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Body Transformation: Bijan Built A Brand New Body

Bijan was motivated to no longer be the 'fat kid' by the results he saw when he began working out. With more than 100 pounds lost, Bijan is building his dream body. Check out his story!

Vital Stats

Name: Bijan Sanei
Bodyspace: bijsanei

Bijan Sanei Bijan Sanei


240 lbs
Body Fat:


130 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

I was sick of being the fat kid and always looking for the XXL sizes in the stores, plus never getting much attention from the ladies. I went from one extreme to another, and what got me started was a little inspiration.

Once I started seeing results, there was no stopping me and I'm still working hard every day to keep it up and look better by gaining some muscle in the future.

It's pretty crazy to think that I could actually be inspiring people to make the same switch in their lives, but at the same time that excites me so much because that's all it took for me, and all I can ask is people take from my experience and do it for themselves!

This is the look of satisfaction that comes from a successful transformation. Burgundy leather sofa, optional.

How I Did It

Some friends and I came up with the idea of joining a local fitness club together, and all getting into better shape. It started off as just an idea and a simple, occasional workout, but quickly turned into a great success and an awesome new hobby of mine. Starting to see results really kick-started my motivation and drove me to achieve better ones, and more of them!

With work, school and the normal everyday family and friend business on the side, it wasn't always the easiest to make it to the gym and get my workouts in. This is definitely where the drive, motivation and determination came into it for me.

Where better to chronicle your glory than the lavatory of an Italian restaurant? Bravo!

I mean, let's be honest, there aren't a whole lot of people who truly enjoy doing cardio and dieting down. However, I knew the hard work that I was putting in would one day be worth it. With that in mind, I kept at it, day after day.

Like I said, the best thing, and the thing that kept me going, was not only the mirror and the results I saw with my own eyes, but the compliments I started to receive. When people actually started to notice the hard work I was putting in, and started noticing for themselves how much better I was looking, it was awesome.

Even the extra bit of attention for the opposite sex was something I wasn't really used to, but was great. I still use the same spark to keep me going these days, and am still striving for results everyday!


Pre Workout:
Intra Workout:
With First Meal:

I also have various protein powders from Optimum Nutrition, Xtreme Formulations, and Myofusion in which I will use for protein sources on some occasions throughout the day.


I would previously stress out about my diet and every little detail. These days, I follow a much more relaxed plan, whilst controlling my intake with specific macronutrient goals and calorie intake. I plan to hit my protein, carb, fat and caloric goals while simply eating what I what when I want.

Some days I will feast on chicken, rice, veggies and the typical bodybuilder's regimen, while often I will even enjoy moderate portions of ice cream, candy and kid's cereal.

Meal 1:

Meal 2: Pre Workout

Meal 3: Post Workout

Meal 4:

Meal 5:


At first, I was uneducated and had an 'overkill' of a training routine, doing too much cardio, and too much weight-lifting for someone at my level of experience.

I finally got a little help on my routine and settled on a lower volume, higher intensity, bulking template. Before I perform each exercise, I do a lightweight, high-rep warm-up set.

It looks a little like this:

Days 1 and 4: Upper Body

(I alternate the order each day. ie. Day 4 I'll start with Incline bench)



Days 2 and 5: Lower Body

(I alternate the order each day. ie. Day 5 I'll start with Leg press)


Day 3: Cardio
Days 6 and 7: Rest

Suggestions for Others

Obviously, one of the hardest parts of this journey was getting started … but after you do that, the possibilities are endless. The sky is the limit of what we are capable of.

Everyone's different, so don't get discouraged and let up along the way. Keep pushing for what you want, and make sure you enjoy doing it. Once, you start seeing what you can do, there'll be no stopping you.

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