Bench Like A Behemoth: Jimmy Kolb's Bigger Bench Split

Curious how a 23-year-old kid can bench more than 900 pounds? Kolb shares his secrets to develop strength. This split is all you need to increase your bench to get stronger all-around!

So you want a bigger bench, huh? Here's the guy that can show you how.

Meet powerlifting phenomenon Jimmy Kolb. At just 23 years old, Jimmy has taken over the No. 1 ranking in Powerlifting USA and Powerlifting Watch. He weighs 220 pounds and he holds the squat-bench-deadlift world record of 2,410 pounds.

Some of Kolb's best-in-meet lifts include a 900-pound squat, 903-pound bench, and 700-pound deadlift. But he's just getting warmed up! Kolb aspires to break the 920-pound bench record and the all-time single-ply bench press record in coming months. His ultimate goal is to complete the 1,000-pound bench press in single-ply gear at his current weight.

Jimmy Kolb Benching 903 Pounds

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As a world-record bench presser, Jimmy Kolb is an expert on technique and training. Here, for the first time, he shares his top-secret program to increase bench press power. Use his formula for a stronger bench!

Jimmy Kolb's Bigger Bench Training Split ///

Take 1-2 days off between days 2 and 3 for adequate recovery.

Day 1: Bench with Shirt

Assistance Work

Day 2: Squat/Deadlift

Assistance Work for Squat/Deadlift

If you don't have a reverse hyper machine, then perform good mornings, Romanian deadlifts, hip thrusts, or pull throughs.

Day 3: Raw Bench

Pick One Main movement for the Day

Assistance Work

  • Triceps Movement Triceps Movement

    Triceps Movement

    3 sets of 8-10 reps
  • Biceps Movement Biceps Movement

    Biceps Movement

    3 sets of 8-10 reps
Day 4: Upper Back

Pick 4-5 Upper-back Movements