Body Transformation: Jareem Maduro Is The Master Of Shred Success!

In one year, Jareem Maduro torched 60 pounds of fat to reveal a chiseled physique that was a testament to his voyage. Check out the secret to his shred success!

Why I Decided To Transform

I was a stocky kid growing up and only did simple exercising. I'd walk home after school, and do push-ups and pull-ups. I was young and didn't know much, but I always looked at fitness magazines for motivation.

I never imagined myself competing but that changed during a horrible phase in my life at the end of 2011. After eating poorly and failing to exercise, I became depressed and stressed.

In January 2012, I decided to start eating healthy and working out. In March 2012, I saw a Facebook post for a local bodybuilding show and asked a friend to help me prepare. After eight months of strict dieting, I lost 60 pounds and won my weight class and the overall.

I made a huge impact on people after experiencing success and became a role model for many people who want to get in shape and achieve their goals. I've been through two shows and became affiliated with X2xclothing, which is an amazing company. I'm just a normal guy on an adventure to learn and grow.

The outcome of my success delivered happiness I never thought would be possible. Everyone was supportive and kind and many people ask transformation questions. It feels great to have my family and friends supporting my journey.

Before /// 235 lbs
After /// 175 lbs
AGE 25 / HEIGHT 5'7" / BODY FAT 28%
AGE 25 / HEIGHT 5'7" / BODY FAT 6%

How I Accomplished My Goals

I received great advice from personal trainers, but one friend in particular coached me for the show when I hit a rough spot in life. I didn't touch a weight consistently until 2008 and was met with adversity that hindered my life and training. I stopped blaming myself for past mistakes and decided to move forward and live life to the fullest.

I cut out pizza, whole eggs, chips, chocolate, cookies, Chinese food, bread, cheese, and more to lose weight. I stayed on my diet and followed my coach's instructions.

I've never thought about throwing in the towel, but I did have thoughts about failing to prove to myself this was possible. Nothing against others, but too many people put their trust and time into supplements and other means. Everything starts with a solid diet plan and the will to wake up every day to go to the gym.

What Aspect Challenged Me The Most

The diet challenged me so much during the first three months that I almost gave up. After leaving the gym one night and sending my coach updated progress photos, I wasn't happy and thought I wasn't making progress.

To my surprise, he was happy with my progress and praised my hard work. It was then that I realized I couldn't give up and make excuses.

My Future Fitness Plans

I plan to do all I can to keep up the great work. I want to learn as much as possible and become an inspiration to the fitness community. I don't feel the need to rush and become a pro. In my eyes, a pro has knowledge and attitude to back up their title.

"Stay humble, stay strong, inspire others, and have fun!"

Suggestions For Aspiring Transformers

  • Set a goal.
  • Research and find a professional with great credentials who can help you.
  • Always listen to your coach.
  • Stay humble, stay strong, inspire others, and have fun!

How Helped Me Reach My Goals

BodySpace and have always been a big motivation and provided articles on amazing supplement information. I've used the site for a long time to connect with people and read great articles.

Jareem's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "In The End" by Linkin Park
  2. "Frenzy" by Rupe
  3. "Enemy" by Sevendust
  4. "Bright Morning Star" by DJ Tiesto
  5. "The Hard Way" by Fort Minor