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Training Tips: Your Friend The Multivitamin!

Nick Nilsson's quick tips: If you only take one supplement, find out why this should be it.

Your Friend The Multivitamin
If you only take one supplement, find out why this should be it.

The multivitamin is your best friend when you are working to lose fat or gain muscle.

  • Even when you are not on a diet, it is very difficult to get enough vitamins and minerals.

  • This is especially important when you are dieting as your nutrient intake is not as much as when you are not.

  • In order to not compromise your health and your results, you should take a multivitamin every single day. This will help protect you against any deficiencies you may advertantly be experiencing.

  • Do not take generic, low-quality multivitamins. You may as well be swallowing little rocks for all the nutrients you will get out of them.

  • Most vitamins (including popular brand names) that come in tablet form are so compressed that they can't be broken down even by stomach acid.

  • Look for multivitamins in capsule or gelcap form. These will be the most absorbable.

  • Think of the multivitamin as your insurance policy and take it every day.

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