Body Transformation: Gains From Gethin

Body By Design opened Jesse's eyes to new ideas about training and nutrition. He compounded the newfound knowledge with Kris Gethin's Hardcore Trainer and got shredded!

Name: Jesse Cruz Wellman
BodySpace: jessecruz

Jesse Cruz Wellman Jesse Cruz Wellman
AGE 34
195 lbs
AGE 34
182 lbs

Why I Decided to Transform

I battled weight problems as a child and into my teens. I picked up boxing after high school, which provided a great workout and became a huge release for me. It helped get my weight under control, but I lacked the diet guidelines.

My interest in workouts, nutrition, and fitness grew quickly. I ran a local wellness center for a while and got a grasp on training. I received multiple certifications and became a personal trainer. I discovered I had more love for this world than I imagined.

I changed my workout regimens and diet frequently throughout the following years. I fell into the fairy tale and thought I could get quick results overnight. I found and ran across Kris Gethin's Body By Design. My wife purchased the book for me and I started immediately. I was happy with the transformation when I finished, but I was still hungry for more.

My next challenge was to take on Kris Gethin's 12-Week Hardcore Trainer. It was well worth the sacrifice, but my wife may beg to differ. I started at the beginning of November 2012 and continued through the holidays. Temptations to cheat were high, but I stayed true. It was one of my highest accomplishments.

How I Accomplished My Goals

Food prep was the toughest factor. I prepared most of my food for the coming week during the weekend when I had more time. Chicken breast, steak, wheat noodles, veggies, brown rice, tilapia, eggs, and oatmeal made up most of my meals.

I ate every three hours, roughly 6-7 times per day. Having a lifting partner made me more accountable (thanks, Paully). I want to thank my wife, who endured the final weeks of carb-depletion and moodiness. She is my true rock. Watching the daily workouts and looking at other transformations on was the biggest inspiration that kept me going.

Supplements that Helped Me Through the Journey
With Meal 1, 3, and 5
Diet Plan that Guided My Transformation
Meal 1

Protein Pancake:

Meal 2: Post-workout
Meal 3
  • chicken



  • Wheat Rotini

    Wheat Rotini

    3/4 cup

  • vegetables


    1 cup

Meal 4
Meal 6
Training Regimen that Kept Me on Track

I perform 25 minutes of morning cardio every day followed by 300 core twists. I mixed up the workout order, and changed days and lifts to make sure I got the weekly workouts done regardless of the day. I love changing angles and sets and reps. I tried adding dropsets and rest-pauses to a few lifts for each body part. I only hit each body part once per week, except abs.

On days I didn't lift, I did 25 minutes of cardio in the evening followed by 300 core twists. Every workout starts with 5-10 minutes of warm-up cardio. I loved doing abs first. It helps me warm up and it's therapeutic to know I have them done before I lift. I prefer to start with a few warm-up sets and increase the weight as I progress to allow the joints and muscles to warm up further.

Day 1: Chest/triceps/abs
Day 2: Back/biceps
Day 3: Legs/abs
Day 4: Shoulders


What Aspect Challenged Me the Most

The diet was the most challenging aspect for me. It's amazing how much you consume in a day's time when you don't track your meals or have any goals. I didn't take a lot of other supplements that were recommended. I wanted my results to show the accomplishments of hard work and dedication without the extra help of supplementation.

My Future Fitness Plans

I still eat clean with a cheat meal here and there when I feel I've earned it. I love being able to have pizza and a beer with no regrets. I made this a life transition and couldn't be happier with the way I feel and look.

Suggestions for Aspiring Transformers
  • Be accountable
  • No excuses
  • Be patient
  • Prepare your meals ahead of time
  • Stay strong and positive
How Helped Me Reach My Goals

The articles, constant motivation, and workouts are inspiring. I'm not a huge social network supporter. I don't have Facebook, Twitter, or any of the sorts.

What I love about is being able to go to a site with no ties, gimmicks, or catches, but good clean information, tips, and motivation.

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