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The IFBB Athlete's Rep Report - First Edition.

Here is a recap of the items that were submitted for approval at the Board of Governor's meeting held this past October in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read on for the details.

Welcome to the first of a regular monthly update from the desk of the IFBB Athletes representative, Bob Cicherillo. This column is brought to you with the intent of giving you, the reader, an inside perspective into the political/business side of professional bodybuilding.

What Does IFBB Stand For?
IFBB stands for the "International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness". Visit their website at

We'll start by recapping the items that were submitted for approval at the Board of Governor's meeting held this past October 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the consequent rulings thereof.

2005 Annual Meeting Attendance

Pursuant to Article 3.7 of the IFBB Professional Rules (2005 Edition), the IFBB Professional Division, held their annual meeting at the Orleans Hotel, Mardi Gras Room, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on Wednesday, October 12, 2005.

The following officials were present.

IFBB Board Of Governors Meeting Attendees.
Name Title
Mr. Jim Manion Chairman of the IFBB Professional Division
Mr. Jim Rockell Professional Division Management Team, Men's Representative
Mr. Rob Wilkins Professional Division Management Team, Athlete Liaison (The Americas)
Mr. Pawel Filleburn Professional Division Management Team, Athlete Liaison (Europe)
Mr. Peter McGough Professional Division Management Team, Media Representative
Mr. Steve Weinberger Professional Division Management Team, Promoter Representative
Ms. Betty Pariso Professional Division Management Team, Women's Bodybuilding Rep
Ms. Adela Garcia Professional Division Management Team, Fitness Athlete Rep
Mr. Bob Cicherillo Professional Division Management Team, Male Athlete Rep
Ms. Jenny Lynn Professional Division Management Team, Figure Athlete Rep
*Mr. Asher Frig Professional Division Judge
*Mr. Matt Crane Professional Division Judge
*Mr. Jon Lindsay Professional Division Promoter
*Mr. Steve O'Brian Professional Division Judge/Promoter
*Mr. Gary Udit Professional Division Judge/Promoter
*Mr. John Tuman Professional Division Judge/Promoter
*Mr. Joe Palumbo Professional Division Expeditor
*Mr. Matt Bristol Professional Division Expeditor
*Mr. Bill Tierney Professional Division Judge
*Ms. Wanda Tierney Professional Division Judge
*Mrs. Amy Wilkins Professional Division Expeditor/Recorder Of Minutes

*Observer, no vote

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Jenny Lynn, Adela Garcia.

I. Call To Order

Mr. Manion welcomed and called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

II. Agenda Items

Women's Bodybuilding

    No Proposals - Betty Pariso


    No Proposals - Adela Garcia


    No Proposals - Jenny Lynn

Are Women Bodybuilders/Figure/Fitness Being Well Represented At The IFBB Professional Division?

Not Sure.

Men's Bodybuilding

    Eight Proposals - Bob Cicherillo

    The following items were proposed and voted upon by members of the IFBB Professional Division Management Team:

    A. For all IFBB Pro competitions, a bodybuilder from Italy proposed having two weight classes; under 200 pounds and over 200 pounds.

      Mr. Manion tabled this item for a vote: Motion was denied.

    B. Upon the promoters approval, request registered IFBB Pro's receive two free tickets to all IFBB sanctioned shows upon presentation of current IFBB Pro card.

      In regards to this proposal, the following items were discussed:

      • IFBB Pro's must contact the promoter and request the tickets at least two weeks prior to the competition date.
      • Must act accordingly.
      • The tickets will be designated by the promoter.
      • IFBB Pro's may be asked to participate and present trophy during competition.

      Mr. Manion tabled this item for a vote: Motion was accepted.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    IFBB Athletes Representative, Bob Cicherillo.

    C. Recommend the IFBB guarantees purses for IFBB sanctioned competitions. Mr. Manion informed group that from this point forward, if a promoter did not pay the purse, he (Mr. Manion) would take on this expense and make all payments.

      Mr. Manion tabled this item for a vote: Motion was accepted.

    D. Recommend all official information related to IFBB competitions be added and updated accordingly on the official site of the IFBB, Mr. Tony Blinn is the webmaster for the site and all information related to competitions will be sent to him in a timely manner so he can post it.

      Mr. Manion tabled this item for a vote: Motion was accepted.

    E. Recommend judges individual scores to be made public after completion of contest.

      An IFBB judge will e-mail or fax scores to Tony Blinn to be posted on web site.

      Mr. Manion tabled this item for a vote: Motion was accepted.

    F. Recommend current IFBB scoring format be replaced by NPC system of scoring and/or amended, specifically the posing round.

      Eliminate posing round except for entertainment value.

      All registered male and female bodybuilding athletes must vote. Registered athletes will be contacted by their respective athlete rep. Please send vote responses to respective reps by 15 Dec 2005.

      Optional for the promoter to provide prize money or a trophy.

      Mr. Manion tabled this item for a vote: Motion was accepted - however, awaiting voting results from registered athletes (Item Open).

    G. Recommend a mandatory number of athletes (4-6) be provided free airfare/hotel costs by the promoter.

      This item is left to the discretion of each promoter.

      Mr. Manion tabled this item for a vote: Motion was denied.

    H. Recommend Olympia qualifying placing to extend to next highest placing athletes in the event of athletes already being qualified in the top three.

      If top three are already qualified for the Olympia, then the fourth place will winner will qualify for the Olympia.

      If the top four have already qualified for the Olympia, no additional qualifications will be permitted.

      Mr. Manion tabled this item for a vote: Motion was accepted.

    I. Recommend purse of IFBB-sanctioned shows to have a mandatory increase of 10% of total purse, every third year of shows existence (applicable to shows with total purse under 50K). Shows with 50K + purse to increase 5% every third year.

      Promoters will try to increase prize money when possible however, they strongly disagree with being mandated to increase the prize money.

      Mr. Manion tabled this item for a vote: Motion was denied.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Bob At the 2000 NPC USA.

III. Closing Comments

In regards to registered IFBB athletes competing and/or providing seminars to other organizations, the following rule from the IFBB Professional Rules (2005 Edition), will be enforced:

14.9 Non-sanctioned Events:
"Any IFBB professional athlete, judge or official who participates at a competition or event not approved or sanctioned by the IFBB may be fined, suspended or expelled. Participation shall include, but shall not be limited to, competing, guest posing, giving a seminar, lecture or similar presentation, judging, officiating and/or taking part in a non-IFBB sanctioned competition or event in any other way, shape, or form."

IFBB-registered athletes interested in serving as athlete reps for 2006 should contact Mr. Manion by 1 December 2005 at:

  IFBB Professional Division
  P.O. Box 3224
  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15230
  Toll Free: 1-866-304-4322
  Tel: 1+ (412) 276-5027
  Fax: 1+ (412) 281-0470

After reviewing the list on candidates, the IFBB Pro Division Office will send out a ballot (via email) for registered athletes to select their choice to serve as the athlete rep. The voting period is 9-21 Dec 2005. After all the ballots have been counted, those elected athlete reps will be notified by Mr. Manion during the last week of December 2005 and begin their duties on 1 Jan 2006.


After reviewing and voting on all the agenda items, the IFBB Professional Division, meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


I believe the meeting was a monumental step forward for the athletes of the IFBB, with approval being granted for the items that held the greatest significance.

I would like to express thanks to the Board for consideration of all the proposals, and believe this to be the all-important "first step" in assuring the athletes that they indeed have a voice, and it was heard loud and clear!