Training Tips: Plan Your Workout!

Nick Nilsson's quick tips will help you get the results you are looking for from your training no matter what your goal.

Plan Your Workout
Working out with a plan can greatly improve your training efficiency.

An important aspect of training is preparing for your workout.

  • Some people prefer a more free-form approach, doing what they want when they want and can get results with that, but most people will get better results by planning their approach. This is especially true if you are fairly new to weight training.

  • Plan exactly what you are going to do during your workout so you don't have to waste time and thought figuring out what you're going to do.

  • This includes exercises, number of sets, rep ranges, weight used, rest periods, etc.

  • Have back-up exercises in mind in case the equipment you need is in use by someone else already.

  • Planning in advance allows you to concentrate on working the muscles rather than on what you are going to do next.

  • It helps you get your workout done in more efficient and effective fashion.

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