Body Transformation: Lisa Lifts For Ladies

Lisa took one for the team and learned the ins and outs of fitness after three pregnancies. Now she wants to share her success secrets and build up women from the inside out!

Name: Lisa Marie Sandberg
BodySpace: lisasandberg

Lisa Marie Sandberg Lisa Marie Sandberg
AGE 34
120 lbs
AGE 34
103 lbs

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Why I Decided to Transform

I competed after having my first two daughters and was in great shape, but after having my third child I became depressed about the weight gain. My body was older and it didn't bounce back as quickly as it did with the first two children. Every time I looked in the mirror I was shocked at how different my body looked. It looked like it had never been in a gym.

I came across a transformation challenge on at the same time I was training to compete in a fitness competition. After a few weeks into my prep, my confidence started to grow. I saw visible changes and stopped crying about my body. My life is totally different now because I accomplished the challenge. I'm healthy and remain active with my children.

How I Accomplished My Goals

I made a vision/goal board at the beginning of the year. I put everything on that board that inspired me. I saw that board daily and held myself accountable to accomplish every one of my goals. There were days I was tired and hungry and questioned why I did this, but I always reminded myself why and never forgot.

I looked at my "before" photos and quickly remembered that I didn't want the body in that picture. If I gave up, I would quit on myself and go back to where I was before. That wasn't an option.

What Aspect Challenged Me the Most

The diet challenged me most. I used to be a snacker and "found" a cookie or two every time I entered the kitchen. While dieting, I caught myself going to the pantry to grab a cookie and almost ate it, but I stopped myself just in time. I laughed to myself and handed it to my son. That's when I realized snacking was a habit.

My Future Fitness Plans

I'm launching my online personal training program soon and plan to compete at the WBFF Central US Championships May 25, 2013. I'm coming back with a vengeance for what I call my "gold medal," a.k.a. pro status.

I hope to encourage and inspire other women out there, especially mothers. I found through experience and helping other women that we can't be given a generic cookie-cutter diet. Each woman is different and needs individual attention and I want to help them. There's an epidemic of depression among women that has to do with self-esteem and self-worth.

If I can find a handful of women and teach them proper training and nutrition, they can see the real value and beauty that's inside them. I want to build their self-esteem, confidence, and assure them they are sexy.

Suggestions for Aspiring Transformers
  • Remember why you started.
  • Look up to people who inspire others.
  • Surround yourself with positive energy.
  • When things get tough reach out to someone for a pep talk.

This is totally possible. The only way this isn't possible is if you aren't alive. But only you can do it. Don't let anyone say you can't. Think of the amazing benefits you will receive if you conquer your goal. Stick with it and never give up. If you have a bad day, don't let it go. Get right back on track.

How Helped Me Reach My Goals

I was inspired by other female fitness competitors and transformations. BodySpace played a big role in my daily influence. When I was having a bad day, I read someone's transformation story and knew I had to dig deep and find the drive. I love reading the articles on training, nutrition, and supplements. The more you know, the more you grow. You can never have too much knowledge.

Lisa's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "Sad But True" by Metallica
  2. "Who Booty" by Jonn Hart
  3. "Bulletproof" by La Roux
  4. "Bad Girls Club" by Chady
  5. "Pound The Alarm" by Nicki Minaj

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