Body Transformation: Full Nelson

When Nelson scored a freshman-15, he wanted a do-over. Boy did he! He lost 5 pounds, and gained mounds of strength and confidence in his body.

Name: Nelson A. Feliciano Gonzalez
BodySpace: nellpr

Nelson A. Feliciano Gonzalez Nelson A. Feliciano Gonzalez
AGE 19
170 lbs
AGE 19
165 lbs

Why I Got Started

I always played basketball since I was a kid but after a shoulder injury and college starting I dropped it. I started college and started to eat a lot of junk food.

When I started college I weighed 155 pounds. After 4 months of eating whatever I could, I went to a store and stepped on a scale and, even though I'm an ectomorph, I weighed 170 pounds and about 14% body fat. Despite that, I was looking skinny with no definition at all, and everyone would call me "hey, skinny one," and that was something I didn't like.

Also I took a blood examination and my cholesterol levels where skyrocket high, which just meant one thing to me: heart diseases. In that moment I committed my mind and heart to completely transform my physique. I was willing to be devoted and persistent, and that this was not going to be something brief, it was going to be my new life.

I chose bodybuilding in order to transform my body and my lifestyle.

How I Did It

In August of 2011, I started doing a research about how to get started, what to eat and what not, and which where the most effective exercises for beginners, and the split routines.

While doing that research I started to use the Supersite section on to instruct myself with the proper nutrition, training, and motivation. The first thing I did was get my diet right, and learn things like which are healthy carbohydrates, when to eat carbohydrates, essential fats, and of course how to get the necessary amount of protein. I also learned how important it is to eat every 2.5-to-3 hours to maintain a faster metabolism. The second thing was the training routine.

So in September of 2011, since I was just able to afford home training, I purchased a set of interchangeable dumbbells that ranged from 5-to-20 pounds, and a pull-up bar to get started.

After three months some changes where getting noticed, nothing serious but I was getting leaner and stronger so I kept it up.

After eight months, April 2012, I made a satisfying transformation with my physique and lifestyle, something which inspired a friend to start training and now he is my gym partner and I'm his guide in a certain way. Also, now I started going to a gym which keeps me more motivated and allows me to do different exercises with the necessary weights.

I do a 4-day split routine with cardiovascular workouts two days per week. It took eight months, a nutrition transformation, and hard work to see a dramatic change in my body, but hey, Rome wasn't built in one day and neither is a dream physique. I'm still working hard and getting great results.

There is not a day that passes in which I don't regret starting; I just love it.

Suggestions For Others

Before starting to workout, do a little research and get yourself some knowledge about exercises, supplements, and nutrition based on your goals.

Also, it is important to always eat clean food either you are bulking or getting cut, success comes from 50% nutrition, 35% training, 10% sleep, and 5% supplementation.

Another critical point is to always focus in a good form and controlled exercise, avoid momentum and you won't be lying to yourself.

Be patient, consistent, and stay motivated, and you will get the body you always dreamed to have.