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2006 Europa Super Show Expo Review & Swimsuit Success!

Free-a-holics at the 2006 Europa Expo – My dad would take everything that was free regardless... but when he took a posing suit...! Here is my story from the 2006 Europa Expo!

For all of you who attended Betty Pariso's Europa Super Show in Arlington, Texas this year, it was an awesome event! Congratulations to everyone who competed! It was a large, well-attended show and I can personally attest to having had a great time. Of course, it helped that I managed to place second in the Stacker Hottest Mom Contest!

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Pamela Blackburn.

Sports Expo

But the story I want to share with you involves the Sports Expo at the Europa. The expo involved many, many vendors from various supplement companies, workout wear,, etc.

I'm not sure how many companies were represented, but there was a plethora of product. It is always fun and informative to visit these vendor booths because you can speak directly to professionals from the companies about their latest and greatest. Many also offer samples of these treasures for you to try before you buy.

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I love this because with all of the items out there, it is very helpful to read the labels and taste the assortment of flavors before committing to a purchase. An added bonus is that many times there is special pricing if you should decide to purchase at these events.

Additionally, one can acquire a smorgasbord of products for free to consume at a later time. Large bags are filled with free samples to allure us into future shopping sprees.

Free-A-Holic Parents:

    That is where my story originates. My family traveled to Arlington this past weekend to see me compete in the swimsuit contest at the Europa. My parents had never seen me compete before and had never been to an event such as the Europa. They have, however, had many opportunities to get free samples during various promotional events in the past.

    In fact, you might call my parents sort of "free-a-holics." To my parents, if something is free, they need it and will take it. They may never use this product, may never have a need for this product, but gosh darn-it, if it's free they are taking it!

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    Now visualize this scene with me. My dad is a friendly, gray-haired, 73 year old that is kind of slow on his feet. At the conclusion of my competition, I met up with my family for some innocent schmoozing with the vendors. With our gigantic EAS bags in hand, we were ready to go trick or treating.

    While I was beginning to pick up some treats, my dad was starting some tricks. These were unintentional frolics, but sneaky just the same. My dad was having a swell time filling his goodie bag with bootie. As much as I tried to explain to him that a man such as himself had no need for a maximum gainer product, the sample was free so he took it.

Klepto Dad?

    When he saw the opportunity to add a female thermogenic to his stash, he quickly grabbed it. But the fun went just a little too far when he came up to me holding a little, clear package containing some bright, fluorescent, lime green fabric.

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    My dad, proud of his latest acquisition, asked me, "What do you think this is?" My elderly dad had actually walked away with a posing suit thinking it was a valuable freebie!

    As the girl who represented the booth from which the alluring suit had been taken approached my dad and me, you could visibly read the horror and embarrassment she would endure in asking this geriatric klepto for her posing suit back. "Sir, you'll need to pay for that. Those suits are for sale," is all she could manage to mutter.

    Concurrently, there was a men's bodybuilding competition in process on the stage behind us during this interchange. I explained to my dad that the item he so proudly held in his hand was actually a bodybuilding posing suit and that if he intended to keep it, he would need to adorn it and get on stage with the other men.

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Dad Had No Interest Getting Up On Stage.
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    Well, needless to say, my dad had no interest in keeping the suit, free or not! But I think the posing suit representatives must have left with an entertaining memory of a crazy, old character at the Europa! Thanks, Dad!

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Thanks, Dad!