Body Transformation: Lifting For A Better Life

Lisa shocked her body into reality and lost 60 pounds with Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer. Now she's hooked on fitness and determined to show other women how it's done!

Name: Lisa (Parker) Desilet
BodySpace: lisadesilet

Lisa Desilet Lisa Desilet
AGE 29
184 lbs
AGE 32
124 lbs

Why I Decided to Transform

I grew up in Idaho in a suburban neighborhood where children rollerbladed, rode bikes, and shot out old barn windows with BB guns. I was an average kid who played soccer, studied, and danced. I met my husband the first week of college and we married young.

I gained the typical "freshman 15" my first year of college. I weighed 152 pounds and stood 5-foot-7 at age 20. I didn't lose much weight before I became pregnant with our oldest daughter. By the time I went into labor, I was 175 pounds.

At age 23, my metabolism kicked in and I was able to lose the baby weight rather quickly without much exercise. I became "skinny-fat." I wasn't overweight, but I had no muscle definition. Fitness and health weren't a priority. I was busy learning to be a mom and a wife and never found a point where I could balance fitness with my responsibilities.

I looked at other women who were healthy and in shape and judged them. I created stories in my head about the kind of mothers, wives, and women they were. I found reasons to dislike them with no basis for my judgment. I thought they were compromising important parts of their lives to be fit.

It was a coping mechanism that allowed me to justify who I was—out of shape, unhappy, and jealous. I was in denial that I was the one with the skewed priorities. I gave up on myself for the sake of motherhood. I assumed that is what all "good" mothers did.

After the birth of my third child, I struggled with who I was. I wanted something different but was unsure of how to make it happen.

At age 30, a light bulb turned on, and I realized that in order to be the mom and wife my family deserved, I had to be proud of myself. It was possible to accomplish this without compromising what was most important. I didn't get to my current state overnight. I had to be patient and stay focused on my goal.

I watched my body change during the previous eight years. The weight I gained after each pregnancy never shed completely. There were always those last 10, 15, and then 20 pounds hanging around. I lost all muscle definition and could feel my heart and lungs scream each time I climbed the stairs to change a diaper.

The fight to reshape my body wasn't easy. It took me more than a year and a half to get to where I am. I still fight each day, but now I'm able to overcome it more easily because I replaced my old, unhealthy habits with new ones. Taking 1-2 hours out of my day to exercise made me a different woman. I'm a better mom and wife. I have more patience and energy, and a positive attitude no matter what.

This lifestyle change is constant in our house and I'm forever grateful for the epiphanies I continue to have. Fitness and health are a journey and our journey is nowhere near complete. I can say with certainty that we are a happier family, and I'm a happier woman who's no longer just surviving. I'm thriving every day.

How I Accomplished My Goals

Having energy to raise three children, be a good teacher, and manage a household is nearly impossible when you're overweight. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can do it. Prior to this, something always got pushed to the backburner because there weren't enough hours in the day. I realized it was my fault. I made excuses for my life because it was easier than taking ownership.

One day, a light bulb clicked and I knew this was it. This was the beginning of a war against my former self. There was no rhyme or reason for it, I was just done. The first step was to clean out the unhealthy food in our kitchen. There was no more bingeing, junk food, or feeling miserable.

Many of my friends and family followed my transformation on my blog, {Fit} Mom Diary. Knowing they were watching kept me going. I remember the day I put myself out there. It created incredible accountability, but ultimately it wasn't about them. I knew what stared back at me in the mirror was the woman I let myself become. I didn't like her and knew I was capable of better. My reflection didn't show the real me. I was buried deep inside, under layers of Chili-Cheese Fritos, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Tillamook Mudslide Ice Cream.

I started chiseling away in hopes that the real me would emerge. As I changed externally, I discovered new motivation. New muscles showed themselves, my clothes fit differently, and I found new power. It pushed me to keep going and turned into a habit that I loved.

Being on the other side and remembering those feelings motivates and keeps me focused. My children are excited and happy that mom plays with them instead of watching them. I'm more put together at home and at work because I learned to plan ahead and stick to the plan. If my plan gets thrown off, I bounce back and move forward. Planning ahead sets me up for success. I take each moment as it comes with my goals in mind.

What Aspect Challenged Me the Most

Dieting was the single greatest challenge. It was 90 percent of my transformation. The body biologically responds to certain foods and can ignite serious battles. This is where the late-night cravings and insignificant arguments come in.

My body was used to getting what it wanted. When it sensed change, it broke out all the stops to get back to easy. I battled feelings, cravings, and thoughts to ultimately win the war.

As a woman, I had to learn how to exercise. Jane Fonda won't cut it—at least not for long. Girls must get all preconceived notions out of their head, go into the weight room, and start moving heavy weight. It's difficult at first, but when you see results with new muscles and a firm body, you will be hooked.

My Future Fitness Plans

I'm a lifelong student. This new lifestyle ignited a passion inside me I never knew existed. I just finished my M.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotions, and recently earned my NASM certification as a performance enhancement trainer. I also teach "Healthy Living" classes in my community, focusing on all aspects: nutrition, healthy meal planning for families, proper exercise, and supplementation.

I'm training for national-level figure competitions. My plan is to earn a pro card in 2013. I'm coming for the big stage.

I didn't begin this journey as a one-time deal. I want it to be part of who I am.

Suggestions for Aspiring Transformers

You must listen to and learn from your body. Start paying attention to when, why, how, and what you eat. Your mind is the strongest muscle. If you don't take control of it, your battle will be futile.

Surround yourself with hope. My light bulb went on because I sought inspiration. I went online to, clicked on the "Motivation" tab, discovered the Female Transformations, and my jaw dropped. I discovered an entire world of women who were fit and muscular. I became obsessed.

I found Tosca Reno and her Eat Clean Diet, and Kim Dolan Leto in Oxygen Magazine. Their stories as "late bloomers" gave me hope. I realized it wasn't too late for me. I printed their pictures, found motivational quotes, and posted them in my house. I kept telling myself that I could do it. I took a before picture of myself and posted it also. I knew that picture was never going to represent me again.

There is a quote that got me through the most difficult times physically, mentally, and spiritually: "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." You have to push yourself each and every day. If you want to be better than ever, you must do what you have never done.

Nobody regrets making their life better. It is possible. You have to believe in yourself and keep working. You didn't get here overnight and you cannot fix it overnight. Be patient, but diligent.

How Helped Me Reach My Goals

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer saved my life. I was clueless about weight training, clean eating, and supplements. This held my hand through the whole thing and allowed me to learn about all aspects of my body. It was the kickstart to my transformation. I found great inspiration in the transformation stories and Fitness 360s.

It made my dream to become a figure competitor seem attainable. I saw real people, women, and moms with the same desire. It took the glamour out of it and made it achievable. There was no selling of magic pills or gimmicks; just honest hard work and dedication. I knew how to work hard and the resources on gave me the steps to get there.