results possible so I used my knowledge from all of my research and started to put my nutrition in place and build a nice, steady workout regimen. I am nearing the end of my senior year and have gained a little over 30 pounds while staying in the low range of body fat percentages and I am more than happy with my results so far and will not be giving up my dream for the perfect physique anytime soon!

If you don't have any muscle, guess what? If you lift weights, eat right and dedicate yourself, you can have a back like this!

How I Did It

When I made the decision to start lifting hard and work towards my dream physique, I immediately started doing everything I could to get a great start. I completely cut out soda, sugary sweets, and high Glycemic Index carbohydrates such as white breads, soft drinks and chips.

I started eating clean foods right off the bat having my main source of proteins being lean meats like chicken, fish and sometimes lean cuts of beef. I decided to start bulking at first because at a weight of 127 there's no way to look like a monster under a t-shirt. So bulking it was! I picked myself up a weight gainer to help put on that much needed weight and it started working right away for me.

After a good fall and winter of bulking I ended up gaining 30 pounds of weight! I was very happy with the results and decided to go on a little cut to show off the hard earned muscle I gained throughout my winter bulk.

Suggestions For Others

If bodybuilding is seriously a dream of yours and you want to have that amazing looking physique, then you just have to simply do things right. You can't cheat yourself and achieve the goals that you want. There are no shortcuts in bodybuilding.

You've got to set yourself a strict diet and a consistent workout plan. You can't have pizza every day for lunch and skip workout days twice a week. You have got to be consistent with your diet and your training and you will start to see the results that you want. I promise it will pay off if you are doing the major things correctly.

My suggestion to get yourself more educated would be to check out some articles from because that is where I got a great chunk of my knowledge from and it is a very reputable website.

Good luck to everyone pursuing as a bodybuilder and be patient! Don't give up!

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