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Bill Grant Podcast Interview: Abdominals.

Podcast Interview: In this episode, Dan Gastelu interviews guest Bill Grant. Bill talks abs, fat burning, and pro training secrets!

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Welcome to Interview # 7 in the Awesome Muscles™ Online Interview Series. This week, your host, Daniel Gastelu, chats with Bill Grant a second time - this time about abs, fat burning, and pro training secrets.

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In this seminar, Dan Gastelu and Bill Grant set the record straight about exercises for abs and the diet factor. They also mention green and white proteins, and other fat-burning foods. Bill reviews his history of getting abs to pop for contests and for his clients, too.

Do you think professional bodybuilders have their abs popping all the time? Bill gives the straight talk about this. Also discussed are ways to increase the intensity of resistance training workouts for increased fat burning, and also how to stimulate muscle buildling at the same time.

Also touched upon are the following topics: big muscles, heavy workloads, 405 lbs for 12 reps on the bench, and the power of drop sets. Bill then reveals some of the training secrets that he, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and other professional bodybuilders use regarding reps and workloads.

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