Body Transformation: Friends In Fit Places

Diane saw her best friend transform and desired similar significant change. She began with a courageous choice and is far from finished!

Name: Diane Forshee

Diane Forshee Diane Forshee
AGE 27
125 lbs
AGE 28
106 lbs

Why I Got Started

I was tired of the image I had of myself and always telling myself, "I'll start tomorrow". After seeing a photo of Jamie Eason on a friend's Myspace page, my best friend Kelsey Byers and I became interested in how someone could look like that.

Kelsey inquired with Jamie and that's how we found out about Kim Porterfield and the Institute of Easting Management in Houston.

We both talked for months about it and then finally about a year later Kelsey and her husband had their first visit and then I followed in May 2010. The decision to invest in myself that day and discover a better me has been the most rewarding choice I've ever made.

Going through my transformation while also supporting my best friend's success as a competitor and fitness model we encouraged each other every step of the way.

How I Did It

Hiring a professional nutritionist, Kim Porterfield with I.E.M., was the first step. From May 2010 until May 2011 I learned how to eat balanced meals five times a day and watched my body transform very quickly.

However, I found myself going back and forth in body fat adjusting my new eating to my social life which was hard for me to balance. For me I needed accountability, a goal to thrust me to a new level and new mindset.

After conversations with my best friend Kelsey who had recently competed in a fitness competition and consulting my nutritionist I committed myself to a 20 week body transformation and created a blog, to catalog my changes bi-weekly.

Upon committing myself to this transformation I cut out all alcohol for 20 weeks and eating out. Those were my two weaknesses that I had not been able to conquer so by eliminating them I was able to show myself I didn't "need them".

I had relied heavily on the social aspect of the entertainment of multiple happy hours a week and excessive fast food meals and was never able to find a balance.

By "shocking" my system and completely cutting them out I not only proved to myself I could make a commitment and stick to it but that I COULD find a healthy balance down the road. Journaling my transformation was an amazing experience and I still look at it frequently to remind myself of how far I have come in such a short time.

The support of family friends and my boyfriend allowed me to discover the best form of myself and allowed me to opportunity to really dig deep and learn a lot about myself.

Since my competition in October I have maintained a healthy body fat range and weight with the guidance of Kim Porterfield. This has also been pertinent for the psychological aspect of coming out of a restrictive meal plan to be able to have Kim effectively adjust my diet accordingly.

Once I had my diet lined up I reached out to Figure Competitor & Athlete Vanessa Sifontes for training and supplementation my last 12 weeks. She helped assess where to build and where to shed and laid out the perfect supplement and training plan just for me. The diet combined with training and supplementation allowed me to take my body to a level I had never seen before!

Suggestions For Others

First, I suggest finding a nutritionist locally and consulting them on your goals. Next become comfortable with what you're eating and more importantly know why you're eating what you are and ask lots of questions. Building a foundation of clean eating and building good habits will be the key to long term success.

Competing isn't for everyone so that my not be your goal but make a commitment to yourself in some way and be sure to share with others what your doing to create accountability.

Be sure to surround yourself with supportive and encouraging people. This will be the key for your motivation and help you maintain and positive mind set. Stay focused and celebrate every small loss or gain….it took time to put the weight on and it's going to take time to work it off.

Thank you to my family, friends, boyfriend, trainer & nutritionist for your help, support and guidance. Making a big change like this does change you but for the "BETTER YOU" that was really never given a chance.

Patience, dedication and consistency are the three things I contribute to my transformation. I encourage anyone to step outside of your comfort zone and make a change to find that "BETTER YOU", you'll be so happy you did!

  • Thank you to Natalie Gunderson with The Bronze Body for an amazing tan on show day.
  • Thank you to Lisa Hilton & Lizette Lizalde with Miqolette Aesthetics for my hair and make up show day,
  • Ellen Holmes with Crystallini Bikini for making my gorgeous suit for the show.
  • A huge thank you to my boyfriend Michael-David Reilly. He encouraged and guided me through my journey and couldn't have done it with out his constant support. His motivational campaign, "I DECIDE" and his own fitness journey helped inspire me and keep me going!
  • Lastly, friends and family as I said before are the biggest part of any lifestyle change. Embracing an interest that I had and allowing me to see it through with out judgment only love and support, I am so thankful to have such a loving group around me.