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The Best Forum Posts About The 2005 Olympia Weekend.

The best threads and posts from the forum right here. Find the best posts about the Olympia right here...

Best Olympia Forum Posts

Olympia 2005 Picture Recap.

Big_Mike compiled a list of the best pictures of some of his favorite competitors.

Ronnie Coleman (1st), Jay Cutler (2nd) & Gustavo Badell (3rd).

Where you there? If so, post your best pictures in this thread...

Anyone Else Think Gustavo Should Have Taken Second Behind Ronnie?

ac322 brought up an interesting question about the 2005 Mr. Olympia placings... Should Gustavo Badell placed ahead of Jay Cutler? Jay made improvements to his physique, but was it because of his hype leading up to the Olympia?

Do You Think Gustavo Badell Should Have Placed In 2nd Place?

Absolutely. He Should Have Beat Jay Culter!
No Way. Jay Was In His Best Condition Ever.

Did The New Gunter Remind You Of Arnold Because Of His New Posing Routine?

After forum member Killazer saw pictures of Gunter Schlierkamp from the 2005 Mr. Olympia contest, it reminded him of Arnold because of his newly revamped posing routine.

As Killazer put it, "I dont think Ron looked all that good in terms of symmetry and aesthetics. Sure he's big... but I don't think he looked that good."

Gunter Schlierkamp.

What Happened With That Bench Press Comp?

PrivateBaldrick pretty much summed up the Gakic Bench Press Challenge with that question.

It was horribly orchestrated, unscripted with little to no humor, half of the time you could not understand what was going on onstage, their was way too many people on stage at any given moment, the cameras were very distracting and blocked most of the audience just so they could get a good shot and much more.

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The Weider Vs. Muscletech Competition.

Congratulations Jay Cutler New Mr Olympia

On October 14, bigbodybuilder made a pretty bold prediction. It seems someone might be eating their words at this point.

Did Jay Give Ronnie A Run For His Money?

Yes, It Was Really Close!
No, Jay Got Owned!

The New King When Ronnie Retires Is..

So it seems that Ronnie is just plain unstoppable. But everyone has to retire someday. the terminator brings up an interseting discussion on the heir to the Olympia throne.

Gustavo Got Robbed!!!!!!!

DSML brings up an interesting question. How does the winner of the challenge round end up taking third overall?

It's Easy To See What Is Going To Happen Here...

The debate over the future of Mr. Olympia rages on in this thread started by Flex500.

Gene Rychalk's Failed 1015lb Benchpress

LaxPro starts a huge discussion on the incredible attempt by Gene Rychalk.