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How Preparing For Competition Is Like Pregnancy.

The following article may sound especially familiar to women who are already mothers. Let's take a look at a humorous side of competition training.

As I prepared for my most recent figure competition, I could not help but acknowledge the many similarities between the feelings involved when pregnant and when preparing for a competition. The following article may sound especially familiar to women who are already mothers. Let's take a look at a humorous side of competition training.

Planning It Out

To begin with, preparation for "the big event" takes planning and a lot of money. After all, you want the best for this new part of your life. There are also many unexpected incidentals that come up which eat at your pocketbook. New clothing, professional experts, pampering, and educational materials all compete for your time and wallet!

When starting to prepare for this endeavor, you find yourself wondering how your body will change and look as time goes by. You are going to go through some big transitions! Will you even recognize yourself after all of this? You may even doubt your abilities to embark on the challenge and wonder if you are up to performing in this important role.

Be careful not to compare yourself to others. You do not have to live up to the image presented by someone else in this same role; you only need do your personal best. Be prepared to be given tons of advice and be willing also to seek out help from those who have already been there.

You'll find yourself really wanting to be the finest you can and savoring this special time in your life. Of course, you will want to do your best as you will not have a chance to do this particular event over again.

You will find that friends and family will be asking you, "When is the date?" and "How much longer do you have?" You may also feel like your body is on display for others to watch as you make progress towards the end result. As the changes in your body become more noticeable, you may feel like you are the center of attention.

Even strangers may inquire about what you are experiencing. Don't be surprised if you are poked and asked if your stomach can be viewed! Another common question will be about your weight status and how it has changed since you began this experience.

At this wonderful stage in your life you will want to make sure that you get enough of the right vitamins and supplements. A good cream for stretch marks may also be in order. You will need to get plenty of rest and take care of your body. As the big day gets closer, increasingly more ailments begin. The process is getting more difficult! You may get very tired, have achy muscles, and experience mood swings! People will learn not to take your emotions and attitudes personally. You may start to worry what will happen if there are any complications.

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Here is another big one. You will likely find yourself hungry and craving specific foods! You don't want to gain too much weight, though. Making the right kind of gains is important.

Another observation to point out is that if your relationship or marriage is not already strong, this process and event will probably cause strain and not make the relationship any stronger. There is a great deal of stress involved and even though it is a fun time, it can easily overtake the whole family. Make sure all people involved are supportive.

The day is drawing nearer. Your nervousness starts changing into feelings of just wanting it to be over! This is all starting to take its toll on your body and mind.

When the day does arrive, just shoot modesty out the window! There is no place for it in this environment. Your body will be exposed to a multitude of strangers and you will probably be in less clothing than ever before. Did you ever think you would be revealing yourself in this way to so many people and so up close and personal?


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Finally, the big day arrives. While performing it may seem to take forever! You are really trying to do your best. Yet in other ways it is really quite short compared to the preparation time. When it is all said and done, you may find yourself reflecting on all the months prior to the event.

You prepared and looked forward to this day and now feel a slight sadness that it is over. So much time, effort and care went into preparing and now it is done. Yet, look at what you have accomplished! It is most definitely something for which you can take pride.

It was a lot of hard work and you did it! You will be able to enjoy the results of your hard work for a long time to come; the pain was worth it!

Shall we do it again?