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PerfNut Podcast: Dan Benardot & Brian Greenhouse Interview.

Dr. Antonio and IFBB Fitness Pro Carla Sanchez interview Dan Benardot & Brian Greenhouse! Dan is a university professor of nutrition and an Olympic nutritionist. Brian is president of Cyto-Charge, Inc.

D. Benardot & B. Greenhouse

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Interview with Dan Benardot, Ph.D., RD & Brian Greenhouse
Nutrition Professor & Supplement Guru.

Topics: Research Tip - Spot hypertrophy; Within-day energy balance; Amino Acids; Carla's Sex Tip: Mirror mirror on the wall!

August 20, 2006; 56:11 minutes; 12.8 MB  audio

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About This Episode

Nutrition Professor, Dan Benardot, Ph.D., RD.

    Dan Benardot, Ph.D., RD is a tenured professor with appointments in the Department of Nutrition and the Department of Kinesiology and Health at Georgia State University (GSU). As co-director of the Laboratory for Elite Athlete Performance at GSU he is involved in helping athletes develop training plans that assist them in their pursuit of athletic excellence.

Dan Benardot, Ph.D., RD.

    He received his doctorate in human nutrition and health planning from Cornell University in 1980. Dr. Benardot was in charge of the nutritional health of the gold-medal winning United States Gymnastics Team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

    He was also the nutritionist for the medal-winning USA marathoners at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. He serves as Scientific Advisor to Calorie & Pulse Technologies, LLC, the creator of

President of Cyto-Charge, Brian Greenhouse.

    Brian Greenhouse is the President of Cyto-Charge, Inc. The Cyto-Charge company has been a premier company in the world of amino acid, vitamin and mineral formulations for 22 years.

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Brian Greenhouse.

    The Cyto-Charge Company has always placed its emphasis on Nutritional Biochemistry and Education for the public to make informed decisions about nutritional products.