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Valerie Waugaman - How She's Preparing For Vegas

With her 5th place finish at this year's Arnold Classic, 1st place finish at the Colorado Pro, and others, Val is carrying some serious momentum... Learn more from the following nutrition, supplement, and training plan as she prepares for the Olympia.

Valerie Waugaman is one of the hottest names on the figure circuit. With her gorgeous face, sexy walk, and sculpted physique, people stop and stare when Val walks into the room.

And whenever she steps on the competitive stage, Val's a serious contender for an overall title. In fact, Val won the NPC National Figure championships in 2005, the Colorado Pro figure event in 2006, and is having a break-out year in 2007.

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At The 2007 IFBB Arnold Classic.
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With her 5th place finish at this year's Arnold Classic, 1st place finish at the Colorado Pro event, and 1st place finish at the Houston Pro event, Val is carrying with her some serious momentum going into the Olympia. Indeed, many industry experts believed Val should have won the Arnold Classic. And many more are predicting a victory for Val in Vegas.

As Val's year-round training and nutrition coach, I've been inundated with questions about her program, her diet, and her supplements. So, in this article, I'd like to give a synopsis of each.

At The 2007 IFBB Colorado Pro/Am Classic.
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Val's Off Season

At this point, it's important to know that Val is a study in commitment and discipline. In fact, she makes most of the men around look like fickle little school-girls, both in the gym and out. Her intensity is mind-blowing; her focus is laser-like. And her attention to her training and nutrition plan are inspiring.

Val eats clean and works incredibly hard year-round, knowing that not only does she have to look good on the stage - she also has to be ready at a moment's notice for photo/video shoots, appearances, and the fitness camps that she leads.

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Valerie Waugaman.

Now, most of you are probably wondering how she stays this fit even during the off-season. Well, like I said - discipline and commitment. Below is an example of what her weekly exercise schedule looks like.

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Duration 1 hour total 1 hour 1 ½ hours 1 hour 1 ½ hours OFF 1 ½ hours
Modes Intervals*, Plyometrics, Low Intensity Cardio** Resistance Training, Intervals* Resistance Training, Intervals*, Plyometrics Resistance Training, Intervals* Resistance Training, Low Intensity Cardio** NONE Low Intensity Cardio**

    *Interval exercise includes indoor or outdoor running and/or bike sprints, rowing sprits, or stepper/elliptical sprints.

In addition to this intense year-round training plan, Val's diet is also very clean. To begin with, she shops at health food stores and organic markets, buys mostly organic produce, and eats meats that are antibiotic and hormone-free. Further, she only ever eats out 1-2 times per week and never eats fast food. Finally, she eats at least 1-2 servings of veggies with every single meal.

Finally, in the off-season, Val supplements daily with the following basic supplements:

  • a milk protein blend
  • a protein/carb workout drink
  • fish oil
  • a green food product

In fact, as Val was introduced to me through my Precision Nutrition program, her diet and supplement routine pretty much follows the PN program perfectly.

Valerie Waugaman
Valerie Waugaman
2007 Colorado Pro Figure Champion.
Photo By Isaac Hinds.
Week #64 - 6/5/2007
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Val's Olympia Challenges

Even with this great off-season plan and awesome off-season level of conditioning, it's important to understand that doing what it takes to look good in the off-season and doing what it takes to step onto the Olympia stage at your absolute best are two very different things.

As is usually the case with physique competitors who stay lean year-round like Val, two challenges arise going into pre-contest preparations.

First, Val always enters into her 8 week pre-contest phases quite lean from following a pretty high volume weekly exercise plan. This is a challenge because we can only increase her exercise volume so much before she starts to feel run down, experience CNS fatigue, and begin to feel the effects of overreaching. Further, because she's already very lean, this also means that her body fights fat loss every step of the way.

1 of 3: The Central Nervous System (CNS):

The human central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. These lie in the midline of the body and are protected by the skull and vertebrae respectively.

This collection of billions of neurons is arguably the most complex object known.

The central nervous system along with the peripheral nervous system comprise a primary division of controls that command all physical activities of a human.

Neurons of the central nervous system affect consciousness and mental activity while spinal extensions of central nervous system neuron pathways affect skeletal muscles and organs in the body.

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In addition to this first challenge, there's one more. You see, Val made the commitment early on in her career to avoid using fat burners and stimulants. We're also proud to admit that she's never taken any steroids, thyroid hormones, or illegal stimulants when prepping for shows. (For those of you wondering, this is rare in physique competition - even at the figure level).

Now, as many competitors rely on fat burners, at minimum, to get lean for the stage, this means we're competing against athletes with a fat loss edge. So we've had to take a different approach. Namely, we use an extensive cyclic nutrition and training plan.

Val's Olympia Diet

Here's an example of how we're manipulating Val's nutrition plan in cyclical fashion:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
1500 kcal
35% protein
40% carbs
25% fat
1000 kcal
45% protein
25% carbs
25% fats
1000 kcal
45% protein
15% carbs
40% fat
1450 kcal
40% protein
20% carbs
40% fat
1000 kcal
45% protein
25% carbs
25% fats
1200 kcal
40% protein
30% carbs
30% fat
1000 kcal
45% protein
15% carbs
40% fat

The whole idea behind this system is to cycle calories and macronutrient ratios so that Val's body stays out of starvation mode. You see, both very low carb intakes as well as very low calorie intakes can signal starvation.

Yet they're often necessary for getting ready for the competitive stage. Therefore, to keep Val out of trouble, we cycle between low carb, low calorie, higher carb, and higher calorie days.

Val's Olympia Training

Also, throughout Val's 8-week preparation period, we change her training program every 2-4 weeks. Here's what one of her training blocks looks like.

-> Monday:

    1h lower body resistance training w/quad and hamstring focus followed by 10min interval bike sprints

    30min posing

-> Tuesday:

    1h upper body resistance training w/chest & back focus

    1h upper body resistance training w/shoulder & core focus followed by 20min interval rowing

-> Wednesday:

    45min lower body resistance training w/glute focus followed by 30min yoga

    20min interval bike sprints

-> Thursday:

    60min medium intensity cardio

    20min interval bike sprints followed by 20min swimming

-> Friday:

    45min lower body resistance training w/quad focus

    Workout 2 (Evening)
    60min medium intensity cardio

-> Saturday:

    60min upper body resistance training w/back & shoulder focus

    20min upper body resistance training w/chest & back focus followed by 20min interval rowing

-> Sunday:

Of course, as the contest prep period wears on, we alter the calorie intake and training based on her response. Specifically, if she isn't leaner from one week to the next, we drop calories by about 100-150 each day. Further, we also change her training based on which body parts are coming in the best.

As you can see in the phase above, we are working mostly chest, back, and legs as these areas needed the most work early on in her prep. As these areas come in, we switch the program up, placing more emphasis on arms, shoulders, and glutes - the last areas that usually need special attention on Val's physique.

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At The 2007 IFBB Arnold Classic.
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Val's Olympia Supplements

As mentioned earlier, during the off-season, when Val's caloric intake is higher, we stick with a few basic nutritional supplements including:

  • A milk protein blend
  • A protein/carb workout drink
  • Fish oil
  • A green food product

However, come pre-contest time, her supplement list grows. Here's a list of the exact supplement order she placed with at the start of her Olympia contest prep:

-> The Basics:

-> Additional Pre-Contest Supplements:

  • 2 bottles flax oil - Doctor's Choice
  • 2 cans flax meal - Golden Flax Meal by Now
  • 1 bottle r-ALA - All-Max
  • 2 containers BCAA - ICE by Xtreme Formulations (Grape and Wildberry Lemonade)
  • 2 bottles enzymes - Sorenzyme by Labrada
  • As you can see, in addition to the basics, we add flax oil and flax meal to bump up her intake of healthy fats, especially on her higher fat, lower carb nutrition days.

    We also add r-ALA to act as a strong antioxidant and help improve carbohydrate tolerance. This is especially needed on the higher carb, lower fat days.

    In addition, we add BCAA to replace the carb/protein drinks Val uses during the off-season. Val sips a BCAA drink during training as well as after training to help preserve lean mass while dieting so strictly. She may also add in 1-2 more BCAA drinks during the day between meals.

    Finally, we add daily supplementation with Labrada's Sorenzyme product to cut down on muscle soreness during Val's pre-contest training. Val finds that this product helps keep both muscle pain in check during the long competition season.

    Of course, these aren't the only brands we recommend. Indeed, there are many great protein, fish oil, green food, BCAA, and r-ALA brands available. As long as you're sticking with a reputable company, known for its high quality, you should be fine.

-> Additional Supplements:

    In addition to this list of supplements, a few additional products may be added if necessary. Although we only use these when needed.

    If Val is having trouble sleeping at night, we'll add phosphatidylserine (PS) supplementation to the mix. PS can help keep muscle loss down and improve sleep quality during these periods.

    Finally, if Val needs some help shedding water during the last week of her contest preparation, some Dandelion root can enter the mix. Dandelion is a natural diuretic that helps flush out excess water. When used in conjunction with a strategic salt/water/carb protocol, it can work wonders.

-> Pre-Olympia Supplements:


Hopefully this article provides you with some insight into how Val is preparing for the Olympia. Obviously, I can't include every detail of the plan in this short article. So if you're looking for more, visit my Precision Nutrition web site.

Also, make sure that you keep an eye on Val come Olympia-time. She's training like never before, looking better than she ever has, and is hungry for a victory in Vegas.

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About Dr. Berardi:

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About Valerie Waugaman:

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    When speaking of her status as a professional athlete and motivational spokesperson, Val tells us "I'm finally doing what I was born to do!" She plans to utilize her status as a professional athlete and speaker to develop youth health & wellness education/entertainment programs. Currently, she is working on developing a character called, the Green Goddess.

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