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Learn to successfully manage fitness, academics, and fun so you can get the most from college life.

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For many new students, college means change. This may be the first time you're 100% in control of your everyday experience. This freedom brings opportunities and challenges. Fitness must become a priority. This program can help you juggle fitness, academics, and fun so you can get the most from college life.

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When I hit college, I was shocked at the freedom and control I had over my own schedule. I didn't have anyone telling me what to do or where I had to be. I wasn't forced to attend class. It can be tough attaining that freedom and not going crazy with it. If you can harness and take advantage of your newfound freedom, college will be one of the most rewarding periods of your life.

Fitness First

Your thoughts have an immense amount of power. If you think about fitness and exercise, you will subconsciously move toward those things. Keep fitness on your mind. You'll meet others with the same hobby and set yourself up for success.

Take a nutrition class—it's one of the best things a college student can do. You need an elective, so take a nutrition course. You're going to talk about basic eating habits and get credit for it, and you'll meet other people interested in nutrition.

Sign up for a fitness class, or just train at the fitness center on campus. The gym is a great place to meet other fitness-minded people. A huge part of college is socializing. Insert yourself into healthy situations, like joining an intramural team. Pick activities that combine exercise and socializing.

Fitness Friends and Foes

You'll meet a ton of new people, not all of whom will be into fitness. If you have roommates you've never met before, they might not be in to working out. While it's great to always have a training partner, don't let yourself be bogged down or stopped when you want to train.

I worked out all through college. When I wasn't training with the football team, I lifted alone three times per week. I didn't need a spotter. I made it a priority to lift, and I lifted. Do the same and your friends might even follow suit.

Party Principles

All colleges have parties. I didn't drink in college, but I would attend parties with drinking. You will get peer-pressured by your friends, but they'll come to respect and honor your choices. You can still party. Be the designated driver for your friends, and don't let a lack of alcohol ruin your fun.

You can't sacrifice what you really want, your ultimate goal, for what you want right now. It may look like everyone else is having a great time, but you have to remember why you're in college. Yes, you need to socialize, but you're paying to learn. If you're also in college to be fit, you'll see and feel the drunken nights pile up.

If you're over 21 and you choose to drink, be smart about it. Eat a lower-carb diet on Friday so you can drink Friday night. If you wake up with a vicious hangover, pound some water and hit the gym. Hop on a cardio machine and sweat out the alcohol. Cardio and hydration are my favorite cures for any hangover.

You can still party. Be the designated driver for your friends, and don't let lack of alcohol ruin your fun.
Schedule Your Social Life

If you're planning to drink, make sure to schedule it like everything else. Make Friday night your going-out night. Plan and make choices accordingly. Make sure you don't have any Saturday morning commitments, and make sure you work hard enough so you can let loose.

If you drink frequently, remember that it's always going to come back and bite you. There's no way your body is going to perform at its peak if you're dehydrated and weakened from drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse hurts your physical progress, your mood, and your mind.

You're in college to learn. With fitness as a top priority, you'll feel better, look better, be healthier, perform better, be stronger, and be able to enjoy the complete college experience. Don't sacrifice your hard work and long-term results for short-term fun.

Temptation Island

When it comes to girls, find someone with similar interests. Fitness can be a big-time commitment. If fitness is important to you, there are plenty of great places to meet girls with similar interests. Check out intramural sports, the gym, and fitness and nutrition classes.

Not as many girls lift in high school, but many start in college. This is a time for the ladies, especially if they've never taken a weight class, to do it!

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