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The Kevin Levrone Race!

Kevin Levrone sprints against Dwain Chambers, the 2nd fastest man on Earth! Who won? What was the time? Watch the video and view the pics!

The race was scheduled for 2:00 pm Wednesday, December 11 at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA. There were about twelve of us that showed up early at the track (around 1:00 pm) anticipating what would turn out to be an historic event. Through discussion and overheard conversation amongst the group, it seemed that most of us were playing hookie from work in order to be there. It turned out that we didn't need to be there so early either, and ended up waiting until around 2:30 before some famous faces began to arrive.

First was Kevin Levrone and Dwain Chambers (second fastest man on earth), along with an associate of Chambers. It was kind of funny... just before Levrone and Chambers showed up, most of us (the fans) were starting to get tired of waiting and expressed this to each other in the form of bitching. A couple of the guys even left after seeing that nothing was happening and it was after 2:00 pm. But like I mentioned, at around 2:30pm it happened, out of the corner of my eye I spotted something that didn't look right among some of the college students that were entering the field area to go about their daily sports routines. I noticed a big Mofo walking towards our group. Then it hit me... that's Levrone, and wait a minute, that must be Chambers with him. It's amazing how big these guys are in person. Kevin shook our hands as we greeted him, and we expressed to him how we hoped he would win. Kevin said that he was doing this whole thing to show people that bodybuilders are great at other things besides just bodybuilding.

Then only a few minutes later, I noticed something strange again -- out of the same corner of the track. I didn't know other famous bodybuilders would be there, so it was a big surprise to see who else showed up. Anyway, like I said, I noticed something else strange approaching - something BIG. Then I realized it was Gunter Schlierkamp, the guy that just beat Ronnie Coleman at the 2002 Show Of Strength! Gunter is a monster, especially in person! The biggest arms I've ever seen! The best part was, this guy is nice and really approachable.

So there you go, check out what took place and realize that even though Kevin didn't win, it was darn close as far as us non-runners go. Also realize that this was an historic event -- in the world of sports and bodybuilding.

Chamber's Time For 60 Meters: 6.64.
Levrone: Close Behind, But Carrying Twice The Weight.

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More Pics!

Levrone just arrived and was getting psyched.
Levrone and Chambers immediately after the race.

Gunter Schlierkamp's arms were looking huge!
He definitely got a lot of attention from the college kids.

Milos Sarcev, the popular IFBB Pro, was filming!
Levrone and Chambers taking a jog to warm-up for the race.

Gunter kidding around and posing for Milos.
Another picture of Gunter. The next Mr. Olympia?

Don't we all wish we looked like this when relaxed?
Gunter sharing a laugh with a few of his friends.

David Smith

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