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Training Tips: Common Bench Press Errors!

Nick Nilsson's quick tips on familiar bench press mistakes and how to fix them.

Common Bench Press Errors
Learn the most common mistakes people make when doing the bench press and how to avoid them.

The Barbell Bench Press is one of the most common exercises done in the gym. It is also one of the most abused. Here are some common errors to avoid. A full bench press guide with pics is here.

  • Bouncing the bar off the chest - This is the most common error. Bouncing the bar reduces tension on the pectoralis (chest) muscles and can cause severe injury to your rib cage. To prevent this error, use less weight and stop the bar for a two-count at the bottom of every rep.

  • Arching the back - Do not allow your glutes to come up off the bench. This places severe strain on your lower back. Keep your butt glued to the bench.

  • Moving the feet - If your feet shuffle around or lift off the floor when you are bench pressing, you are breaking your base of power, reducing the amount of power you will be able to generate. Essentially, you will be weaker if you move your feet.

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