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Training Tips: Social Eating!

Nick Nilsson's quick tips: Eating with others can be fun, but beware if you're on a diet!

Social Eating
Eating with others can be fun but beware if you're on a diet!

Eating is one of the most social events in our society. It is for precisely this reason that many people are overweight.

  • People tend to eat more when they eat with other people than when they eat alone.

  • They are also more likely to eat dessert when with friends.

  • Keep this in mind when you are eating with other people.

  • Try not eat like friends who aren't watching what they eat. Everyone seems to know somebody who can eat like a horse and never gain an ounce.

  • They may be indulging in foods that won't help you towards your goals if you join in. There will be pressure to copy their eating habits.

  • This is not to say you should always eat alone or never eat with friends, just be aware of what you are putting into your mouth.

  • Remember, only YOU have the final say over what you put into your mouth. Nobody is putting a gun to your head saying "Eat that cheesecake!!"

  • Another thing to watch out for is that "occasional" nibble off somebody else's plate. It is "regular" if you take an "occasional" nibble every time you eat and can be a source of many hidden calories!

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